‘Methodical Doubt’ May Be Necessary For Commoners To Prevent Psyop By The Enemies

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It makes me wonder how many deliberately created deceptions and fakes are out there in this world. Our worldview is drawn by the knowledge we acquire through education and so on, but it may be a community illusion that is not real and does not even exist.  Conversely, when confronted with the dire situations that satanists perpetrate, it is tempting to take comfort in believing that the world is an illusion and a mere nightmare.

Unknowingly, commoners have been brainwashed by pharmaceutical companies run by the satanic rulers into blindly believing that multiple vaccines are needed for each disease.  As a result, excess deaths are skyrocketing, and furthermore, commoners who are more willing to submit to satanic authority have been vaccinated repeatedly, weakening their natural immunity and causing serious side effects.

On the other hand, U.S. military planes shot down an unidentified flying objects that appeared in Canada and Montana, laser beams off the coast of Hawaii, balloons, falling objects, and mysterious trails of smoke falling from the sky. Something very strange seems to be happening in the skies and all calamities and scourges seem to be caused by aliens?

Incidentally, before Descartes, it was believed that one could pursue the truth by practicing faith.  However, in this dire situation these days, it is clear that blindly believing in Satanists does not lead to the pursuit or grasp of the truth.

Kant said that doubting thoughts cannot be doubted, but the very existence of doubters can still be doubted.  But Descartes believed that human beings are endowed with reason and sense, and therefore have the capacity to digest and judge things in order to discover unquestionable truths, so he advocated “methodical doubt”, a method to get to the truth by starting with doubting everything.  Anyway, instead of blindly trusting the Satanist propaganda published on MSM and SNS, it is important not to be deceived by the phenomenon at hand, but first to doubt, accumulate what remains, and patiently find the truth.

The term satanist may be offensive to some. But, while it has already been revealed that the virus turmoil is being carried out by satanic cultists, satanic rituals sponsored by cult corporations such as Pfizer are often broadcast on television and beyond.  In fact, many historical evidences show  shows that Satanists perform rituals through public events to instill in ordinary Earthlings a master-servant relationship with their rulers.

For example, the first World Exposition was held in 1798 in Paris during the French Revolution.  It is revealed that hideous satanic rituals are taking place behind the exposition.  At the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair, during the “night event”, secretly filmed footage shows satanists furiously dancing around a statue of Moloch and a baby being thrown into a furnace in Moloch’s abdomen.  In addition, the World Exposition itself is believed to be a satanic ritual, as the poster for the Chicago World’s Fair features a large image of Moloch in the center.  Furthermore, the symbol of the Osaka Expo in 1970, the “Tower of the Sun” (Taro Okamoto) is studded with demonic elements, one of which is the “Tree of Life”. Although it is named “Tree of Life”, it is actually a symbol of Satanic worship called Kabbalah.

Satanists are actively and intentionally haunting the surface. By 2025, it feels like the reality is that most of the rest of us will be transhumanists, connected to supercomputers, and worm-eaten transgenders.

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