Protecting Staple Foods and Stopping Land Grabbing Is The Urgent Matter

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It is well known that the benefits obtained from plants are enormous, but rather, it is necessary to know that plants and humans cannot coexist unless they help each other.  Therefore, forced and artificial disruption of the natural cycle should never be allowed.  However, the natural environment is being rapidly destroyed by the Net-Zero agenda of the satanic rulers, and the devastation of nature on earth is progressing significantly day by day.

The oxygen that humans and animals obtain through respiration is produced by photosynthesis in plants. Conversely, the carbon dioxide emitted by humans and animals after taking in oxygen is essential for photosynthesis.

In addition, trees that have grown large extend their roots deep into the ground and store water in the ground to prevent landslides, and phytoncide emitted from trees gives ordinary people healing and peace of mind.

So, all natural environments are designed to circulate by maintaining harmony.

Satanic climate cultists have begun blaming rice for global warming, while acquiescing to the methane gas produced during the ruler-run shell oil extraction.  The bottom line is that the rulers can be anything they choose to make into a villain, but it’s clearly related to the food crisis fabrication that’s being implemented. In other words, it is to destroy paddy fields that cannot be reduced by arson like livestock barns.

As part of that plan, cult-occupied Japan passed and enacted legal amendments that allow corporations acting as stakeholders of the rulers to apply for farmland acquisitions across the country.  Furthermore, the Japanese traitor cabinet has announced that it will accept 100 trillion yen of foreign investment in Japan by 2030.  Even though it is called investment, the internal situation is permission for real estate investment, meaning that it promotes the sale of national land such as farmland.  In other words, it is to promote the sale of land in pieces in Japan, as the countries in default did.

Staple food is the food that people consume most on a daily basis. It refers to the food that is the main part of the diet that can mainly be ingested carbohydrates and energy, and generally grains and potatoes are representative.

In descending order of annual world production, corn (1.03 billion tons), wheat (740 million tons), rice (480 million tons), and potatoes (380 million tons).  

Although it depends on the era and region, one to 200 grains of rice can be harvested, but only one to 20 grains of wheat can be harvested.  Looking at other data, comparing the amount of seeds sown and the amount harvested, around the 15th century, the amount of rice was more than 20 times higher, while the amount of wheat was about 5 times higher. Currently, rice is around 130 times higher, but wheat is about 24 times higher.

In addition, rice can be cultivated and harvested twice a year on the same land, but wheat cannot be cultivated continuously, so a three-field system is adopted.

That is because by continuing to grow the same crops year after year, the soil becomes depleted of nutrients and disease is more likely to occur. Therefore, in order to avoid the deterioration of soil fertility in the fields, three-field farming was established in Europe.  Farmland is divided into three equal parts, and each year different plots are assigned to summer crops, winter crops and fallow land. And the farmland that had grown crops that year was put to rest the following year.

On the other hand, like other Asian countries, rice paddies have been established in Japan since ancient times.  During the Edo period, under the national isolation policy, there was no imported food, and people were completely self-sufficient. In other words, about 30 million people lived on the foods produced from domestic farmland alone.

Since the farmland area in the middle of the Edo period was about 3 million hectares, it was about 10 ares per person. In Europe at the same time, it is said that one person needed more than one hectare of farmland to live.  Converting this to the situation in Japan, one hectare can provide enough energy (calories) for 10 people.  Therefore, although the area of agricultural land is small, it means that it was able to feed a very large population thanks to rice paddies.

In other words, paddy fields are agricultural land with the highest conversion rate of solar energy.

Therefore, the rulers are well aware that denouncing rice is essential for fabricating the food crisis, because comparing the production of rice and wheat per unit of area, rice is several times more than wheat. So it follows that the rulers are implementing special tactics that maximize effectiveness with less resistance.

In any case, the demonic rulers have expressed their hostility to the natural world and are actively destroying traditions and the natural environment, transforming or transferring all of them, including humanity, into fakes and artifacts.

The root of this tactic of promoting the destruction of the natural environment that grows plants, including staple food, is the concept of reducing the surplus population based on eugenics, which was advocated by the Club of Rome in 1972 in Limits to Growth.  In other words, while the commoner population increases by multiplication, the amount of food production increases only by addition, so the idea is that commoners are the root cause of destroying the environment and nature’s providence and should be weeded out.

Based on this idea, in the 1980s, the population reduction plan was already started, and also research and development that preceded current urban planning to contain the surviving commoners was launched, such as smart cities and sustainable urban planning.  e.g. Shenzhen City in China, Tsukuba City Planning in Japan, etc..

At the same time, when it comes to environmental issues, the rulers used their usual apeal-to-fear propaganda, instilling in commoners the fear that environmental destruction threatens the survival of humanity.

For example, ‘conservation of biological diversity’ is the subject of Chapter 15 of Agenda 21 and carried over to Agenda 2030 as SDG15.  But it goes back to the Biodiversity Treaty, signed at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, aimed at promoting ‘sustainable development’.

