The Great Reset Is Underway By The WEF And The Young Global Leaders

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The WEF and its Young Global Leaders are deploying even more serious and radical psychological operations, mass destruction of nature and infrastructure using Direct-Energy Weapons (DEW), and genocidal attacks against humanity using deadly viruses and toxic vaccines.

The WEF-led Great Reset is to establish a communist world order modeled after the CCP and achieve totalitarian rule based on the consensus of the Illuminati 13 pedigrees. Strategies that are actually and currently being implemented to fulfill the NWO plan include:

* Use the turmoil caused by artificial viruses and toxic vaccines to reduce excess and inferior populations (based on eugenics).
* Surviving humans are enslaved with vaccines.
* Abolition of private property.
* Implant a digital ID chip in the human body, use blockchain to manage and control personal data, and deprive humanity of sovereignty.
* Restrictions on food and energy sources.

In other words, it is the realization of a society in which companies with high ESG scores, which are stakeholders submissive to the hegemon, provide goods and services.  Governments act as mediators between hegemons and stakeholders. And the civil society formed by the beastly-marked remnants of humanity by digital ID is placed below the bottom of the hierarchy, where only obedience is permitted.

Bill Gates reportedly told Trump twice not to investigate the ill effects of the Covid vaccines.   Both are puppets of the hegemon and fellow activists belonging to the Soka cult (Moonies = CIA = CCP).  Actually, Trump covered up the silver bullet shortly after visiting the Fujifilm factory for favipiravir, which the Pentagon uses to detoxify bioweapons, instead declaring himself as the “Father of The Toxic Vaccines.”  Additionally, Ivanka, one of the Young Global Leaders, used Deborah ‘Liar’ Birx to blindly mislead the uninformed and forced the ignorant to vaccinate toxic vaccines under the guise of social trends.  In fact, the WEF trains so-called Young Global Leaders and places demonic mentors and influencers in governments and corporations around the world.  Not only are they brainwashed by MKUltra, they are humanoids with no humanity. And as WEF agents, Young Global Leaders infiltrate world governments and communities to carry out attacks and machinations against the humanity.

To achieve the monopoly domination structure on the planet by the Illuminati, WEF established a brainwashing education program in 1992 called the Young Global Leader Program.  It is a five-year intensive educational program to develop future leaders suitable for the emerging global community, following WEF principles and goals.  It has grown into an extensive global network of young Satanist leaders with enormous resources and influence.  And the Young Global Leaders as WEF servants work in governments, communities, projects and working groups to intervene in the implementation of technocratic programs in each country to ensure that the Illuminati benefit as much as possible in preference.  Since the start of this program, more than 3,000 politicians, business leaders, royalty, journalists, performers and other cultural influences from around the world have participated, includes Bill Gates, Justin Trudeau-Castro, Angela Merkel-Hitler, Jacinda Arden, Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin, Bono, Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, and more.  And they are all the lead operatives who spearheaded the viral turmoil to trigger the ensuing energy and food crisis, and more.

In other words, the WEF servant young leaders are promoting the integration of governments, state-owned enterprises and large corporations with the aim of achieving more beneficial and effective globalization for the Illuminati. The subjects for the next generation that were imposed on the young leaders to maximize Illuminati profits include peace, environment, education, technology and health.  Because they are areas that can be strategically, politically, economically and culturally available to achieve globalism.  While persuading the public to the noble goal of building better world, the ultimate goal of both the WEF-led public-private partnership and these themes is the realization of a fascist totalitarian society that the mass succumbs and obediences to the powerful.  This means that the future of the individuals has disappeared in a social structure formed in the interests of the wealthy class, with the principles of democracy and division of power in the 20th century completely destroyed.

The totalitarianism New World Order by the Illuminati, the peaceful and harmonious unified world federation, which is also the idea of the Roman Club, is based on the establishment of the World Parliament, World Government and World Courts.  And under the control of personal information by blockchain, a new global digital currency will be introduced, and the transition to NESARA and GESARA will realize basic income (UBI).  But the survived ordinary earthlings will be implanted digital ID chips, and all activities of the individual will be monitored by the authorities, and brain functions will also be controlled.

