SDGs Are Insidious Tactics For Realizing Totalitarianism And Destroying Nature

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No one can criticize someone’s optimistic personality, but under the current situation where the world is darkening, everyone must be a little overly vigilant and cautious.  It is an undeniable fact that ordinary earthlings are in the midst of a threat to their survival due to the world invasion operation by satanic worshipers, so as many commoners as possible must be aware of the reality and protect themselves.

For example, intentional man-made attacks disguised as natural phenomena, such as tsunamis, earthquakes, virus outbreaks, poisoned vaccines, the spread of toxic substances, conflicts under fabricated confrontational structures, destruction of food and supply chains, stoppage of logistics, explosion of chemical plants, arson disguised as spontaneous combustion, false flag attacks, energy crisis, etc.  

They are all tactics to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (aka SDGs) based on Marx’s Declaration of Communism, promoted by the WEF and the United Nations.  It is a strategy to deprive commoners of their sovereignty and human nature, plunge them into the depths of poverty and misery, and manage them comprehensively.

The first thing to understand is that the WEF is in the home ground of the red team (the Rothschilds) and the UN is in the private property of the blue team (the Rockefellers).  Both teams are currently battling for supremacy, but behind the scenes there is the consensus to achieve the same agenda (SDGs).  So it means that no matter which team seizes supremacy, there is no change in the plan to deprive commoners of sovereignty and enslave them.

Looking back, WW-II was also a struggle for supremacy between the red team and the blue team. As a result, the post-war world was dominated by the blue team, which holds oil interests, until the official announcement of David Rockefeller’s death on March 20, 2017.  Since then, there have been constant attacks on commoners to achieve their goals.

The virus attack began with Event 201 on October 18, 2019.  The meaning of 201 is to combine the two-layered structure of commoner society, which was successfully transformed by WW-II, into a single-layered structure using virus turmoil.  BTW, the purpose of WW-I was to destroy the manor system and simplify the multi-layered structure of commoner society into a two-layered structure  of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie.  So, this gives us a sense of the reality of the plans for three world wars mentioned by Albert Pike, a leading 19th-century Masonic scholar.

There is a reason why WW-I had to take place in Europe.  In order to solidify the power of the Rothschilds, who gained de facto sovereignty over Europe by manipulating funds to disguise Napoleon’s victory at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815,  it was necessary to dismantle the manor, which were the closed communities beyond the direct control of the hegemon.

WW-II was originally called the Greater East Asia War because Japan’s goal was to liberate Asian countries from the colonial policies of the European powers.  However, Rockefeller, who rules the United States, was seeking global hegemony, and in order to create an excuse for entering the war for citizens who were poverty due to the recession, sent the Japanese fleet to Hawaii, the exact opposite of Southeast Asia.  The commander was Isoroku Yamamoto, brainwashed with Zionist eugenics at Harvard University.  Beforehand, Fumimaro Konoe of the Fujiwara clan (nephilim), who served three terms as Prime Minister and has connections with the blue team, was in charge of preparing for WW-II.  In Europe, the Rothschilds did behind the scenes operations of funding Hitler in Germany, which was in a state of deep financial collapse, to help the Nazi enter the war.  On the other hand, the Rothschilds also funded Stalin, who was hostile to Hitler, and eventually led to the end of the war.  Marx was sponsored by Rothschild, so their symbol colors, such as communism, are all red.

