The Real Enemies Are Infiltrating Commoner Society In The Name Of Improvement

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The marketing concept during the period of rapid economic growth in the 1980s was to subdivide the conventional mass production system for single product type and seize further business opportunities by producing wide variety of products in small quantities.  In other words, as the Engel coefficient in GNP decreases, the disposable income increases, so it was to meet the needs and demands of each person through goods and services that correspond to individuality and diversity, and to enable social life to be lived with personality and amenity.  

Each individual was given more than a few choices, and people at least had sovereignty over which to choose.  And whichever one an individual chose, there was a certain amount of benefit that enriched their personal and social life, even if it was a marketing trend.  But now everything from searches to photos to ads to ratings and speech is controlled and manipulated by transhumanist artificial intelligence.  It means that after the bubble economy burst in the 1990s, social trend gradually turned into the trajectory of realizing the global totalitarian fascist regime that would rule and dominate humanity to its knees.

In fact, since 2017, Schwab has been working towards realizing a WEF-approved technological tyranny by implanting microchips in the brains of ordinary humans to track every individual’s thoughts and control everything they do.  This will allow the WEF and stakeholders to measure every individual’s brainwaves and instantly adapt that individual to the way the ruler intends to react.  They are expected to be in use by 2027, according to Schwab’s timeline for the rolling out of brain implants.

As Schwab’s vision is modeled after the CCP-led transformation, implanting digital ID in the human body and CBDC should be seen as one package for building the extreme surveillance system by blockchain.  Therefore, the Japanese government, which is ruled by a satanic cult, is actively working to acquire My Number and spread cashless payments.  The Kishida regime (soka = moonies = CCP) is threatening local governments with zero government subsidies for municipalities with My Number penetration rates below the national average.

In the past, brainwashing was the process of forcing a person to unconsciously adopt a belief system, course of action, or worldview. Humans typically use perceptual shortcuts such as generalizations, dichotomies, metaphors, and decision rules. These affect reality through changes that occur in human behavior.  So individuals must therefore be placed in situations where they have no other choice or alternative. So, in order to force such a change on an individual, the manipulator had to have complete physical control over that individual, control over everything necessary for life, and control over life and death itself.

For example the satanists repeatedly reported on the increasing number of infected people, the rage and lethality of the Covid-19 virus, and the state of emergency as social trends. And the main victims and casualties are those who have succumbed to the psychological attacks of appeal-to-fear and who have been vaccinated the Covid toxic vaccines against it.  But society is moving towards a totalitarian mono-submissive regime that does not require the cumbersome process of brainwashing.

Schwab’s goal of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is to transform the human body into the extreme high-tech transhuman, so that humanity can no longer distinguish between the natural and the unnatural.  Schwab is fascinated by the potential inherent in mind control technology, and most recently, through the internet, he also seeks to implement mind control of the masses via sound wave technology.

The masses run their social lives under a communal illusion. However, if each person is deprived of the centripetal force to seek the truth, society will become the overarching reality without subjectivity, diversity will disappear, and only obedience to the hegemonic will be tolerated.

Confrontational structures such as red team vs. blue team and right vs. left are traps and gimmicks set by the hegemonic to deceive the masses.  Therefore, sociopathic liberal democratization movements in the name of freedom, rights, and equity in any era have been used only to compete for leadership within the hegemonic powers, and it has never led to the realization of the liberation of Earthlings.

Schwab and its stakeholders are shaping narratives and attacking commonage who do not align with their global vision. Therefore, it is important to identify the real enemies without being bound by the superficial confrontational structure. That is because social changes and transformations usually permeate society, not as policies under confrontational structures, but as a trend to improve life and living conditions.

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