The viral turmoil continues to increase public dissatisfaction.   And the incompetence, failure, and deception of current political leaders and authorities may used to exaggerate the current nation-state as obsolete. However, since social conflict structures such as red team vs. blue team, political ideologies, and ethnic conflicts are crafty gimmicks implemented by hegemons to maintain their ruling structures, so it will sooner or later be used as an excuse to introduce the NWO.  For example, the Ukraine-Russia conflict has contributed to increasing the defense budgets of NATO members to 2% of GDP in order to secure the interests of the hegemonic military-industrial complex (MIC). It also contributes to the maintenance of the hegemon’s business model of destruction and regeneration, and both countries are working on the implementation of digital ID systems ahead of the rest of the world.  For example, Ukraine has effectively implemented the WEF Great Reset by setting up a social credit application that combines Basic Income (UBI), Digital ID and Vaccine Passport all within the Diia app. This leads to an increase in the cost of living for all, making it increasingly difficult for ordinary citizens to live.  In the near future, ESG scores, a rating system promoted by the WEF, will be added, and even sighs will be subject to taxes (= penalties imposed on existence).

The WEF’s Klaus Schwab brainwashed Young Global Leaders (aka Young Global Shapers) are parasitic on governments, major institutions and big corporations around the world.  And as a strategic force in the Great Reset, they are carrying out epidemics, toxic vaccines, catastrophic climate change, food and energy crises, wars, and all manner of scourges on humanity and the planet.

The WEF brainwashing programming curriculum is five years and is open to participants from the age of 18.  Basically, they seem to be brainwashed by short-circuited thinking based on the three principles of “just now”, “only money”, and “only myself”. So the curriculum presents disinformation and deception as the truth of the status quo, creating a sense of urgency and panic, and seems to foster young activists convinced of the need for change in line with the WEF’s goals as the only solution.  Graduated youth pledge allegiance to Schwab and parasitize major institutions around the world to control and lead governments and businesses.  of course, the process of looking at historical timelines and events correctly, interpreting them correctly, and making the right decisions is excluded from their thinking circuits.  As such, they do not deviate from the WEF’s goals, go back in time to seek the truth, or do proper reflection.  

Pollution and destruction of nature caused by the disposal of expired solar panels, which I wrote about in my previous blog, is a good example. In the first place, the loss of greenery and the ugly transformation of the natural landscape due to solar panels and wind mills is a sorrow for humanity and the planet.
In fact, the circle across the 666 in the WEF logo represents total Satanist control over humanity and the planet. In other words, it seems to be proof that the transition to technocrats and stakeholder-driven NWO is proceeding as Klaus Schwab intended.

A British journalist published an excellent piece that will help us to cut through the MSM’s psy-op propaganda, and drill down to what the Globalists are planning in this next phase.  It was published at Unlimited Hangout, and is one of the most thorough reports on the transition to a technocratic centralized government. The policy/agenda is set by the WEF, led by Schwab, and is clear evidence that world leaders such as Trudeau, Putin, Xi and Biden are following the script produced by the WEF, and it’s obvious that Trump is also one of them.  Because, as we can see in the video clip compiled by High Impact Flix (HIF), in January 2020, a few weeks before the COVID-19 scam was unleashed to the world, Trump praised the WEF agenda and emphasized a close relationship with Schwab.  Additionally, Trump’s red tie indicates that he represents the Rothschild family. However, confrontational structures such as the red team versus the blue team are Illuminati preset strategies to deceive the public. In short, all strategies and incidents are carried out based on the consensus that is the big umbrella opened by the Illuminati 13 pedigrees, so it is not the purpose of which team wins under that umbrella.

