I started my diary because I would like to write down as a record what I learned from the predecessors, and various events in the world.

Finding reliable sources of information is very difficult, it takes patience to know if it is right or false. However, understanding the Dominators’ patterns and methods makes identification much easier. Also, since all events are related, it’s important to look at them from a big picture perspective, rather than delving into them individually from the beginning.

The most important thing is for the each ordinary Earthling to do their own research, draw conclusions, and understand exactly what is happening, rather than swallowing what they hears from others. It allows us to escape the psychological manipulation of the Dominators. And with as many ordinary Earthlings as possible awakening and become majority, we can counter the Dominators.

So please think of what I am posting as just a reference, but hope it helps some of your research.

Rough Time Diary

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