Spiritual And Conscious Ascension To Strengthen Deterrence

There were articles about young children being hospitalized after attempting suicide due to propaganda-fueled Covid fears and lockdowns.

Psychological operations by rulers targets the most vulnerable people first, and brutal psychological attacks are constantly being carried out to destroy the mind and consciousness in order to force blind obedience and dependence on the authorities.

Traditional “wars” were battles between the bodies, whether they were geopolitical or ideological.  But the war that took advantage of the virus turmoil, whether mental or physical, had the battlefield within the bodies of individual people, and enabled endless and continuous attacks.

When irrationality breaks into the reality of consensus, one is forced to accept the anomaly as a “new normal” (normality bias) or to experience significant changes at the individual level, which causes divisions in the human psyche.

This type of polarization event has consequences that affect both the conscious and unconscious minds.  So each individual is gradually torn, consciously, unconsciously, and even physically, between what they were told to believe and what they were actually forced to do, such as vaccination.  One of the factors is that the truth is concealed by the manipulation of the ruler, disinformation and misinformation is spread, and the enemy is invisible.  So people’s minds gradually become blocked between the terrifying objects made more frightening by their imagination and the reality that people close to them are being killed or injured by vaccinations that are supposed to prevent infection.

On the other hand, due to decades of brainwashing education by the rulers and subliminal effects and predictive programming carried out through the media, the minds of the commoners are incapacitated against the reality.  Then, the crowd psychology that lost the right distination, tends to lead to mass hysteria.

Mass hysteria is the so-called psychological panic of individuals based on stress such as anxiety and fear, and the madness of individuals synchronized with the masses.  The concept of mass psychology resulting in mass hysteria originated in the early 1900s when the aristocracy and manorial system collapsed.  It is said that the crowd psychology is characterized by psychological characteristics such as criminality, violence, disrespect, and impulsiveness.

The purpose of the ruler is to enslave each commoner by creating a community or society without certainty or reality.  In short, to create an exploitable environment by trapping commoners in a communal illusion.

There is no longer a constitutional process (separation of powers, checks and balances) to make and enforce laws, as seen in the EUA approval of bioweaponized vaccines that have not undergone clinical trials.  Many articles describe it as medical tyranny. In other words, in order to make it easier for rulers to carry out genocide and exploitation, they removed the constitutional and legal framework and turned society itself into an anarchic lawless zone.  What’s more, the ruler intentionally eliminates even the sacred morals of living as human beings that are not written down in the law for the sake of personal gain, and is trying to amoralize the whole society.

Rulers have historically ruled commoners under the ideology based on eugenics, using two forms of hard-kill and soft-kill to achieve their ambition and sole domination.

Hard kill versions include WMDs, DEWs, biological weapons, bacteriological weapons, etc. for depopulation. AIDS, Ebola, SARS, MERS, and SARS-CoV-2 are one of them.

As Kissinger mentioned, the soft (slow) kill version is implemented for local peculiarities.

For example, cancer rates have increased from 1 in 66 to 1 in 3 over the past 50 years due to the combined effects of programs such as:

* Vaccines containing mercury and the simian 40 cancer virus (cervical cancer vaccine, polio vaccine, etc.).

* Fluoride additives to tap water (also used by Hitler and Stalin in concentration camps).

* Excitotoxic aspartame contamination of the food supply; heterogeneous estrogen/bisphenols in plastics.

* The introduction of GMO crops and their devastating side effects are well understood.

* Use cell phones to cause radiation-induced brain tumors or mind control with EMF.

* Microwaving destroys the nutritional content of food.


Commoners are always assumed to be committing some kind of crime, and the concept of justice no longer exists in this world.  The sovereignty, human rights, and free will of the commoners were obliterated by the maneuver operatives dispatched to the government, judiciary, and medical institutions under the ruler’s control.  

All social transformations are for the self-interest of rulers and their stakeholders.  For example, Pfizer is developing a way to “mutate” the COVID-19 virus via “directed evolution” in an effort to “preemptively develop new vaccines.”  And the Pfizer executive said, “a revolving door for all government officials” that’s “pretty good for the industry” but “bad for everyone else in America.”  Asked for expert comment on the footage, Dr. Robert Malone said Pfizer executive “seemed to have no moral compass.”  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has said that Pfizer is a craven venal homicidal morally bankrupt criminal enterprise that has captured and corrupted its regulators.