The second thing to understand in order to solve the puzzle of all events and incidents is hierarchy.  The top of the hierarchy is the Illuminati 13 pedigree (including Rothschild and Rockefeller), and there is the 300 Committees below it.  The UN is an external organization of the 300 Committees, so the UN Secretary-General will be appointed by the 300 Committees.  Therefore, it is not an election by UN member countries. Under the 300 Committee, there is the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA, aka Chatham House), which manages Freemason, all industries and all religious organizations.  There is the Trilateral Commission (TC) under RIIA, and there is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  TC is monitoring to prevent the runaway of the Japanese imperial family (including related corporations).  CFR governs all governments and all mass media (including MSM and SNS).  Reuters, AP and UPI are writing the MSM press copy in line with the intent of the ruling class.  So the content of news reports all over the world is the same, including the wording and photos.  In addition, the CFR is responsible for spreading misinformation and disinformation, and censoring opposition forces.  Also, this hierarchical structure proves that the genocide by toxic vaccinations, which takes advantage of the virus turmoil, is one of the demonic attacks on commoners by satanic corporations and cultists under the ruling class.

The reason why rhetorically called it satanic is that the ruling classes are satan worshippers and follow Lucifer and Sirius.  Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky and has long been worshiped by Satanists.  Apple encourages commoners to ask Siri.  The Rothschild family originally came from a family of Druid priests. Druidism has survived while transforming into Zoroastrianism, Esoterism, and etc. with the changing times.  Since the imperial family is the Levi tribe, they are also a lineage of priests.  Druidism is said to have originated in the civilization of Atlantis.  Druids performed human sacrifice rituals at megalithic sites called dolmens.  Halloween is an ancient Celtic druidic festival of human sacrifices to Elfin, the god of fire.

It is well known that Adolf Hitler-Rothschild was an occultist. High-ranking Nazi officials also admired astrologer Karl Ernst Kraft.   Goebbels selected Kraft as a member of the Propaganda Bureau.  Using Kraft’s astonishing precognitive powers, he made propaganda pamphlets based on Nostradamus’s “The Centuries” with predictions favorable to Germany and for the purpose of mind control.  And German military action has succeeded in making people believe that God has given the German people a mission.  Meanwhile, the British military appointed the leading astrologer Louis de Waal as a member of the General Staff. The British military knew that the Nazi leaders were addicted to the occult. So under the command of the British Foreign Secretary Sir O. Sargent, Waal had the Nazi operation deciphered.

The person who continued to warn Hitler not to invade the Soviet Union was Karl Haushofer, a geopolitical scientist who was a Satanist who had joined a secret society called the Green Dragon Society in Japan.  The Green Dragon Society was a political secret society that tied Germany and Japan behind the scenes and led them to conclude the German-Japanese Anti-Comintern Pact and the Tripartite Pact. 

The city of Kyoto is arranged in five elements and five colors, the center is yellow (gold) and represents the Heiankyo capital, the north is black and represents Genbu, the south is redand and represents red sparrow, the east is blue and represents blue dragon, and the west is while and represents white tiger.  It means the topography and land physiognomy that are traditionally believed to be the best suited for the Four Gods that govern the four directions.

Therefore, in Kyoto before the WW-II, the Black Dragon Society was placed in the north, and the Green Dragon Society, which was involved with the Nazis, was placed in the east.  In Japan, green is expressed as blue.  So, the Green Dragon Society in Heiankyo (that is, the Kyoto Imperial Palace), that is, the faction involved in the imperial family.  In other words, Haushofer often advised Hitler not to attack the Soviet Union, as he belonged to the hegemonic faction of the imperial family at the time, meaning that both the Soviet Union and Germany were in the same Rothschild faction.

As a side note, there are many evidence in Japan that indicate the relationship with the ancient Judaism, such as the layout of the shrine, the festival, and the three sacred treasures.  The Japanese pronunciation is Heiankyo (hei-an-kyou), but the Jewish word Jerusalem, the Hebrew pronunciation is “Yerushalayim”.  It is a combination of ‘Yeru’, which means Kyoto or the capital, and ‘shalom’, which means peace. In other words, “Yeru Shalom (Jerusalem)” translates into Japanese as “Heiankyo”.  It is the Sephardi who migrated to Japan long ago.  In other words, they are descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, so they are of Orthodox Jewish lineage that has a gene called YAP-minus.  As a result, many kanji characters, words, and customs derived from Hebrew still remain in Japan.