For example, WWII was a de facto battle for supremacy within the Illuminati between the red team and the blue team, with the blue team winning. As a result, for example, in Japan, Hideki Tojo and other Red Team soldiers were found guilty in a farce called the blue team-led Tokyo Trials and executed early in the morning of December 23, 1948.  On the other hand, naval officers (blue team) such as Mitsumasa  Yonai, and the blue team servants Nobusuke Kishi, Yoshio Kodama, and Ryoichi Sasagawa were acquitted. And the blue team servants (actually gangsters) built the satanic cult regime in post-war Japan and were also acted as spies for Deep State Rockefeller. Kishi and his colleagues Kodama, Sasagawa and others laid the foundation for the satanic regime in post-war Japan and also carried out espionage operations as an asset to the Deep State Rockefellers. Furthermore, they used politics and the state as tools for their own self-interest, and amassed enormous wealth. For example, Kishi organized the import of crude oil, but even now, part of the gasoline tax should be a source of income for the Kishi family. Gambling organized by private parties is illegal in Japan, but Sasagawa privately runs Motorboat Racing Gambling (aka the Sasakawa Foundation). Also, Sasagawa’s Nippon Foundation is a concessionaire and has ties to the CCP and satanic cults. From this point alone, the far-right gangster Sasagawa can coexist with the far-left communists, so there is no confrontation structure by ideology, and they act only for their own self-interest.

Furthermore, the Nippon Foundation has been heavily involved in the onset and continuation of the Covid plandemic. Also the site of the Fukushima nuclear power plant was originally purchased by Sasagawa under the name of a boat race gambling site, and was reserved for TEPCO. Contrary to it, the Nippon Foundation was commissioned by Gorbachev in 1990 to investigate the damage caused by the accident that occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986. So far, more than 450 experts have been dispatched and five inspection centers have been established in the contaminated areas. They have created data showing that abnormalities such as thyroid abnormalities have been observed due to radiation exposure, and are planting the fear of nuclear power plant accidents throughout the world.

Diverting back to the original WEF NWO, PM Kishida of Japan announced the Digital Garden City Initiative. This is a model city plan for building a divided and dominated society through digital surveillance, and is the first step towards realizing the WEF Agenda 2030.

An another example is, in Shenzhen China have implemented the vaccine passport…, but they are required to provide negative evidence of the PCR test obtained within 24 hours in order to continue their daily activities. It is a step to take advantage of this inconvenience and allow people to voluntarily implant a much more convenient digital health care chip and introduce the Digital ID system.

The deceptions of CDC humanoids Wallensky, Fauci, FDA, etc. were exposed, and as a result, restrictions on virus riots were lifted one after another.  But it may be too early to celebrate humanity’s victory as it could be a temporary pause to implement the next disruption caused by the very serious and deadly virus.

The freedom, sovereignty, and privacy of ordinary Earthlings will be eradicated, and their bodies and consciousness will be dominated and controlled by advanced technology and scoring systems in a totalitarian fascist society.  In any case, it is clear that the situation and environment have been steered by the satanists in a far more dangerous direction for ordinary Earthlings.

Everything that is happening is happening on purpose, and nothing happens by accident.  And we must be recognized that the destinations and the destiny have never been derailed since ancient times.

For example, the results obtained by the Montauk Project (Philadelphia Experiment, 1943) appear to be gradually becoming more realistic and much more accelerated.

According to the Montauk project; In the world of 2173, television broadcasting will be limited to educational programs and news programs, and by 2025, climate changes will occur, water levels will rise, coastlines will change, and the world’s topography will change drastically.  The US government does not exist, national functions are lost, and infrastructure is collapsing. World War III of Russia and China vs. the United States and Europe occurs, and as the result, major cities in the world will be destroyed and the world population will reach 300 million.

In 2749, the birth of a floating city will allow it to move around the globe, there are no governments in each country, and AI computer systems operate the earth. In addition, the system telepathically communicates with humans. The social system becomes completely socialism.

The WEF already enforces strict regulations and limits on deprivation of sovereignty and private property, so without any resistance, it is only a matter of time before ordinary Earthlings fall into the state of “You’ll Own Nothing and You’ll Be Happy”.  Additionally, the mRNA Covid vaccines will overwrite human DNA with new genetic codes, so it seems that Earthlings are no longer the same creatures that were once called humans.

The new society under the NWO that regenerates by equipping the human body and the planet earth with advanced technology, will it be beneficial and promise the bright future for the new born human beings?

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