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Well-planned and systematically coordinated satanist-led strategies and attacks make it an unavoidable reality that ordinary earthlings are on the verge of extermination. And the attacks of the WEF and its stakeholders have finally evolved into operations that target the very foundations of the survival of ordinary earthlings.

A rapid rise in food prices will increase the proportion of food costs in total income, the Engel coefficient, which will lead to a decline in disposable income and will lead people to poverty.  On top of that, artificial food production cuts and stagnation in logistics will certainly lead to social turmoil.

From now on, people who are despaired because of their hardships will get lost on the road for help, and some will be depressed, some will be hysterical, and some will be violence.  What is waiting there is a gentle and kind devil.  The satanists, who is talkative and good at brainwashing, will reach out to those who are suffering and lead to further adversity.  However, desperate ordinary people will be forced to select to rely on the devil obediently.

Satanists continue to inoculate healthy people with toxic vaccines, and when the population declines to some extent, they seek to implant nanochips in the brains of survivors to control individual emotions, feelings, behaviors, and thoughts.

Already, some countries are planning food ration systems based on new biometric IDs. This food passport will be combined with a vaccine passport in the future to be enthusiastically accepted by desperate and hungry people who cannot afford the rapidly rising food prices.
This is the realization of long-held aspirations by the Rockefeller, UN, WEF, and Kissinger to “control food, and control people.”

Looking back on history, it is clear that the satanists are trying to recreate totalitarianism and authoritarianism today, modeled on the strategies that led to the emergence of totalitarian and authoritarian Nazism during the Great Depression after WWI.

The Great Depression (1929), artificially created after WWI, succeeded in making the poverty-stricken masses enthusiastic about the Nazis.  And there was clearly gimmicks to lead and manipulate people into mass hysteria.

Soaring prices for fuel and daily necessities are putting people around the world in poverty as if they roll off steep cliffs. The catastrophic shocks by the extreme poverty and totalitarianism always appear as a set.  And the Nazis gained a radical force in such a social situation.

The Nazis created an atmosphere in which the masses become blindly submissive to social tendencies, and led the masses to totalitarianism by carrying out psychological operations and brainwashing strategies.

First, created more anxiety and pushed people into a state of thought suspension.
After WWI, the German people were filled with enormous reparations and a sense of despise and stagnation from the defeat…, in addition, the Great Depression has increased unemployment rate, which has accelerated malnutrition, suicides, crimes such as deprivations, thefts and murders…, in other words, those who have surged anxiety have fallen into a state of thought suspension due to the unusual lack of all the indicators that humans need to lead a cultural life and maintain humanity. When a person feels intense fear and anxiety, and is exposed to uncontrollable acute stress, the prefrontal cortex, the highest center of the brain, becomes more dominant and judgment becomes very weak. In other words, when exposed to intense fear, people are dominated by a state of mind that wants to get out of their current situation, and people stop thinking.

Next, propaganda attacks have been mercilessly implemented using the mass media against such vulnerable masses.
The Nazis carried out strict press censorship and sent only information that was convenient to the Nazis, and forced the public to listen to the false and brainwashing news coverages on the radio.
The incitement methods include;
1. Narrow down themes and slogans without telling them what is inconvenient
2. Do not require the intelligence of the person to manipulate
3. Repeat the same thing thousands of times
This is also known as the agenda-setting effect, and by repeating it over and over, aspects other than the theme are slighted and eventually ignored, making it difficult to tell whether it is good or bad.  And the masses will come to consider the report as true.

Moreover, made the people hysterical and ferocious by creating the people to be excluded.
A sense of crisis leads to aggression against people, subordination to authority, and authoritarianism that denies one’s freedom……, the Nazis have successfully used this vulnerable part of human psychology. The Nazis blamed certain (hypothetical) enemies for poverty and defeat, and blamed communists, socialists, trade unions, and churches, fueling the hatred of the masses. In addition, by instilling Germanic supremeism and ethnocentrism, and discriminated against inferior races and divided the people…, and the masses has also increased aggression towards the inferior and the vulnerable, coupled with the accumulation of dissatisfaction with the social situation…, then, the Nazi-brainwashed masses can no longer think calmly and began to feel temporary pleasures by attacking (artificial) inferiors and the vulnerable.

I may be the only one who thinks that the current situation is almost the same as ninety-some years ago, but since ordinary earthlings have such a historical experience, they should be able to recognize such social trends. Breaking through the status quo may begin with the public noticing it.

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