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Psychological operation (psy-op) is ongoing and is becoming more and more trickery and sophisticated.  Even if the authorities lift the vaccination mandates and/or plandemic policies, they will immediately be revived, so it is ridiculous to optimistically trust any news reports that authorities have admitted mistakes and misconduct.

Basically, the nature of human psychology is immutable in any situation or region and there is a kind of vulnerability, such as due to normalcy bias and the desire to escape fear.  Hegemons have deployed psychological operations aimed at the vulnerable parts of the masses and have historically spread their ideology and power.  In other words, hegemons have manipulated people’s habits and opinions by effectively controlling their minds, assuming the phenomena caused by crowd psychology. Therefore, mind control is the most important aspect and element of any dominantly controlled societies.

The ruler class that governs the earthlings understands the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, and manipulates the consciousness processes and social patterns of the masses, and forms their ideal society.  Then, throws people into their ideal molds, and governs them while making people obedient to what they are given, such as molded minds, formed tastes, proposed ideas, and so on.

In fact, the satanists use rituals and predictive programming to manipulate the collective consciousness and dominate people while subduing the thoughts, beliefs and actions of the masses.  As can be seen from the examples such as the WEF Young Global Leaders are giving the initiative, it is known that the masses will blindly follow operations manipulated by the leaders of their group, with or without conscious cooperation by the masses. 

That is because, the masses acts according to impulses, habits, and emotions, not after thinking. So this means that if the masses decides to take action in a particular direction, the first thing they do is impulsively follow their trusted leaders. So the individuals strive to be in line with the ideals of their group in order to feel acceptance and belonging.  Therefore, the public blindly accepted the blockades and mask-ups advocated by their leaders…, despite the psychological manipulation, and deception that it is effective in preventing virus infection.

In addition, hegemons manipulate language to create false narratives with a sense of urgency and imperative, influencing group sentiment or making them feel guilty, keeping the masses on track.  
The premise of this strategy is explained in semiology.  Human beings assume a certain existence and try to position the world in relation to it, and Humans do the act of giving meaning by words. So, a certain word or phrase as the symbol are associated with a particular emotion or reaction.  Therefore, clever and careful use of language can manipulate group emotions, thereby influencing group perceptions and behaviors.

e.g.; definitions of terms such as vaccine, pandemic, immunity, and preventive effects relate to images and emotions in collective consciousness such as safety, fear, death, confusion, and emergencies. Therefore, Fauci, CDC, and other implementers of the viral turmoil frequently changed their definitions to destroy those stereotypes in the collective consciousness and guide the masses in a convenient direction.

Then, through MSM and SNS operated under CFR, the news scripts of “Appeal to fear propaganda” was repeatedly reported all over the world at the same time. As a result, group psychology, in line with Illuminati’s intentions, was filled with new customs and beliefs.

The 24/7 infected people statistics report, which was conducted worldwide, was a neurolinguistic programming aimed at instilling the concepts and emotions of endless fear and despair in the subconscious of the masses. And it rapidly promoted the conjoint illusion of virus turmoil.

The WEF has a very good understanding of the group’s habit-changing process known as the top-down mechanism.  WEF Young Global Leaders, who reign at the top of World Government, create situations that desirable mass behavior patterns for them and implement tactics to manipulate the masses thoughts, beliefs and actions.  In the near future, WEF aims to centrally manage the masses by implanting microchips in the brains of all people to control and manipulate individual consciousness, thoughts, emotions and even behavior.

The WHO Global Pandemic Treaty expands the power of WHO and empowers it to regulate all Earthlings. In other words, this treaty allows WHO to make all health policy decisions around the world. Therefore, this treaty is a direct threat to national sovereignty and erodes democracy. And it will be the first step in the policy of the Unified World Government to rule the earthlings. And the tyranny of the virus turmoil and the toxic Covid vaccine policy will continue.

Moreover, by controlling people by implanting microchips, the goal of hegemony will be achieved. If one of its predecessors fails, the authorities only have to move to one of a myriad of other strategies. BTW, the mechanisms in subjects such as war, food supply, electricity supply, immigration, vaccinations, etc. are all the same….

So it’s only a matter of time before the earth is filled with humanoids.  Because making it possible to control the consciousness and behavior of the masses with the click of a computer screen is one of the essential projects for the satanists, as it is much easier to control masses than carrying out psychological operations.

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