Destruction Of Nature, Forced Dehumanization, And Stratification

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After colonizing and invading countries such as southeast asian and middle eastern, the European great powers divided the annexes into a ruling class and a non-ruling class, creating a confrontational structure and governing, instead of ruling directly.  That is because, by deliberately creating ruling structures, ethnic, religious, or geopolitical boundaries, the two sides will voluntarily confront each other, making exploitation by the great powers much easier.

Now, in addition to those traditional division categories, the satanic hegemons have added new divisions such as LGBTQIA.  Then, the human race itself called Homo sapiens is finally being actively fragmented. Homoborgenesis is a new species that has been genetically modified by mRNA vaccinations and is owned by the patent owner under US law.  Homoborgenesis is Homo-cyborg-genesis, and are no longer Homo-sapiens.

On the other hand, WEF-led social control has morphed into totalitarian fascism, which is becoming increasingly harsh and aggressive.  The WEF boasts of owning science, but it’s counterfeit science to their own convenience.  For that reason, PayPal, a subsidiary of WEF, will begin imposing $2,500 fines on commoner users who speak negatively against the supremacy-determined truths and lies.

In fact, Bill Gates successfully transferred power from governments overwhelmed by Covid-19 to four Gates-led non-governmental organizations: the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gavi, the Wellcome Trust, and CEPI.  And governments around the world have spearheaded the genocide of Earthlings according to the will and intent of the character Gates, whether he is a real creature or an imaginary stuffed animal.

Additionally, Bill Gates is actively funding the establishment of a global digital ID system for surveillance.  In response, WEF-dispatched maneuver operatives parasitic on governments and major corporations around the world have taken another step towards implementing digital ID programs. In other words, the scheme for the Young Global Leaders dispatched by the WEF is to use the mRNA Covid vaccines to not only genetically modify and transhumanize into a new species, but also to enable remote control of that new species’ human body In short, Covid-19 injectable hydrogels contain neuoweapons embedded in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs).  LNPs can be activated via 5G frequencies to achieve physiological changes. And the post-vaccination “biostructures” becomes a self-assembling biosynthetic weapon.

Humanity’s cyborgization seems to be only the beginning, but commoners are steadily being dehumanized by successive transhumanization attacks.

In Japan, there is a technique called kintsugi, which uses lacquer and gold leaf to join broken pieces of ceramics together. And the restored ceramics are highly valued and revered as the incarnation of a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.  However, such values and aesthetics are a matter of concern for the hegemons, and are may be eliminated, who digitize everything and trying to control it with deceptive science.

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