Living In Perpetual Poverty With Penalties For Survival

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It seems that we have really entered the reckless era that may lead to the end, as the prophecy stated.  All governments, authorities and alliances have become enemies not only of humanity, but of all sides of the planet, carrying out constant multi-layered attacks. Moreover, with the increase in man-made or natural disasters and the surge in casualties from toxic vaccines, apocalyptic narratives increasingly feel like events that might be real.

The world fall into a more serious nightmare as society is eradicated from truth and logic and loses hope for salvation, redemption, and peace, and negative self-fulfilling prophecies amplified by hopeless thoughts and consciousness, lead society o greater mass hysteria and devastation.

Historically, all Marxism movements have promised to redistribute wealth and power to the people. What actually happened, however, was the formation of a hierarchical society by the elites who ruled over the proletariat from above.  This power structure legitimized the new elites as if they represented the victory for equality.  On the other hand, the proletariat, while tributing status and luxury of the elites as social leaders, was forced to live in perpetual poverty with penalties for existence. 

All cults have the same mechanics and structures. And the world is currently being led by Satanists into the horrifying totalitarian society based on the cult under the guise of a trend to build a sustainable lifestyle. MSMs under the CFR have made it clear that it is their job to control people’s thoughts. They censor and cover up the truth and leak fraudulent information with the aim of advancing the WEF’s agenda and helping to achieve it as quickly as possible.

Satanists have learned through the viral turmoil that current laws and constitutions make it inconvenient to push the satanic WEF agenda. For future vaccinations to become mandatory worldwide at the same time, laws need to be amended, repealed or ignored and made enforceable.  Satanists have chosen to ignore it and that is the Global Pandemic Treaty due to come into force in 2024. In preparation for that, the terrorist and genocidal Tedros is being re-elected as director-general of WHO, as well as CCP has elected to the executive board of WHO.

Ahead of the arrival of such a Satanist-run totalitarian society, the cult-controlled Japanese parliament passed a bill to amend the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law unanimously without debate. This allowed the approval of toxic vaccines without clinical trials, based on the assumptions and delusions of Ministry of Health officials who had been ordered to slaughter by Satanists.

Moreover, PM Kishida unveiled a new capitalist implementation plan focused on four areas. However, it is clear that those ideas were not drawn up by the Cabinet and are easily recognizable as being based on the WEF Agenda 2030.

1. People:  Shifting personal financial assets from savings to investment.
2. Science and Technology Innovation: Formulate a national strategy with quantum technology and AI. Appoint Science and Technology Advisors to provide information and advice to the prime minister.
3. Startups: Introducing a system that allows start-up companies to raise funds with the value of the entire business as collateral.
4. Green Digital: In collaboration with the public and private sectors, they will invest 150 trillion yen over the next 10 years to build a carbon-free society.

WEF is infiltrating their respective governments and immediately translating their intentions into policy.  In the 2010 WEF report titled “Global Redesign”, Schwab postulates that a globalized world is best managed by a “self-selected coalition of multinational corporations, governments (including through the UN system), and select civil society organizations (CSOs)”. This is the exact opposite of democracy. In fact, WEF is accelerating the transition to a strict control and surveillance society by strengthening tracking functions and censorship, such as prohibiting freedom of speech and thoughts, developing tracking clothes with RFID chip, and implanting microchips in the human body to turn humans into transhumans.

So the Japanese government, which is dominated by satanic cult, is urging people to invest their savings first. Investing is gambling, a system in which organizers always win by luring gamblers into spitting out their bets. So the parliamentarians belonging to the cult are trying to realize rapidly the WEF’s agenda of “You’ll Own Nothing. And You’ll Be Happy” by creating a situation in which people lose their assets and savings. In addition, the Japanese government plans to introduce all technologies that are basically unnecessary for global environmental conservation, such as ESG scores, green energy production and utilization systems, CBDC, embedded digital IDs, microchips, etc. The intention is clearly to lead to the strict surveillance society in line with the WEF agenda. BTW, it is highly questionable why the Japanese government introduced public dental screenings at this point, when there are so many other things to do to support people who have been lost strength to survive by the viral turmoil. Is it to create opportunities for citizens to have microchips implanted in their teeth?

On the other hand, vicious and violent crimes seem to be on the rise around the world, either because they reflect disturbing facts about current and future circumstances, or because the brains and behavior of many people are already controlled by Satanists.

In the second letter to Timothy, St. Paul warned:

But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God – having a form of godliness but denying its power.  Have nothing to do with such people!

The civilizations and cultures our ancestors have thoughtfully built are rapidly collapsing due to a handful of irrational Satanists. And the scene is too similar to the content of St. Paul’s letter. The countdown to the end is accelerating and everything seems to be suddenly covered by a thick fog.  So it may be a bit too hasty to look at MSM reports alone, without understanding the hidden truth, and assume that freedom is restored, or to be optimistic that the world is still at peace.

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