Spiritual And Conscious Ascension To Strengthen Deterrence

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There were articles about young children being hospitalized after attempting suicide due to propaganda-fueled Covid fears and lockdowns.

Psychological operations by rulers targets the most vulnerable people first, and brutal psychological attacks are constantly being carried out to destroy the mind and consciousness in order to force blind obedience and dependence on the authorities.

Traditional “wars” were battles between the bodies, whether they were geopolitical or ideological.  But the war that took advantage of the virus turmoil, whether mental or physical, had the battlefield within the bodies of individual people, and enabled endless and continuous attacks.

When irrationality breaks into the reality of consensus, one is forced to accept the anomaly as a “new normal” (normality bias) or to experience significant changes at the individual level, which causes divisions in the human psyche.

This type of polarization event has consequences that affect both the conscious and unconscious minds.  So each individual is gradually torn, consciously, unconsciously, and even physically, between what they were told to believe and what they were actually forced to do, such as vaccination.  One of the factors is that the truth is concealed by the manipulation of the ruler, disinformation and misinformation is spread, and the enemy is invisible.  So people’s minds gradually become blocked between the terrifying objects made more frightening by their imagination and the reality that people close to them are being killed or injured by vaccinations that are supposed to prevent infection.

On the other hand, due to decades of brainwashing education by the rulers and subliminal effects and predictive programming carried out through the media, the minds of the commoners are incapacitated against the reality.  Then, the crowd psychology that lost the right distination, tends to lead to mass hysteria.

Mass hysteria is the so-called psychological panic of individuals based on stress such as anxiety and fear, and the madness of individuals synchronized with the masses.  The concept of mass psychology resulting in mass hysteria originated in the early 1900s when the aristocracy and manorial system collapsed.  It is said that the crowd psychology is characterized by psychological characteristics such as criminality, violence, disrespect, and impulsiveness.

The purpose of the ruler is to enslave each commoner by creating a community or society without certainty or reality.  In short, to create an exploitable environment by trapping commoners in a communal illusion.

There is no longer a constitutional process (separation of powers, checks and balances) to make and enforce laws, as seen in the EUA approval of bioweaponized vaccines that have not undergone clinical trials.  Many articles describe it as medical tyranny. In other words, in order to make it easier for rulers to carry out genocide and exploitation, they removed the constitutional and legal framework and turned society itself into an anarchic lawless zone.  What’s more, the ruler intentionally eliminates even the sacred morals of living as human beings that are not written down in the law for the sake of personal gain, and is trying to amoralize the whole society.

Rulers have historically ruled commoners under the ideology based on eugenics, using two forms of hard-kill and soft-kill to achieve their ambition and sole domination.

Hard kill versions include WMDs, DEWs, biological weapons, bacteriological weapons, etc. for depopulation. AIDS, Ebola, SARS, MERS, and SARS-CoV-2 are one of them.

As Kissinger mentioned, the soft (slow) kill version is implemented for local peculiarities.

For example, cancer rates have increased from 1 in 66 to 1 in 3 over the past 50 years due to the combined effects of programs such as:

* Vaccines containing mercury and the simian 40 cancer virus (cervical cancer vaccine, polio vaccine, etc.).

* Fluoride additives to tap water (also used by Hitler and Stalin in concentration camps).

* Excitotoxic aspartame contamination of the food supply; heterogeneous estrogen/bisphenols in plastics.

* The introduction of GMO crops and their devastating side effects are well understood.

* Use cell phones to cause radiation-induced brain tumors or mind control with EMF.

* Microwaving destroys the nutritional content of food.


Commoners are always assumed to be committing some kind of crime, and the concept of justice no longer exists in this world.  The sovereignty, human rights, and free will of the commoners were obliterated by the maneuver operatives dispatched to the government, judiciary, and medical institutions under the ruler’s control.  

All social transformations are for the self-interest of rulers and their stakeholders.  For example, Pfizer is developing a way to “mutate” the COVID-19 virus via “directed evolution” in an effort to “preemptively develop new vaccines.”  And the Pfizer executive said, “a revolving door for all government officials” that’s “pretty good for the industry” but “bad for everyone else in America.”  Asked for expert comment on the footage, Dr. Robert Malone said Pfizer executive “seemed to have no moral compass.”  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has said that Pfizer is a craven venal homicidal morally bankrupt criminal enterprise that has captured and corrupted its regulators.

In addition, the rulers seeks to apply the Social Credit System (ESG) to surviving individuals and businesses, implant microchips in all common people, and manage their minds and bodies with blockchain, and also they are trying to virtualize everything that exists, not just food.  In other words, rulers are trying to make everything fake, and trying to govern society and each indivisual through discipline and punishment, with strict surveillance systems under deceit and authority.

