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Hope all of the satanic agenda by WEF will be failed and defeated at this point…, but their Young Global Leaders who have sold their souls to the satan are actively maneuvering to achieve the satanic agenda all over the world.

As Alvin Toffler predicted in the 1980s in the “Third Wave”, the lifespan of all products has certainly been shortened, however, at that time, the humanity and nature were still respected., and were, at least,  not treated as disposable items. Though only Marxists ignored them and destroyed them.

The Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution aims to be a circular economy that offers all products as a service.  In other words, it means shortening the lifespan of all products and services and continuing to dispose of them, in order to increase the profits and benefits of the WEF and its stakeholders.  Moreover, it includes humanity and nature, and it is clearly based on eugenics by hegemonic tribes in the hierarchy.

While the careless masses are at the mercy and rejoicing of non-essential topics, the WEF is steadily laying the groundwork for achieving Agenda 2030, and more diverse and serious attacks, turmoil and conflicts are being prepared as strategies to achieve the agenda.

The blockchain for implementing ESG and SDG programs carries the risks of personal privacy and freedom (that is, their elimination). However, the adoption of blockchain and AI is a key element of the 2030 vision of WEF stakeholders and technocrats, so it is already impossible to thwart the adoption of blockchain, AI, and 6G at this point.

Dominating finance was the cornerstone of Illuminati’s strategy. The introduction of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) scheme, which is being deployed around the world, is also an important element of the Great Reset, and the introduction of blockchain and AI is essential.

The purpose of transforming into the decentralized smart city (aka Human Meta-Cities) modeled on CCP is to realize the extreme surveillance society.  The disposable rotation community (= sustainable society) based on change and rapid technological development that meets the needs of WEF and its stakeholders only.  It is also based on the WEF’s delusional vision of planning a future city that meets human needs and aspirations.  In other words, hierarchical hegemons and their stakeholders plan trends for the next generation at their own discretion and dictatorship, and leverage digital transformation to permanently modify them.

Operating a policy without humans is based on the concept of replacing the entire social system with technology.  In the public sector, digitization and artificial intelligence create new models and mechanism (such as law enforcement) of governance, leveraging technology to simplify processes and enable immediate feedback. This allows for more sensitive, responsive, data-driven governance and control.

Implementing an AI-based dominance system eliminates the accountability of hegemons and operates society in the absence of humans. In reality, WEF aims for a world where ordinary earthlings have no means to prevent exclusion or punishment in a society based on AI-led social credit scores (ESG score) through a tyrannical technology system.  WEF is modeled after the CCP smart city, which is clear when we look at what’s really happening under the dictatorship of the CCP.   For example, in China’s smart cities, citizens have to wait hours in line to get a negative PCR test certificate every day, even though they are currently under an emergency blockade…, and it affects the social credit score and cannot be denied.

In fact, according to Bible prophecies, Gog and Magog are the northern nations of Israel, but racist and nationalist nations.  and are also destructive groups, like the colonial empire, the Nazis, and the communists…, which permeate the world near the end.

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