In addition, the rulers seeks to apply the Social Credit System (ESG) to surviving individuals and businesses, implant microchips in all common people, and manage their minds and bodies with blockchain, and also they are trying to virtualize everything that exists, not just food.  In other words, rulers are trying to make everything fake, and trying to govern society and each indivisual through discipline and punishment, with strict surveillance systems under deceit and authority.

Perhaps reflecting this social situation, many evils and parasites are spreading everywhere, and it seems that the common people are gradually losing their place of refuge and safety.

For example, Japan is currently the country with the most infections and excess deaths, but most of the casualties are those who received booster vaccinations.  Deceived by the cult-owned government’s drastic brainwashing, IgG3 immunity in vaccinated people is abnormally and rapidly declining. So it seems that they are dying from breathing difficulties before they develop serious symptoms such as pneumonia.

In Japan, the Covid farce was carried out by cultists such as the Moonies, Soka = Seichō no Ie, Falun Gong, working under the DS.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Japan is under the control of Soka. On the other hand, the virus turmoil is being led by Soka companies such as Pfizer and Google, of which Soka is the largest shareholder, and they also carry out maneuver activities such as censorship and the spread of fake news.

The background to this is the obvious fact that after WW-II, the innate thinking ability and skeptical instincts of the Japanese were greatly diminished by the compulsory education system of the occupying forces (dispatched by the DS, e.g. 3S policy). As far as I know, this seems to be a more serious symptom in people whose only source of information is television, and in obedient children whose only source of knowledge is school textbooks.

Most Japanese who grew up with brainwashing education system believed only what was reported on TV, and did not pay attention to the background of the Covid farce and the activities of cult maneuver agents.  And, blindly believing campaigns by cult governments, people are injecting those toxic substances whenever new vaccines and boosters come out. Therefore, the incidence of deaths and side effects is very high compared to other countries.

On the one hand, today every major city in the world is rife with heinous crimes without jingi (yakuza duty and moral code).  As a result of the ruler’s strategy, this should also be seen as deliberately getting into this situation.

BTW, speaking of yakuza, it is different from the gangster mobster mafia in western countries that we often see in movies.

Yakuza organizations are not just criminals.  Traditionally, yakuza (ninnkyo-dou) was a way of life as a man and was divided into two types: Bakuto (gambler, bookmakers) and Tekiya (entertainment promoters, and/or supervisors who organizes festivals and stalls in front of temples and shrines), both were based on the principle of encouraging good and punishing evil.

During the confusion after WW-II in Japan, the occupation army MP (Military Police) was in charge of security (but MP were not there for the safety of the citizens, but rather to crack down on the rebellion of the Japanese), and the Japanese police were not granted official powers of enforcement. So the Japanese police asked the yakuza organizations for security activities.

Even after MP (military police) of the occupying army left and the Japanese police came to function, the network of yakuza organizations helped catch criminals who escaped into the underground beyond the reach of the police. Therefore, Japan was one of the highest criminal arrest rates in the world…, at least until mid-1980s before the DS gangsters arrive from the US.

In addition, the yakuza organization served as a deterrent to Japanese takeovers by overseas criminal organizations (eg, the financial, real estate, insurance industries, etc.).

This traditional situation changed dramatically in the early 1980s.  The Deep State  (DS, aka Khazarian Mafia) in the US has menaced, assassinated or acquired Japanese politicians, and cracked down on Sokaiya (a business that prevents shareholders from raising objections) that was run by yakuza organizations. And the Japanese government has ostensibly cut off the yakuza’s source of income and carried out a policy of selling out Japan to help overseas criminal organizations take over Japan.

In the mid-1980s during the Nakasone administration, at the height of the bubble economy, the government implemented total volume control in anticipation of the decline of the yakuza, weakened Japanese companies by causing stock prices to plummet, and made it easier for foreign investors to take over Japanese companies.

In addition, the Koizumi administration forced the privatization of the postal service and carried out a maneuver to hand over the people’s postal savings to Aflac Life Insurance run by the Deep State. 