Perhaps reflecting this social situation, many evils and parasites are spreading everywhere, and it seems that the common people are gradually losing their place of refuge and safety.

For example, Japan is currently the country with the most infections and excess deaths, but most of the casualties are those who received booster vaccinations.  Deceived by the cult-owned government’s drastic brainwashing, IgG3 immunity in vaccinated people is abnormally and rapidly declining. So it seems that they are dying from breathing difficulties before they develop serious symptoms such as pneumonia.

In Japan, the Covid farce was carried out by cultists such as the Moonies, Soka = Seichō no Ie, Falun Gong, working under the DS.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Japan is under the control of Soka. On the other hand, the virus turmoil is being led by Soka companies such as Pfizer and Google, of which Soka is the largest shareholder, and they also carry out maneuver activities such as censorship and the spread of fake news.

The background to this is the obvious fact that after WW-II, the innate thinking ability and skeptical instincts of the Japanese were greatly diminished by the compulsory education system of the occupying forces (GHQ dispatched by the DS, e.g. 3S policy). As far as I know, this seems to be a more serious symptom in people whose only source of information is television, and in obedient children whose only source of knowledge is school textbooks.

Most Japanese who grew up with brainwashing education system believed only what was reported on TV, and did not pay attention to the background of the Covid farce and the activities of cult maneuver agents.  And, blindly believing campaigns by cult governments, people are injecting those toxic substances whenever new vaccines and boosters come out. Therefore, the incidence of deaths and side effects is very high compared to other countries.

On the one hand, today every major city in the world is rife with heinous crimes without jingi (yakuza duty and moral code).  As a result of the ruler’s strategy, this should also be seen as deliberately getting into this situation.

BTW, speaking of yakuza, it is different from the gangster mobster mafia in western countries that we often see in movies.

Yakuza organizations are not just criminals.  Traditionally, yakuza (ninnkyo-dou) was a way of life as a man and was divided into two types: Bakuto (gambler, bookmakers) and Tekiya (entertainment promoters, and/or supervisors who organizes festivals and stalls in front of temples and shrines), both were based on the principle of encouraging good and punishing evil.

During the confusion after WW-II in Japan, the occupation army MP (Military Police) was in charge of security (but MP were not there for the safety of the citizens, but rather to crack down on the rebellion of the Japanese), and the Japanese police were not granted official powers of enforcement. So the Japanese police asked the yakuza organizations for security activities.

Even after MP (military police) of the occupying army left and the Japanese police came to function, the network of yakuza organizations helped catch criminals who escaped into the underground beyond the reach of the police. Therefore, Japan was one of the highest criminal arrest rates in the world…, at least until mid-1980s before the DS gangsters arrive from the US.

In addition, the yakuza organization served as a deterrent to Japanese takeovers by overseas criminal organizations (eg, the financial, real estate, insurance industries, etc.).

This traditional situation changed dramatically in the early 1980s.  The Deep State  (DS, aka Khazarian Mafia) in the US has menaced, assassinated or acquired Japanese politicians, and cracked down on Sokaiya (a business that prevents shareholders from raising objections) that was run by yakuza organizations. And the Japanese government has ostensibly cut off the yakuza’s source of income and carried out a policy of selling out Japan to help overseas criminal organizations take over Japan.

In the mid-1980s during the Nakasone administration, at the height of the bubble economy, the government implemented total volume control in anticipation of the decline of the yakuza, weakened Japanese companies by causing stock prices to plummet, and made it easier for foreign investors to take over Japanese companies.

In addition, the Koizumi administration forced the privatization of the postal service and carried out a maneuver to hand over the people’s postal savings to Aflac Life Insurance run by the Deep State. 

It would be a huge story to explain the historical background of this area in more detail. In any case, it is the fact that Japan was weakened by the rise of traitorous politicians and the decline of yakuza (ninkyo) organizations.  Also, this series of preparations for social unrest is related to the current situation, such as the virus turmoil.

The Yakuza live under their own very strict rules, moral and severe regulations (ninkyo-dou, jingi).  It is no different from bushi (samurai) living under the strict and severe bushi-dou of samurai society.  

“-dou” means the way of life and pursuit of the essential point as a yakuza or a bushi. So, “goku-dou” is written as mastered the path to the end.

This area of Japanese history has many interesting facts and stories from each period that are not generally known (i.e., means that it is not in school textbooks.).

For example, during the Edo period, many of the Okappiki (private detector) who were personally hired by Doshin (police officer) pursued ninkyo-dou. Many machi-bikeshi (town firefighters) also pursued ninkyo-dou.

In any case, against short-sighted and egoistic rulers who only pursue themselves, money, and the present, what is necessary now for earthlings who wish for the harmony of all things is to ascend spiritually and consciously.  And it may be for each and every one of the Earthlings to stand up as a deterrent against the domination of Earth by insidious, negative and destructive rulers.

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