From the 7th to the 11th century, there was a country called Khazar Khan in eastern Ukraine, and the Khazarian mafia, which originated from there, now rule the world.

The so-called Khazarian mafia, which organizes the red team and the blue team, is of Ashkenazi lineage, so it has different roots from the orthodox Jewish lineage.  To elaborate a bit more, the Khazarian mafia has two major pedigrees as hegemonic forces. One is the other is the Aryan tribe near Caspian Sea (red team), and the other is Turkic tribe near Lake Baikal (blue team).

Hitler, who was funded by Rothschild, sought to create an Aryan-dominated world empire based on the eugenics that Aryans are superior to any other tribes.   The relationship is: Aryan – Hitler (probably it necessary to exclude the second half of his life) – Nazi – Thule Society – Germanenorden – Theosophical Society – Neoplatonism – Medici family – Rothschild.  The flags and logos of this group, including the Nazis, are all red, and Indian-European language group.

On the other hand, Kazakhstan is said to be a Turkic nation, and the flags and logos of every country are blue (and/or yellow), Turkic Tribe – Genghis Khan – Rockefeller.   The language of Kazakhstan is called Kazakh, and is classified into the northwestern language group (Kipchak language group) of the Turkic languages, and is closely related to Karakalpak, Nogai, and Kyrgyz.

In any case, the Khazarian mafia is satanic worshipers, and the Khazarian tamga, the Moloch sigil, and the Ukraine crest are designed with the same motif.  As mentioned in the previous diary, the poster for the 1933 Chicago Expo, where the ritual of human sacrifice to Moloch was held, is also designed with the same motif.  Therefore, they have no hesitation in offering commoners to Satan as human sacrifices in order to achieve their goal of becoming the sole hegemon, and the increase in adverse events and excess mortality from vaccines proves that view to be correct.

The red team has the rights to the nuclear power plant, so Al Gore, for example, acted as a salesman.  However, it was in a weak position against the blue team’s oil vested interests.  So, it can be seen that the red team is taking the lead in using the SDGs as the tactics to create business opportunities for the next world domination, but of course, the blue team is also participating as an implementation partner.  But that the SDGs are a Red Team-led concessions can be inferred from the Rothschild logo on the sail of teenage con artist Greta Thunberg’s yacht.

Since the SDGs seem to advocate for the protection of the global environment, giving people the illusion that they are doing the right thing if they participate.  However, it is clear that the SDGs promoted by the WEF and the United Nations are replicas of Marx’s Communist Manifesto and tactics of hegemonic maneuvering activities.

Providing cleanly produced energy, taking concrete action against climate change, ending hunger, protecting the abundance of our oceans, protecting the abundance of our land, and more.  Those goals in the areas of energy, food and the environment are nothing more than beautiful words that no one can disagree with, and they are nothing more than ideals with little practicality and a disregard for reality.

In the first place, Marx did not reflect on the relationship between mankind and nature at all, because he simply imitated Hegel on the subject.  It is a delusion that the project that the red team is advocating will be the deterrents to the destruction of nature.  In fact, not only are solar panels and windmills destroying nature, but fake foods and insect foods are harming the health and mentality of humans and animals.

Under communist regimes, dictatorship, deprivation of liberty and sovereignty, conflict and division, deception, corruption, lies, cover-ups, and vested interests tend to dominate society.  And it is clear that the rulers are using the SDGs as their main strategy and aiming for world unification with totalitarianism based on the communist system.

In fact, the SDGs started with the purpose of creating investment and business opportunities for the red team to acquire concessions.  In other words, it is a tactic for rulers to make money, or in short, as a means of extracting more from commoners.  It means “sustainable development” for perpetuating the exploitation from the commoners.

