Psychological Operations To Realize The NWO

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“Appeal to Fear” is one of the psychological operations that hegemons constantly carry out against commoners.  Because “fear” is the ultimate driving force of mind control, and as long as one lives in fear, ordinary people lose their ability to process sensitive information. In other words, the hegemons constantly terrorize people in order to deprive them of critical thinking and make them blindly obey authority. In fact, psychological operations to enslave ordinary earthlings are underway even more aggressively.

The behavioral manipulation of commoners carried out by WEF Young Global Leaders and its stakeholders are intended to covertly increase compliance with tyranny and medical fascism.  So the psychological attacks using fusion technology-based weapons that blur the boundaries between physical, digital, and biological spheres promote anxiety and fear in the daily lives of ordinary Earthlings, and forcing them to voluntarily obey to the satanic hegemons.  In short, the WEF continues to forcefully attack and deprive human freedom, and it should be considered a realization of the Stanford Prison Experiment.

The WEF’s goal is to build the strict digital dictatorship system. So the WEF first deliberately carried out deception strategies and attacks to incite fear among commoners including viral epidemics, energy crises caused by global environmental disasters, food crises caused by famines and arson on food processing facilities,  and logistical disruptions, which was a huge success. 

Then, pretending to be a security measure, the WEF has implemented digital surveillance systems such as contact tracing by digital IDs and QR code, and has began to control and monitor every aspect of every individual’s life. And the brainwashed people blindly believed and welcomed it as kind security protection programs by the authority, unaware that it was a strategy to plunder personal autonomy, dignity and freedom.

As the WEF’s Agenda 2030 approaches its realization, the structure of an extreme hierarchical surveillance society where only the hegemons can live freely will gradually become apparent. The unified global domination system that WEF is trying to build will be managed and controlled by Agile governance.

Schwab says, Agile governance means the positive approach that not only coordinates effective, efficient, and reliable public and private sectors to manage problems effectively, but also seeks to predict problems before they occur. That is because, in the face of a pandemic, ongoing multilateral crises, and persistent weaknesses in many national governance systems, the demand for agile governance has never been greater.  And the application is probably the most needed stream in rapidly changing and influential areas such as technology, health, sustainability and economic development, he says.

Agile governance consists of 4 categories, and it enables the hegemon to build a single-rule sustainable New World Order system.  It can be reviewed the description of each category on the WEF site.

1. Incremental policy development

2. Policy innovation

3. Leveraging scientific methods and approaches

4. Cross-sector collaboration

But the actual meaning is completely the different.  These meaning are the system that allows the hegemon to change/amend/modify/introduce rules and regulations spontaneously at any time, and govern commoners through totalitarianism. In short, the NWO concept is a realization of an enhanced and evolved version of Marxism, modeled after the CCP.

Therefore, commoners lose their personal identity, dignity and rights as human beings, this is because sustainability under totalitarianism leads individuals to areas of commonality rather than differences.  And the brain/mind-controlled commoners will be engaged to meet the needs of the hegemon as an energy source or tool.  In other words, humans become enslaved source objects only to be exploited as soulless humanoids to meet the needs of the hegemons.  As such, implant digital ID chips in each individual, and all individual activity data, such as behavior and thoughts, are managed and controlled by AI.

On the other hand, natural destruction and environmental pollution are progressing under the pretext of avoiding global warming caused by CO2. This is because Marx adopted Hegel as it is about the relationship between nature and human beings, and because he did not have the concept of respecting nature.  Therefore, there is an ideology that nature should be overcome no matter how much it is destroyed and degraded for human comfort and convenience, so the WEF promotes climate change manipulation such as cloud seeding and chemtrails that dim the sun.

The photo about WEF’s Agile governance indicates that, with the exception of the hegemonic, commoners in the near future have no personal identity and wear the same neutral work clothes, and their faces are covered, and are not allowed to express themselves.

WEF Agile Governance

The absurdity depicted by Camus, Kafka, Kobo Abe, and others was the conflict between the individual who seeks the value and meaning inherent in the own life, and the individuals living in a system society that seeks a mass order that cannot reliably find such values.  However, in the world of humanoid zombies who have lost their emotions and thoughts, even existentialism and nihilism that save individuals will no longer exist. In such a near-future society and environment, art forms and art movements that visualize and express the emotions and meanings of humans and nature may not exist.

According to Bill Gates, there will be no return to the pre-Covid society.  Therefore, meaning of the New Normal is, as an alternative to representative democracy, the realization of a totalitarian, despotic form of government based on the principles of communitarianism, where the hegemons will continue to seek exploitation from the commoner society.

The darkness that overwhelms the Earth seems to grow heavier and thicker, in line with their intentions.

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