If Nothing Is Done, It Will Soon Be Covered In The Darkness

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Many are beginning to die as satanists are implementing genocide attacks for depopulation under the guise of vaccination.  Recently discovered facts include that the period from vaccination to death is set to 5 months, and crystalline structures, nanowires, chalky particles and fibrous structures were found in the blood clots of people who died suddenly.

Historically, satanists have implemented their strategies in several stages, from power acquisition to realization, in order to build and realize a totalitarian society. And now the world is in the midst of the final stage of WEF-led transformation. But it should be noted that WEF’s ongoing Agenda 2030 implementation maneuver strategies are always multi-layered, as the operating speeds vary by subject.

The first stage is to amplify mass dissatisfaction and wrath. Satanists manipulate deep and heavy anger full of dissatisfaction and complaints, creating it at the bottom of masses society. It then uses real or imaginary social issues to induce dissatisfaction and complaints into violence, arousing even greater social unrest and fear. Therefore, many psychological operations (psyops) are used, such as “appeal-to-fear” propaganda.

False flag operations attacking minorities have caused catastrophic riots against the backdrop of historically unabated debates about eugenics and discrimination. As a result, the satanists have succeeded in dividing the masses and rebelling against each other.

In addition, soaring energy prices (gasoline, electricity, etc.), logistical outages, food crises, inflation, tax increases, and stock market manipulation by BlackRock and Vanguard create social and economic instability, and it exacerbates masses anxiety and despair.  Moreover, the satanists continue to implement maneuver operations day and night, such as weather attacks by DEW, fake ideological conflicts due to the forged conflict structure, and psychological operations.

Taking advantage of this public dissatisfaction, the WEF is sending Young Global Leaders to governments and corporations around the world to achieve the NWO. And as problem solvers, they are trying to transform the world into a totalitarian society.

The second stage is the false savior and the first revolution.  The satanic totalitarian emerges as the savior who are able to solves issues and discontent, and begins the dramatic reformation, revolution, and transformation.  So the covid pandemic was used by governments around the world to justify vast restrictions on personal freedom, such as travel ban, mask mandates, lockdown, curfew, limitations on freedom of assembly, the closing of religious centers. MSM and SNS also censor against information or viewpoints that oppose the official covid narrative, objection to the authorities, etc.

The third stage is censorship, persecution, propaganda, and eradication of oppositions.  Because the satanic totalitarians must prepare for attacks from anti-revolutionaries and extremists in order to retain what they have gained, they eradicate their enemies through censorship and persecution. So in order to make the masses trust the official narrative and the disguised reality, the satanic totalitarians are using MSM and SNS to carry out brainwashing propaganda and psychological operations.  Even medical terms and definitions have been changed and/or modified to fit the official narrative. Moreover, the totalitarians also assassinated many scientists who opposed the official narrative. In addition, big techs, which are the totalitarians’ stakeholders, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, have banned the accounts of online journalists who tell the truth, and also modified the algorithm to automatically remove the opposite facts from the search results.

The fourth stage is crises.  It consists of stacking moments of crisis due to real threats and/or false flag attacks, implemented as if they were truly threatening the lives of individuals and the foundations of society.  These are gimmicks implemented to implicitly make the masses understand that they are completely dominated by powerful forces (= the satanic totalitarian).

The fifth stage is purges, genocide, and total control, and the satanic totalitarian dominate the lives of the citizens and begin to cruelly enforce the ideology of utopian thought and eugenics on the masses.  There are no longer brave heroes in the position of victims, and the masses are defenseless and depressed as resistance has been shattered.  And the satanic totalitarian carry out slaughter of enemy remnants and selected unnecessary surplus people, in order to control all the details of the lives of the citizens.  In addition to carrying out mass killings, established totalitarian regimes seek to control everyday life through measures like censorship, propaganda, gun control, and internal passports.


Recall the history…,

Between 1715 and 1800, France suffered from food shortages due to population growth, and the people were indignant at the king’s domineering…, moreover, the French government had huge debts to Khazarian Mafia (Rothschild) due to many wars in the 18th century, and the masses were exhausted by repeated tax increases. On the other hand, enlightenment thinkers have aroused revolutionary feelings. The suffering and fear of the masses were combined with the machinations of the secret societies, and that led to the revolution and the totalitarian Jacobin government.

By 1793, the French Revolution was in jeopardy by defenders of the old order. Therefore, the totalitarian have decided to take strict measures against all the enemies of the revolution in order to control the masses by the Public Security. From 1793 to 1794, late in the French Revolution, public security arrested 300K opponents, executed 17K, and others died in prison without trials.

