Psychological Attacks Aimed At Human Mental Weakness

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Hegemon’s strategy is to attempt radical changes at first, sometimes taking a few steps back or waiting for the next opportunity in response to public reaction, but ultimately keep moving forward.  For example, it is clear from the fact that the WHO is trying to force the implementation of the Global Pandemic Treaty, which was once withdrawn in response to public opinion that it is a violation of sovereignty.  So regardless of what the Hegemons call the transformation, such as the NWO or the Great Reset, it should be seen as moving forward along the trajectory toward its goals, with mobilizing all tactics and necessary personnels.

The Hegemon has a very good understanding of the weaknesses of human brain mechanisms, and skillfully hacks or exploits the psychological weaknesses of the masses to engender compliance and obedience.  The psychological manipulations that leveraged fear by the Hegemon made people doubt their sanity and capacities, inducing conformity, docility, obedience, blind trust in authority, and a lack of critical thinking.  The people came to conform, adapt to absurdity and obey authority, even if it goes against their personal and/or social moral code and principles, and ordinary earthlings are deprived of sovereignty, freedom and free-will.

“Predictive programming” is a tactic that the Hegemons carry out as part of their psychological operations, used to prepare and condition their minds to accept the cultural shock or social disorientation of forthcoming changes.  In other words, the Hegemons primarily use the media to implicitly convey that it is an unavoidable reality, eliminating people’s resistance and psychological panic to the forthcoming changes that are inconvenient for humanity.

Belief in any ideology is a spiritual camouflage pattern based upon fear. Belief is almost always fear conditioning.  The more blind the belief the more fear tends to be the driving force. But fear-based reasoning can be extremely unhealthy, and even dangerous. As Nietzsche said, “Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies.”

From the perspective of self-development, belief tends to be the fear of growth, the fear of being wrong, the fear of stretching one’s comfort zone, the fear of the unknown, and the greatest fear is the fear that one’s worldview could be wrong. This fear is so powerful that it creates a kind of blind spot in our reasoning. It’s called cognitive dissonance, and we all suffer from it.  “Appeal to fear” propaganda is an attack technique that targets this human mental weakness.

It began with the Covid farce viral turmoil, followed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Then, there is skyrocketing inflation, supply chain failures, food shortages, crop destruction and other economic instability, and all things and commoners are swirling in a huge cyclone of global shock and awe,  in order to establish the sole dictatorship of the hegemons.

In 1972, the Club of Rome declared in “The Limits to Growth” that “The Earth has cancer and the cancer is Man,” (except for the hegemons.).

Yuval Noah Harari, described as WEF Schwab’s “right hand man,” is referring to non-globalists as “common people” who are fully disposable,  and his leaked statements reveal a profound attitude of self-perceived superiority and globalist supremacy.  In short, eugenics is at the foundation of the current transformational event, and CBDC, embedding digital identities, ESG scores, building a SDGs extreme surveillance society, etc. are all in one integrated package.

Now that the Hegemons have complete control over almost everything, they are beginning to cull the hordes of human slaves.  That is why the hegemons ignore and conceal the fact that Covid vaccines are highly lethal toxic substances that have caused millions of victims around the world.

In fact, Harari says that common people at the bottom of the hierarchy are right to be fearful about the future because their lives could end at any moment.  Also says that it would not be any great loss because the non-ruling class is “redundant.”

Harari openly admits that they are unleashing transhumanism (cyborgization) as their own personal “technical Noah’s Ark.”  In other words, the hegemons believe that by tampering with the DNA and genetic blueprints of humanity, the commoners will be either eliminated or turned into the permanent slaves, which will give eternal life to the hegemons.

Furthermore, Harari said that in a future run by “smart people,” common people will naturally face increased feelings of anxiety and fear about being left behind.

The WEF is modeled after the CCP. Elon Musk has benefited greatly from the CCP, and it looks like Twitter will be modified, modeled after the CCP’s WeChat app, to increase surveillance and censorship by the hegemonic.

BTW, Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, has carried out mass layoffs of employees and others, and it has been revealed that Li Feifei has also been fired along with the management team.

Lee Feifei was the Independent Director of Twitter, a former chief scientist at Google and a professor at Stanford University. Lee Feifei is known to be a spy belonging to the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee of the CCP (UFWD).  The UFWD is an organization that trains pro-Chinese factions and conducts espionage activities.

In fact, immediately after Lee Feifei was appointed as an Independent Director, the movement to hide information that was inconvenient for the CCP intensified, and blatant information manipulation and despicable suppression of speech were carried out.   Also Twitter news feed was filled with stories from media outlets closely tied to the CCP, such as Buzzfeed News and HuffPost.

Twitter’s news feed has now stopped updating due to the firing of management and employees involved in the speech suppression.  But it may be too early to simply celebrate the layoffs Twitter has made. That is because, this does not mean that free speech has returned to the commoners, it may simply be a hegemonic power structure shift from the blue team to the red team. Because setting up confrontational structures is a tactic used by hegemons to deceive commoners. So, whichever team gets the upper hand, the NWO agenda, such as the implant of digital ID and the cyborgization of humanity, is their consensus and will be carried out.

Gaia’s law is the law of the rise and fall of civilizations.  The center of human civilization has alternated between east and west.  Eastern civilization he moved east by 22.5 degrees every 1611 years and western civilization he moved west by 22.5 degrees every 1611 years.  The movement speed is the same.  The first 800 years of prosperity be day and the latter 800 years of decline night.  Now the center of civilization has moved to 135 degrees east longitude, and Awaji Island in Japan is located on that line.  In Russia, around Khabarovsk. In China, around Manchuria.

Leaving aside the Gaia’s law, the center of civilization is said to be shifting to the CCP-dominated BRICS. In fact, it is clear that the WEF is modeled after the CCP and proceed NWO that aims to build a totalitarian ruling society based on eugenics-based hierarchical divisions that practice extreme surveillance, censorship and dominance.

Now on, not only the hegemons, authorities and medical institutions, but also the CCP’s 50 Cent Party and other manipulative agencies will more aggressively launch psychological attacks that target human mental vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the content of MSM and SNS, ascertain social trends, and protect yourself from falling into negative self-fulfilling prophecies, etc.

The darkness is too deep to see the exit, but hope that the ruling system of satanic hegemons versus ordinary earthlings will be reversed.

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