The Digital Blockchain CBDC Is A Centralized Control System That Tracks and Surveille Every Individual

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Hegemons are more aggressively implementing tactics towards the realization of a totalitarian world.

A digital blockchain CBDC will centralized control and dominance structures, allowing the hegemons to track and surveille every individual.  Parameters set into digital currencies by the Hegemons will nudge  each indivisuals’ behaviour through social scoring, to control society and to control each person. In other words, it determines the nature of goods and services offered to individuals.

Federal Reserve announces banks are participating in pilot climate scenarios or ESG social credit system.  The European Commission has authorized real-time biometric identification surveillance.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening in Japan, where Satanic cult reigns utterly. Initially, the government made the acquisition of My Number voluntary.  But the acquisition rate was sluggish.  However, it was expected that the acquisition rate would be low unless it was forced on the public, and it was deliberately soft-landed as part of Predictive Programming.  As part of the WEF-led Agenda 2030, the government has suddenly decided to install a biometric “My Number” digital ID on health insurance cards, driver’s licenses, etc. by 2025.  In other words, the Kishida (CCP) cult regime is trying to impose the mark of the beast on each citizen and connect it to the blockchain.  The person responsible for carrying out the satanic tactics is Minister Taro Kono, a maneuver operator dispatched by the CCP, and he also comanded the Covid vaccine genocide.

It has become more and more clear that all social trends are headed in one direction.  It is hidden behind the social situation announced by the spokespersons of the hegemon on MSM and SNS, and it is progressing as a big swell.  It is based on the eugenics to make the power of the hegemon sustainable forever, the plan to implant a digital identity into the human body is steadily progressing, and transhumanism can be paraphrased as cyborgization to enslave humanity.

The WEF declared at a UN conference, “We own the science and we think the world should know it,” and for example, the WEF’s underling Google is increasing censorship of search results and actively shaping public opinion on COVID and climate change.  This means that the WEF and its stakeholders  such as tech giants and influencers will implement “Carbon Allowances” that limit what individuals can do, buy and eat.

As a result, New Zealand is launching the world’s first climate tax to tax (i.e. fine) cow flatulence and sheep urine.

No doubt Covid vaccination is in place to ensure a smooth transition to an extreme and strict surveillance society by the supremacists. What’s more, the CDC shortens booster shots to every 3 months in order to increase the diabolical effects of post-vaccination.

Jacob Rothschild once said that everyone must be psychologically trained to follow the same commands.  Universal vaccination programs not only open the door to behavior control by modifying and amplifying genes, but more importantly for the current operation, psychological behavior control with vaccines is even more fundamental.  Vaccines are the most unified and compatible psychological weapons ever devised to control human behavior.  Because in any crisis, people act mostly on emotions rather than real facts, critical thinking and common sense.

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Digital Blockchain CBDC – Centralized control and dominance structures were everything is tracked and surveilled. The parameters they set for digital currency will nudge your behaviour through social scoring, to control society and to control you.


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