Changes Come Quietly In A Big Swell

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Reforms made by the rulers that have a great impact on our daily lives appear and penetrate in society as lifestyle trends, so they are difficult to notice. But it will be implemented without even giving us the opportunity to judge whether they are good or bad for us.

So, if we insist on winning or losing the A team vs. the B team, we will fall into a labyrinth.  That’s because the teams that are fighting in the field are deliberate creations of the satanists to deceive the masses into a common psychological illusion. And while the spectators are fascinated by the match without a ball, the manipulators disguised as the coaches of both teams slowly move around the outer edge of the field with a real ball and score a goal.

Unfortunately, the satanists continue to perpetrate their evil deeds, and it is inevitable that sooner or later all the people on Earth will be trapped in so-called “smart” cities and ruled by the dark forces, if we don’t resist.  As part of predictive programming, satanic cults are already actively holding satanic-worshipping ritual events to showcase their power grabs to the public. They also carry out censorship and mind control attacks to prevent future conflicts with civilian resistance.

As part of the WEF’s drive to promote smart city governance, PM Justin Trudeau (WEF Young Global Leaders) is working on Canada’s federal government new Digital Identity Program in partnership with Klaus Schwab (WEF = CCP = Soka).  This program creates a digital proof-of-identity document for every citizen who logged in a system used by airports, authorities, and government agencies, allowing the WEF and the rulers (= Illuminati) to monitor and control civilians.

The Digital Vaccine Passport, which is supported by the WEF and Bill Gates, both CCP (= Soka), has paved the way for a surveillance society.  In Germany, the vaccine passport system has color-coded tiers that limit freedom based on vaccine booster status.  Nigeria also introduced the digital ID system backed by Bill Gates.

In fact, until the digital ID chip is implanted in the body, citizens’ lives are managed through smartphone apps.  Already, for example, Covid testing is being used as a form of social control, where as soon as you buy cold medicine at the pharmacy, your phone will beep to tell you to get tested for the novel coronavirus.  And it is possible to quarantine thousands of people within hours. Since people are already under the control of this system, it is impossible to escape any coercion. These regulations are already in place in many countries such as the US, UK, EU and Australia, but most people don’t seem to care.  But by the time masses (= “useful idiots” as the rulers call them) realize it, it will be too late to do anything about it.

The WEF advocates merging of human and AI intelligence, recruiting “information warriors” to control narratives on social media to censor so-called “hate speech” and “misinformation” that are inconvenient for them.

Satanic cult ceremonies and celebrations are being held around the world, but they are literally satanic rituals celebrating the occupation and hegemonic rule by the CCP (= Soka) and its affiliates.  Meta and Pfizer , both are Soka affiliated corporations, will sponsor an upcoming series of events celebrating the CCP’s conquest of Hong Kong. In Japan, Bill Gates (= Soka) was awarded the Grand Cordon of the Rising Sun. The imperial family is Soka, and both Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi and Policy Research Council Chairman Motegi are followers of the Unification Church (= Soka) and are active in Japan as CCP spies.

Nearly every major food company under WEF control has quietly added crickets and other insects to meal bars, cookies, snacks, and more, in line with the WEF agenda.

The CDC pleaded ignorant about the link between COVID vaccines and heart inflammation, but it still lies about the dangers of covid vaccines to protect Big Pharma. In addition, Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID vaccines cover up the fact that they contain carbon nanometers and radioactive thulium, and in addition, they are conducting psychological manipulation to encourage the uninformed public to get more vaccinations. 

On the one hand, thousands of leading scientists have admitted that global warming is a hoax to generate profits for CCP-affiliated energy infrastructure ventures, but in line with the WEF agenda, Scotland is cutting down her 14 million trees and installing wind turbines. In Germany, 1,000-year-old forests were cleared to build wind farms for ‘green’ power generation.

It will be a society where social credit scores reflect whether or not we actually protect nature, but whether or not we go along with and implement Satanist green policies. And the goods and services given to individuals and companies are limited depending on the score.  In short, trust and credibility have gone digital. Identity and reputation will be digitized and analyzed in minute detail, shaping a future where the personal “trust score” is the norm.

It seems that the unavoidable reality that individual privacy is excluded and monitored is surging in a big wave every moment.

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