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I never imagined that the chemtrails I heard in the rumor was being sprayed over me. By the time I arrived at the parking lot to take a photo, it was quite diffuse…, but the pale white things in the photo are not clouds, but chemtrails scattered in the air. Who was spraying the chemtrails?


From that evening, I had severe allergic symptoms. Allergic symptoms such as pollen can be cured in a few minutes by taking regular allergic drugs, but this time, no matter how many tablets I took, it did not cure. What kind of unhealthy thing did they spray on the human body?


Meanwhile, many intentional anti-humanity maneuvers are underway to achieve the WEF Agenda.

The Global Governance ESG Agenda is a serious threat to liberty and freedom, not just to humanity and sovereignty. This is because in a surveillance society controlled by ESG, the high and low scores determine the right to access to goods and services. Therefore, privileged classes such as WEF and its stakeholders will be able to penalize low-scoring countries, affiliated companies and the masses.  However, in line with the deprivation of freedom strategy, many countries, stock markets and companies tend to introduce ESG scoring schemes.As always, if we look at Japan, which is a countries occupied by the Cabal, we can grasp the penetration status of WEF’s strategy. Major Japanese corporations have introduced a system that reflects its ESG efforts in wages and bonuses for regular employees as well as executives. New Zealand has introduced climate taxes on cattle and sheep to fulfill the WEF-ESG agenda.

In WEF/CCP-owned Canada, The House has passed a C-11 bill to regulate speech control and information retrieval to accelerate the penetration of the WEF agenda.  The bill allows the government as the content creators to control where and where Canadians view Internet content. The dictatorship states such as CCP-China are blocking people from accessing information and services on the Internet in a manner similar to what Canada has proposed, pretending to be “online safety” that hampers people’s rights.

On the other hand, genocide by vaccines is being implemented by increasing the number of drugs contaminated with foreign substances, not limited to Covid vaccines, such as an intranasal influenza vaccine containing graphene oxide sheet-like nanoparticles. In addition, the strategies to spread new DNA or RNA viruses such as Monkey pox are underway to enforce the WHO Pandemic Treaty by 2024, which aims to enforce toxic vaccinations and deprive ordinary Earthlings of their freedom. 

Intentional production and distribution disruption operations for goods and services are also underway to bring in inflation and diminish the activities and thinking abilities of the masses.  As we can see from the examples of Sri Lanka, Ecuador, and Lebanon, economic collapse begins in vulnerable countries with weak domestic currencies and no major industries.

But, it is important to remember that the great depression always occurs after inflation…, and it is the time when the dependence and credibility that people have trusted in society collapses and everything to be  lost as WEF intended….

Predictive programming has already begun in preparation for the day. As any self-educated person may notice, the public education system has been deliberately destroyed into a brainwashing process. In short, the purpose of public education is not to deepen awareness and knowledge or to develop the ability to seek the truth, but simply to keep as many individuals at the same safe level, to foster standard citizenry, and to put down dissent and originality.

In the communist sphere, it is generally said to be indifferent to the destruction of nature. This is because Marx adopted Hegel as it is in the field of the relationship between nature and humanity, and Hegel has no consideration or reflection on the relationship between nature and humanity, such as coexistence or protection.  WEF uses CCP as the model to implement social transformations such as structural reforms, introduction of social systems, and smart cities.

BTW, Hong Kong’s famous floating jumbo restaurant suddenly sank into the sea during transportation. In the communist sphere, it seems that they are trying to solve everything by making it invisible to the human eye. When a bullet train fell to the ground in China, the CCP expelled foreign media and buried the crashed train in the ground. Also, in China, the water quality has deteriorated abnormally, and the river water turned green and pink tap water comes out. So, it seems that the onset of pollution diseases such as itai-itai disease caused by cadmium is becoming more serious.

Meanwhile, CCP is cutting down forests and destroying nature in order to install solar panels. Isn’t there any possibilities that the reduction of carbon dioxide by WEF-CCP’s Net Zero policy will destroy the plant ecosystem and further destroy nature?

Anyway, when WEF Agenda 2030 is realized, the role of achievers who have spent years acquiring outstanding skills and knowledge will be replaced by AI and its algorithms. WEF is leading the world in that direction in the form of the social trends, and speculates that the day when all ordinary Earthling survivors will be controlled and dominated by AI and its algorithms will not be far in the future.

I like to feel the uncertain ambience, wonders, dithers and emotions of human beings reflected in the work as emotional uplifting.  But I wonder what kind of vitality, fascination, and excitement is included in the work of AI and its algorithms that have all the answers in advance…….

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