Once, Every Member Of The Earth Rather Wanted To Retain Their Freedom

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The transition to the WEF-led extreme surveillance society modeled on CCP is accelerating and continues to put serious pressure on the lives of ordinary people. I wonder how people will enjoy life in the near future.

WEF uses CCP as the model to implement social transformations such as structural reforms, introduction of social systems, and smart cities. Marx has adopted Hegel as it is in the field of the relationship between nature and humans, so there is no reflection on the destruction of nature. Therefore, it is clear that due to the reduction of carbon dioxide due to the net zero policy, the plant ecosystem may collapse and nature will be devastated and deserted in the near future.

In Shanghai, as a result of spraying a large amount of disinfectant to prevent Covid infection, many residents complain of poor physical condition such as vomiting, dizziness and numbness, and a large number of termite are occurring.  It is caused by the shallowness that lacks thinking ability, similar to Mao Zedong (= Rothschild).  The dictator Chairman Mao slaughtered 1.1 billion sparrows annually for disturbing his sleep. As a result, ecosystems have been destroyed, famine has occurred, and more than 40 million people have died from hunger.

In Spain, satanists are spraying a deadly Chemtrails as part of a secret UN program to fight Covid-19.  Chemtrails are also used to dimming the sun, cool the earth and fight climate change. However, drastic artificial modifications of the global climate can have unintended consequences, adversely affect densely populated areas and cause other crises such as the emergence of refugees. Even if we take this issue alone, we can see that the CCP policy is already widespread all over the world. That is because the heads of the four UN agencies are members of the CCP, UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization, ITU – International Telecommunication Union, ICAO Secretary-General – International Civil Aviation Organization, FAO Secretary-General – United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Also, the heads of other international organizations are not Chinese, but almost all are puppets acquired by CCP.  Even if we take this issue alone, we can see that the CCP policy is already widespread all over the world.

The WHO Global Pandemic Treaty has only postponed its decision and has not given up on its enforcement. Because the pandemic treaty is tied to Global Digital Passports and Implant Digital ID systems.
The global standard for governance and surveillance of human genome editing, which is the consensus of WEF and WHO, is based on ethics, ideology, and convenience for them, and the purpose is to transhumanize humankind and manipulate and control actions and thoughts.  Hamsters genetically edited using CRISPR-Cas9 for the purpose of manipulating behavior were found to have unexpectedly transformed to vicious hamster monsters that turned on littermates of the same sex.  However, now on, regardless of the results of this experiment, WHO will be able to use this technology to edit existing human genes at any time by issuing an emergency declaration under the Pandemic Treaty.  WHO plans to finalize the Pandemic Treaty by May 2024.

Great Reset Satanists are seeking to seize control of nations and centralize power and wealth, without even taking short breaks.  The Satans continue to pose the highest level of threat to the lives of the general public by halting the distribution and production of daily necessities and food, disrupting the market economy and leading to inflation.

North Korea (= Moonies = CIA = DS) may have some implications for future CCP actions because North Korea assumed control as the chair of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament, the U.N. forum for negotiating multilateral disarmament efforts across the globe.

Meanwhile, New York law allowed human composting, the so-called “green” burial. The composting of bodies has already been legalized in demonic Marxist states such as Washington, Colorado and Oregon.
According to the Satans, since cremation emits carbon dioxide, it has a large environmental load, and cremation requires a large amount of fuel. Therefore, the Satans’ policy is to promote compost burial and increase people’s demand for green burial.
Compost burial processes the human body into compost by a method called the Natural Organic Reduction. The body is placed in a capsule that controls carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, water content, etc., and microorganisms such as bacteria grow to rot the body and decompose it at the molecular level over about 30 days. Eventually, the body will be ready for use as compost and returned to the bereaved family.

Until not long ago and/or once upon a time, every member of the earth were respected, admired, and honored their individual lives as the evidence and memorial to the survival of fellow Earthling in all aspects of culture and civilization at all times. However, in the society dominated by the satanists, even the human body is recognized as an object of recycling or disposal, and it seems that not only sovereignty but also dignity and memory as a member of the earth are deprived.

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Issued a state of emergency due to a power outage and demanded that the US military officially take over….  Aside from whether it should be regarded as the withdrawal of the Biden Cabal, the world is heading for a green energy-based Great Reset in line with WEF’s intentions. On the other hand, expanding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as a tacticand is deliberately exacerbating the food, energy and inflation crisis.

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Shanghai – In residential areas in the eastern part of Shanghai, a large amount of white granular disinfectants have been sprinkled on sewer pipes and roads to prevent infection, and many residents have complained of poor physical condition such as vomiting, dizziness, and numbness.

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