Nature Is Being Attacked And Destroyed By The Disposal Of Solar Panels

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The earth’s natural environment continues to be attacked and destroyed by so-called clean-and-green energy devices and weather modification weapons introduced by Satanists who have concluded that mankind is the greatest enemy of nature.

In California, a huge number of solar panels are expiring, and there are concerns that mass disposal will contaminate groundwater with heavy metals such as lead, selenium and cadmium.  In California, the California Solar Initiative (CSI) came into effect in 2006, providing $3.3 billion in subsidies to efforts to promote solar power. However, even now, there are still few established methods for recycling solar panels, so most of them are disposed of in landfills as industrial waste. Moreover, the installation of mega solar facilities itself is a major cause of environmental destruction and large-scale disasters.  Moreover, almost all of the solar power business market is controlled by CCP-affiliated mega solar concessionaires such as Shanghai Electric Power, Softbank, and Heizo Takenaka. And they don’t care what happens to the natural environment for their own self-interest.

Meanwhile, in China, the overuse of climate-modifying weapons used to create global shortages of food, industrial materials and consumer goods has led to a severe drought.  Therefore, cloud seeding was carried out using large drones to artificially rain as a measure against drought.  But it has caused devastating floods, displacing more than 60,000 people, and dropping temperatures from over 40°C to -2°C.  The thing to keep in mind here is the fact that both droughts and floods are artificially created by Satanists to support the climate change narrative.  Also, to make the story of the food crisis look more serious and replace insects with food, Satanists burned down another food processing plant in California.

Satanists are gradually beginning to use devices and systems to surveillance and control the actions and thoughts of each individual prior to the introduction of CBDC. The WEF is also implementing plans to use sound waves to control minds. Also, futures, global markets tumble as central bankers plan to push world into coordinated recession.

Currently, the number of deaths from covid vaccines is increasing around the world, and “unknown causes” are the top cause of death among Covid vaccinated people.  But it has already become clear that medical regulators knew Covid vaccines could cause heart damage, blood clots, harm to children, and death.  Under these circumstances, China has started testing fresh fish, crabs and shrimp for COVID infection.  It shows that covid theaters have reached a new level of insanity to provide enough evidence to construct a narrative for Satanists to push their deception through.

The satanists are alive and well, they don’t flinch.  As evidence of this, all shares of Nagasaki’s theme park “Huis Ten Bosch” were sold for “66.6″ billion yen to a Hong Kong investment company affiliated with the CCP.  Nagasaki has historically been occupied by Satanists such as Jardine Matheson’s Thomas Glover (an opium and arms smuggler) and the Jesuits, so it could be used as a base for Satanists.  Additionally, Huis Ten Bosch is adjacent to a US military base and a port, making it a favorable condition for using it as a base for the satan worshippers such as drug smuggling and human trafficking.

Historically, satanist strategies have been successful through repetition. In other words, what is generally regarded as Satan’s malice in ordinary human society is eventually replaced by sanity and common sense through Satanist repetition.  The Illuminati 13 pedigree ostensibly pretends to be an innocent financial company, but its real business is drug smuggling, weapons of mass destruction research and development, and human trafficking, so they are nuisances and public enemies for ordinary Earthlings.

These hegemons have crafted and executed all their strategies so meticulously that there is a clear intention behind every incidents and activities that seems at first glance to be a coincidence or a natural disaster. And historically, many innocent ordinary Earthlings have been sacrificed in order to achieve the hegemon’s agenda.

Behind all the misfortunes and sufferings faced by ordinary Earthlings, the hegemonic class is now trying to achieve totalitarian world domination through the WEF, in order to transhumanize and tame and enslave all Earthlings.

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