Nostalgia For The Good Old Days

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WEF/UN-led governments and their stakeholders have begun rolling out global surveillance regimes to trace, track and manage ordinary earthlings using digital IDs.  Meanwhile, WEF is deliberately implementing the “cost of living crisis” to advance the Great Reset.

German electricity prices are at record highs as a heatwave curbs power generation. In the UK, 75,000 Britons will stop paying their electricity bills amid an inflationary storm. Ancient people used salt water and magnesium to generate their own electricity, and they also used batteries using hydrogen and oxygen. So the power company’s monopoly on generation and distribution is evidence of the satanists energy dictatorship. 

While the absolute index for cattle is declining due to slaughter, the UK and Japan see entomophagy and artificial meat as lifestyle trends. Also, Spain is spraying lethal chemtrails under the guise of a UN program to fight COVID. 

Additionally, the CDC has updated its Covid guidelines to allow “individuals” to make their own decisions, that means there is no need for mandatory his COVID vaccination or quarantine.  But it is obviously to reassure people for the time being. Because as always, Japan is a good example. The satanic cult gangsters owned Ministry of Health has added a Covid vaccination schedule to maternal and child health handbooks, even though the vast majority of children’s illnesses are caused by vaccines.  Canada requires that job seekers must be fully vaccinated.

New York City warned of polio circulation after virus was found in sewage…., and London mandated polio vaccine boosters for all children ages 1-9.  Bill Gates, who funds the polio vaccine, has warned that the disease’s resurgence in New York is “a threat to all of us.” Even though between 2000 and his 2017, 496,000 children in India were paralyzed by Bill Gates’ polio vaccine.  BTW, Polio is a disease created by Satanists.  It is known that polio epidemics were caused by spraying large amounts of highly toxic pesticides such as DDT.

Meanwhile, the WHO has renewed its commitment to the Global Pandemic Treaty, and we can infer that it clearly intends to enforce it.  So, all of this confirms the WEF’s deliberate “cost of living crisis” and “destruction of safe living” to drive the Great Reset.

Furthermore, Satanists frequently come to the surface of societies in which ordinary people live, and are performing openly and even more aggressive satanic worship rituals.

Lately, for some reason, I often feel nostalgia for the good old days. At that time, I am reminded of Soseki Natsume’s novel “Kusamakura” (1906). Kusamakura is a pillow made by tying grass when lying down or sleeping in the field during a journey, I have translated the opening sentences below.


Climbing up the mountain path, I thought about…

If you rely on your intellect, you will create conflicts and troubles. If you stick to your emotions, you will be swept away.  If you stick to your temperament and go your own way, you will be crushed. In any case, it is difficult to live in the human world.

When the place gradually becomes uncomfortable, we would prefer to move to a more comfortable place.  However, when you realize that no matter where you move, you will not feel comfortable, poetry and painting will arise. The human world was not created by God or the devil. It was made by ordinary people that you sometimes see in your neighborhood. 

If you feel uncomfortable living in the place, because it was made by ordinary people, and if you seek to replace it, but there is no better place than where you live now.  If any, it is a place of scoundrels and beasts. The world of rogues is more difficult to live in than the world of ordinary people.  If the unavoidable world is uncomfortable to live in, we should make that uncomfortable world a little better so that we can live comfortably even for a moment.

from Soseki Natsume’s “Kusamakura”


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WEF – Touts that China is controlling weather with chemtrail

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US Government Spraying DDT Insecticide on Children 1947

496,000 Children In India Paralyzed Between 2000 & 2017 From “Bill Gates Polio Vaccine”

Kusamakura is a Japanese novel by Natsume Sōseki published in 1906

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