It is said that the international community will cooperate in the development of social infrastructure and human rights issues, but the ruler may be able to establish a dictatorship by implanting a digital chip in each individual and managing and controlling them with blockchain.  But under the social structure where only the stakeholders of the WEF and UN are specially treated, for the common people, there is no doubt that it will be a dark society without freedom or sovereignty, just being exploited by the ruler.

The origin of ESG can be traced back to the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in Sweden in 1972.  The main theme is “Economic Growth and Environmental Issues”.

In 1992, the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative was established.

In 1999, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan called on the world’s business leaders to cooperate on human rights, labor and environmental standards at the WEF in Davos.

With the support of companies seeking new business opportunities, the United Nations Global Compact was established in 2000 based on the four principles of “human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption.”

In 2006, the initiative “PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment)” advocated by Kofi Annan for the financial industry was launched, and the term “ESG” was used for the first time in it.  

“ESG” is an acronym made up of “Environment”, “Social” and “Governance”.

(E) Environment – Reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, improvement of water pollution caused by wastewater, and countermeasures against environmental problems such as microplastics in the ocean. Use of renewable energy, securing of biodiversity, etc.

(S) Society – Human rights measures in the workplace, such as appropriate working conditions and gender equality. Diversity, work-life balance, child labor issues, contribution to local communities, etc.

(G) Governance – Avoidance of scandals that directly lead to deterioration in business performance, information disclosure and legal compliance for risk management. High awareness of capital efficiency, etc.

PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) requires investors to take a long-term perspective when analyzing and evaluating companies, and to take ESG information into consideration when making investments.  But at present, there is no universal standard judgment criteria for ESG.  However, in order to increase the SDGs achievement rate, a system was introduced to invest in companies that are (or claim to be) tackling ESG issues.

This means that all ESG projects are for the benefit of rulers and their stakeholders and can pursue any tactics or strategies, even if it leads to further destruction of nature and harms the health and mentality of commoners.  In short, without knowing it, the commoners allowed a totalitarian society in which they were sacrificed for the benefit of the rulers and their stakeholders.

Annan calls Geneva his second home, so there is no doubt that he was one of the Swiss-based Red Team maneuver operatives.  Therefore, to solicit stakeholders, Annan made his ESG proposals at the Davos conference instead of the UN General Assembly.

Annan was the first Secretary-General to be appointed from a United Nations official.  Annan’s wife, Nane Maria Annan, is a member of the Wallenberg family.  The Wallenberg family is the largest plutocrat in Sweden that controls half of the domestic industry.  The Wallenberg family owns the arms maker SAAB and is responsible for determining Nobel Prize winners.  Since it has a deep connection with the Rothschilds, the selection of the Nobel Prize reflects the intentions of the Rothschild family, which controls the nuclear industry, and the Nobel Peace Prize is particularly biased.

During his tenure, Annan was involved in oil-for-food programs.  The program was intended to enable Iraq to export oil in exchange for food, medicine and other humanitarian needs of Iraqi citizens without Iraq rebuilding its military.  The program, which aims to help overstretched civilians, was initially seen as a way to soften the impact of economic sanctions on Iraq.  However, the results were subject to corruption and abuse, such as banks illegally profiting, oil coupon trafficking, high-ranking officials in Russia, France, China, etc., religious groups, and political parties being bribed.

In any case, no matter how dangerous it is to humanity and the earth, authority is given if it is convenient for the rule, and it seems that the commoners will continue to be exploited by the rulers, not only for income but also for relief supplies. Furthermore, ESG is a system in which only the rulers and their stakeholders are sustainably profitable, regardless of the plight of the common people.

With almost every company and investor on the WEF and UN agenda, comments like the defeat of the Khazarian mafia and the failure of the heinous medical tyranny feel delusional. Therefore, even if either the World Economic Forum or the United Nations becomes the headquarters of the international government, it is clear that the common people cannot escape destitution and distress without reversing the master-servant relationship between rulers and non-rulers.

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