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For most all conflict structures, including the conflict between the west and the east, it is important not to be fooled by the MSM reports and fall into an emotional yo-yo.  It is necessary to understand the historical facts correctly and make a calm judgment, because it become clear over time that all historical events were well planned and carried out to achieve the particular purposes.  It seems that it has become clear over time that they are also related to the psychological operations (psy-ops) that are currently being implemented…, or should be seen as such.

For example, the purpose of World War I was to deprive the powers and rights of imperial lords (Empires and Lord of the Manor) who ruled most parts of the world.  It is because they are basically territorial, competitive and nationalistic, so they do not accept submission to external control by hegemons seeking world domination.  WWI led to the collapse of the German, Austrian, Turkish and Russian Empires, and the dominant structure was shifted to a three-layer structure of upstream, middle and downstream.

By 1955, after WWII, most of the imperialist system was dissolved, and erased the middle class and shifted to the two-layer structure.  Behind the scenes, there were the financial Khazarian mafia (= illuminati 13 pedigrees incl. Rothschild and Rockefeller) who funded the two world wars, destroyed the old social structure, and succeeded in transforming it into a new global governing structure. The Rothschilds are known to fund both the hostile Nazis and the Soviet Union, although it looks like a conflict between nations, both were dominated and operated by the Khazarian Ashkenazi.  The United Nations (UN) was formed as a result of WWII, and the Rockefellers were instrumental in establishing (incl. providing land for the building) and funding.

Initially, Rockefeller seemed to expect the UN to act and lead as the international organization for implementing global governance, but it was not designed to go beyond the existing consensus of common aspirations, so their expectations were not fulfilled. So the Rockefellers and their minions have disclosed a blueprint for the multilateral/multipolar New World Order using the power that the US acquired after WWII. It is the book is, Prospect for America: The Rockefeller Panel Reports (1956), which summarizes the results of a special research project directed by Henry Kissinger.

The project undertook research to perform two main tasks.

1. To develop the action plans to achieve the unified world government desired by the existing elites.
2. The action plans should be implemented in the ways that make the general public think that it is in the best interests.

Then, the strategy was to promote the Cold War between the United States (DS = Rockefeller) and the Soviet Union (= Rothschild) to overcome the lack of shared aspirations of the elites who reign at the top of the hierarchy.  And it was to motivate to hand over the national sovereignty to the globalist institutions (= DS).
Then, by threatening some countries with the Soviet invasion and others with the American aggression, they compelled the nations to band and forced them to join either side for protection.  

The members of each side were then pressured to increase economic and defensive cooperation to fend off the menace of the other side. Those who were programmed to believe that they live in the communist world cooperated to block aggression from the imperialist world, and those who were programmed to believe that they live in the free world cooperated to block aggression from the Soviet sphere.  Because fending off the Red Menace is the important matter of life and death. In short, the Cold War was to divide the nations of the world into two groups and ultimately unite them under the New World Order after the Cold War.

In fact, former president Papa Bush (DS = Rockefeller) introduced New World Order (NWO) as a neologism, and shortly thereafter, the Soviet Union collapsed in December 1991.
Gorbachev (= Rothschild) outlines the New World Order in his speech in the United States; Everyone must change in order to drive major changes in the world alliance system and to achieve new types of progress around the world.  Furthermore, rather than strengthening armaments and defenses, he urged that future alliances should be designed to protect the environment and promote international unity to combat hunger, diseases, drug addiction and ignorance.

Gorbachev’s summary is the urgency of unifying the world with the events happening today in mind, such as the viral turmoil and the red team (Rothschild) vs. blue team (Rockefeller) confrontational structure.  That is to say, the power conflict between the two satanic clans is a farce, and at least in 1955, upon mutual agreement, the preparations for the NWO may have begun.  So the division of the world into two teams to create a conflict is intentional and should be considered part of the NWO strategy.

In addition, at the NWO, the world will be divided and organized into small units (regional institutions) under the authority of the Global Unified Government, and while each unit is made to act with a common allotted effort, it is placed under strict surveillance so that all issues can be addressed and resolved. At this point, the ideal hierarchical structure (an eye on the pyramid) will be established. Moreover, deliberately causing increasingly difficult problems has forced small units to be enslaved under the NWO, which is the key to the security of the global unified government.  In fact, the current devastated situation is certainly like that.

It will be the UN that bears the global unified government as a symbol of world order…, and the process of empowering the United Nations may begin with the enforcement of the Global Pandemic Treaty, which WHO plans to implement in 2024.