The Bolshevik communist revolution in Russia in 1917 was implemented by taking advantage of the suffering of the Russian people, such as the economic turmoil and the shortage of food and fuel due to the halt of logistics, and eventually led to riots. and It led to the accomplishment of the revolution.

On August 3, 1918, Lenin was shot after giving a speech at the factory, put in place an emergency to prepare for terrorism, and launched a genocide and detention campaign by the government  known as the Red Terror. Stalin is estimated to have killed 60 million people due to the elimination of political enemies.

Under the Versailles Treaty, Germany took full responsibility for the war, paid huge compensation to the Allied Powers, and abandoned a large amount of territory. It made Germany extremely poor, and the masses was furious at its unreasonableness. It gradually leads to the rise of Nazism.

Hitler used an emergency to justify the crackdown. With The Reichstag fire on February 27, 1933, Hitler ordered a raid on the headquarters of the Communists and gained full control. The following day, February 28, the Nazi administration abolished freedom of speech, assembly, privacy and press, leading Germany to the totalitarianism. The number of people killed by the Nazis is uncertain, but is generally estimated at 17 million.

The first move by Hitler and Lenin includes censoring opposition, carry out propaganda to gain supporters, control of education to brainwash masses, formed secret police forces to monitor and even elliminate anyone designated as an enemy, established exclusive control by the one-party political system.  BTW, it is Rothschild who funded both Hitler and Lenin.  The Battle of Waterloo, the Civil War, the Meiji Restoration, etc. were all planned to benefit the top of the hierarchy. That’s because behind such social changes and conflicts, the Kazalia Mafia and secret societies are always active behind such social changes and conflicts.

In particular, at the end of the Battle of Waterloo, Nathan Rothschild, who knew Napoleon’s defeat in advance, began selling British bonds, and other investors who speculated that it was a British defeat also immediately sold British bonds. And when the bonds were all sold, Nathan Rothschild bought back the British bonds that had plummeted and became worthless. The result was that Britain won, the price of British bonds soared and determined Rothschild’s hegemony in Europe.

And the current events and facts seem to occur in the same sequence and timeline as the past events and facts. In other words, everything is not a coincidence.

Another example, the ABCD Encirclement is an economical siege network for Japan implemented by the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and China in the late 1930s. That was an attack against Japan, which had been expanding overseas, and the export of strategic materials such as oil and scrap iron was restricted or banned.

There were actually two Hull Notes, the last diplomatic note from the US that dragged Japan into the Great East Asia War. The Genuine written by US Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Award winner Cordell Hull, and the fake Hull Note actually given to Japan.

The Genuine Hull Note was written by Hull and was very peaceful for Japan. However, the real Hull Note was written arbitrarily and harmoniously by F.Roosevelt, who was plotting to enter World War II. Therefore, it could not get the approval of allies such as Churchill, Chiang Kai-shek, and Indonesia’s temporary government of the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, the fake Hull Note, rewritten tough content, was written by Finance Secretary Harry Dexter White. Moreover, the fake Hull Note, forged by the White House, was never shown to any ally, and without even being informed by the US Parliament, the White House presented the sneaky demands only to Japan. By the way, it was later revealed that Harry D. White was a member of Comintern (a Soviet spy).

In any case, the Hull Note, which eventually led Japan to the start of the WWII, was created in collaboration with F. Roosevelt and Comintern, so the conflict at the upper level of hierarchy through the ideology is actually a forgery and disguise, and the world is constantly moving towards their goals and objectives.  And the current financial pressure on Japan by the DS and the attack on land and sovereignty by the CCP are pushing Japan into a corner as if the ABCD Encirclement.

Anyway, it is necessary to avoid falling into an emotional yo-yo at the mercy of superficial MSM news reports of which team won or lost, such as red-team vs. blue-team. This is because any superficial confrontational structure is deliberately created by the top of the hierarchy, and the destination is determined in advance as a consensus of them.

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Transition to the strict surveillance society.

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3. Ask users to “earn points” for “earth-friendly habits”.

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When one pieces together the topics championed by WEF, an overarching theme emerges – the total control of humanity using media, science, and technology while reshaping democracies to form a global government.

Blackrock and Vanguard – Creating The Inflation We Are Facing

Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street are funds that own all key companies in all areas of life – finance, health, media, military industry and wars. They are the ones who decide our real lives and the world order.

The fact that we are facing huge inflation is not a regular economic phenomenon but the result of insatiable desire and greed of the Blackrock and Vanguard that dictate prices, managing so-called economic trends.

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The ABCD Encirclement

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