The thing to watch out for here is that there is a rhetorical gimmick that is the ruler’s usual tactic.  ‘Biodiversity’ is the transformation and diversification that the rulers advocate.  So, it is inconsistent with the “conservation” of the original uniqueness and existence of living things that has been inherited from ancient times, although ‘conservation of biological diversity’ sounds like the ruler is trying to save the earth.

In fact, the rulers abandoned the legal “protections” and neglected to “save” the commoners, transforming the commoners into transhumans with weakened natural immunity by modifying their DNA through coercion of mRNA vaccines.  The result is a surge in excess deaths, just as the rulers intended.

Furthermore, by building global governance such as the Global Pandemic Treaty, the rulers are removing the shackles of local laws and constitutions, and deprives commoners of their sovereignty and freedom, accelerating the transformation into the extremely strict surveillance society.  For example, in addition to depopulation programs, land grabbing under the guise of environmental conservation and plans to resettle surviving commoners into ‘sustainable communities’ are also underway.

SDG15 of Agenda2030 includes the 1992 Wildlands Project and the 1995 Global Biodiversity Assessment, in addition to the 1992 Convention on Biological Diversity.  And that is the real purpose of the WEF and the United Nations, to build the totalitarian regime in which only the rulers and their stakeholders benefit, by perpetually exploiting from the commoners.  So, SDG is not based on solving environmental problems or protecting nature.

In the Wildlands Project, it advocates will convert at least 50% of the land area of North America to wilderness off limits to humans.  These core wilderness areas are interconnected by wilderness corridors off-limits to humans.  These wilderness areas are surrounded by buffer zones in which the use of resources is restricted under federal supervision and authorization in cooperation with non-governmental organizations.

The 30 by 30 plan, which was re-promoted at the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (UNCBD) conference at COP15 in 2022, aims to expand natural habitats and corridors to cover 30% of the land area.  But the reality of 30 x 30 is history’s greatest land grab under the guise of ‘biodiversity conservation’.  This nefarious plan will force some 300 million indigenous peoples around the world to leave their homelands and forests in the name of ‘conservation’. On the other hand, a very small number of rulers and their stakeholders suddenly become land nouveau riches.

The Indigenous Environment Network strongly condemns private commercial profit schemes that plan to profit from Mother Earth.  But their voices do not reach those rulers who strive for exploitation and pursue only their own interests.  Meanwhile, about $10 trillion of new investment or financial markets will be created over the next decade to provide companies with the opportunity to engage in the 30 by 30, hailed as the New Deal for Nature.

A biodiversity plan is a social structure in which only the rulers make an unfair profit. Conversely, commoners are evicted, crammed into prison districts set up in cities, and denied access to nature and the natural world. In addition, all production activities such as agriculture and livestock are prohibited, so that commoners are given artificial food grown in laboratories.  Moreover, it is imperative to depopulate by genocide of commoners to get there.

This example also leads to the sad reality that sustainable development prioritizes the self-interest of rulers while depriving commoners of their liberty and property.  In other words, sustainable development is the promise of lasting and immortal profits to the rulers.  On the one hand, commoners are based on the sad reality that they are forcibly deprived of everything: liberty, sovereignty, and property.

Protecting the staple food from being plundered by the ruler is not only about preserving the distribution of food, but also protecting the agricultural and livestock activities that are the innate rights of commoners.

The digital and IT industries may be the star industries of our time, but they just don’t have the productivity  and symbiotic power to keep humanity and the planet alive, like agriculture, which converts solar energy and soil fertility into the vitality of life.

The first thing Noah did when he got out of the ark was to cultivate grapes, so the history of mankind began with reclamation and clearing land, and this idyllic nostalgic scene remains in people’s deep psyches as an original landscape.

In the Great Depression after WW-I, food and supplies were available, but hyperinflation made them unavailable to commoners as they could not afford them. Then, the food shortage created social divisions and confrontational structures, and people forced to live under oppression entrusted their future to neoliberalism. In effect, however, neoliberalism created a closed society based on vested interests, resulting in a transition to totalitarianism in which individual dignity and freedom were not recognized. And now, in a more evolved form, the rulers are trying to replicate the social trends that this historical fact bears out.

At the end of WW-II, all of Japan was devastated by incendiary bombings by fighter planes dispatched by the Deep State.  However, behind the rapid recovery of Japan after the war was the fact that even the younger generation of Japan at the time had acquired agricultural know-how.

Akira Kurosawa’s film “Seven Samurai” tells the story of seven samurai who are hired by a peasant suffering from looting by nobushi and work together to protect their village from an attack by nobushi.  The surviving samurai, who is about to defeat the nobushi and leave the village, sees the peasants who have regained peace and devote themselves to rice planting (production activities), and mutters, “Maybe the peasants are the real winners.”

There is no need for overproduction to the point where the market is saturated and discarded. But at least we should stop giving up enough production rights to be shared by the surviving commoners, and the commoners should immediately prevent the looting of production rights by the ruler and the transfer of production rights to the ruler.

Hopefully, future history books will describe that the ordinary commoners who never let go of production and didn’t neglect production eventually defeated the unproductive technocrats.

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