Evidence of the fact is, as always, clear from the movements of the Japanese government over the past a few weeks. BTW, this is because after WWII, Nobusuke Kishi, Yoshio Kodama, and Ryoichi Sasakawa gave the sovereignty of the Japan to the satanic cult (moonies = DS), and it have been completely occupied since then.
1. Launched an implementation plan for the introduction of preventive passports in line with WHO’s pandemic treaty.
2. Launched a project to embed DoCoMo’s human expansion device in the human body in line with WEF agenda.
3. Pretending to double asset income, the people’s deposits and savings are directed to risky financial assets, and at the same time, financial income taxation is introduced in line with the NWO strategy, to steal properties at exceptional low prices or for free. (similar strategy as the total amount regulation that PM Nakasone enforced as a DS agent in 1985.)

Anyway, the hierarchy structure is exactly the same as in China today, that is, there is a CCP above people and countries.  Therefore, it can be inferred that the WEF-led NWO model is China today.  In other words, it is a Marxist/Caste-institutional hierarchy with the UN at the top (like the BRICS countries). It is leading the social and lifestyle trends of its realization in that direction.  e.g.; it eliminates the concept of countries and borders, and the UN makes economic development, global free markets, and free trade arrangements.  It means realizing and managing the issuance of a unified currency, fiscal discipline, and the free movement of capital and labor.  In fact, they are already running in the EU, BRICS, TTP, etc.

On the other hand, looking at Kissinger’s past maneuvering strategies, it can be considered that behind the artificial superficial conflicts between the West and the East. It can be inferred that Rockefeller reached an agreement many years ago to bring the CCP and the Russian underground government to the NWO.  That’s because, as is commonly said, the illuminati always make sure they have influence and control on both sides, in order to fulfill the satanic demands while both sides are fighting.
In fact, the Khazarian Mafia’s maneuver strategies are always operated under the concept of Destruction and reconstruction. And the KM has sacrificed many ordinary Earthlings as the ritual dedicated to their worshiping Satan in order to fulfill their demands, such as disrupted the independence and its lifestyle of the nation-state and makes it intolerable, created hot and cold wars, and carried out false flag attacks by mercenaries for rebellions and trade conflicts.

Anyway, Kissinger’s involvements include:
In 1969, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) introduced a special drawing right to plan a new world reserve currency to replace the oil US dollar.
In 1970, Deng Xiaoping began a merger of business and communism.
In 1971, Kissinger held a secret meeting with Zhou Enlai in China, laying the foundation for entering the global arena.
In 1971, President Nixon ends the American gold standard.
In 1972, Nixon visits Mao Zedong in China.
In 1973, David Rockefeller visited Zhou Enlai in China and started studying the details of NWO implementation.
By 1978, Deng Xiaoping had entered China into the world market, by reforming the market economy and shifting to Chinese-style socialism.

Kissinger has set the course for the modernization of CCP.  On the other hand, he has deepened his friendship with Putin.
In the 1970s, the CCP invited Li Ka-shing, one of the 13 illuminati pedigrees, Hong Kong Mafia’s most powerful tycoon, as the leader in economic and social reform.  This marks the birth of the Criminal Triad, which consists of the CCP, the HK Mafia and the satanists, and the three factions are empowered by the satanic pedigrees collaboration.
And like the satanists, CCP members are undoubtedly satan worshipers because they do sacrificial rituals and carnivorous. BTW, one of the favorit meals of CCP members, such as Zhou Enlai and Jiang Zemin, is the brain soup (called Zhou Gong soup), which cooked brains that taken from a living human (healthy young people without illness).

It is well known that Hitler was an occultist. In fact, the satanist Rothschild is a descendant of a priest who held a sacrificial ritual in Druidism (later Zoroastrianism). The tomb of Qin Shi Huang (= Rothschild) is Kurgan. Kurgan means burial mounds and other tombs in the Kurgan culture that dates from 5,000 BC to 3,000 BC in the Kurgan region of southern Russia, and it is related to the sacrificial ritual of the satanic worship.

Let’s get back the story to the beginning.
The satanists can be seen as working together to implement more aggressive tactics to achieve to shift the world to totalitarian globalism (Great Reset = NWO), such as rapid inflation, food crises and defaults. Everywhere on the earth as well as Sri Lanka, people are becoming more and more distressed and suffering.

Historically, conflict structures have always been artificially created by satanists.  Therefore, the emotional yo-yos of optimistic people who rely solely on the scope of MSM are a community illusion created by normalcy bias.
In any case, as social turmoil increases anxiety, the masses become more obedient and submit to imaginary leaders who are actually behind-the-scenes companions, whether red or blue, west or east.  And satanists continue to carry out deceptive strategies to surrender ordinary earthlings to achieve their goals.

In the current situation where everything is destroyed and ruined, like the domino effect, there is no time to be distracted by the farce. It is necessary to be prepared for the moment every day, always cautiously anticipating what will happen next.

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