It would be a huge story to explain the historical background of this area in more detail. In any case, it is the fact that Japan was weakened by the rise of traitorous politicians and the decline of yakuza (ninkyo) organizations.  Also, this series of preparations for social unrest is related to the current situation, such as the virus turmoil.

The Yakuza live under their own very strict rules, moral and severe regulations (ninkyo-dou, jingi).  It is no different from bushi (samurai) living under the strict and severe bushi-dou of samurai society.  

“-dou” means the way of life and pursuit of the essential point as a yakuza or a bushi. So, “goku-dou” is written as mastered the path to the end.

This area of Japanese history has many interesting facts and stories from each period that are not generally known (i.e., means that it is not in school textbooks.).

For example, during the Edo period, many of the Okappiki (private detector) who were personally hired by Doshin (police officer) pursued ninkyo-dou. Many machi-bikeshi (town firefighters) also pursued ninkyo-dou.

In any case, against short-sighted and egoistic rulers who only pursue themselves, money, and the present, what is necessary now for earthlings who wish for the harmony of all things is to ascend spiritually and consciously.  And it may be for each and every one of the Earthlings to stand up as a deterrent against the domination of Earth by insidious, negative and destructive rulers.

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Trajectory From Reckless Biotech Experiments To Digitization Of Humanity

With “management of digital society by artificial intelligence” and “hackable transhumanization,” we are approaching a next generation where humanity as we generally know it today will cease to exist.  In short, it is a time when the natural world and human existence, will and consciousness to be enslaved by a few elites who claim to have been eugenically chosen.

Under the WEF’s advocated the “sharing economy”, commoners would be divided, trapped in digital enclaves called “smart cities”, owning nothing, having no privacy or choice, and exists only to be exploited by the rulers.

Klaus Schwab and the Young Global Leaders continue viral turmoil farce as impetus to achieve Great Reset despite already public knowledge that the covid viruses are lab made and its vaccines are bioweapon.

It was the task force under Fauci’s command, led by the Trump cult, that played a major role in carrying out the farce and making the genocide a reality, which includes pharmaceutical companies, WHO, CDC, NIH, hospitals and other medical institutions, and politicians and government agencies around the world.

In the first chapter was, a tense situation is set, which is the narrative that the lethal virus is instantaneously spreading in all areas on the earth, and humanity is facing an extinct crisis.  The introduction segment was repeatedly reported on MSM and SNS owned by the ruler (CFR), and brainwashed the commoners who blindly trust the media reports.

Foreshadowing of the story includes:

  • Vape smokers mysterious death on New York subway near Fort Detrick bioweapon lab.
  • Event 201, a simulation of virus pandemic held by Bill Gates on October 18, 2019.
  • Military Games held in Wuhan in October 2019.
  • Involvement in the Wuhan lab and provision of artificial viruses, by Fauci, EcoHealth Alliance Peter Daszak, Harvard Professor Charles Lieber, CDC, WHO, UN, WEF, etc.
  • Human experimentation research by NIH Christine Grady.
    and more.

The next chapter was the synopsis that pharmaceutical companies would accelerate vaccine development and supply, and rescue humanity under the auspices of Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed”. It was accepted as the story of a white knight on a white horse in the biblical prophecy.  Then, federal health agencies covered up the dangers of vaccines and made emergency approvals and distributions outside legal and regulatory frameworks as compelling decisions in emergencies.

Foreshadowing of the story includes:

  • Used cult worshippers to increase the number of pseudo-infected people and vaccinated people.
  • Providing huge subsidies to medical institutions and fabricating an increase in the number of pseudo-infected and vaccinated people. Subsidies to hospitals range from $100K to $500K per Covid patient or bed, depending on the region, and $30 to $150 per vaccination. As the result, hospitals still continue to play a supporting role in pursuit of profit.
  • It spread misinformation and disinformation, censored the truth, and covertly changed medical terms and definitions such as immunity and vaccines.
  • In the name of declaring a state of emergency, it imposed a curfew that known as a lockdown, and made it mandatory to wear masks, and strengthened the unrest and conformity of the commoners.
    and more.

It is now in the 3rd chapter, constantly releasing new varilants and new viruses to force more lethal booster vaccinations.  As a result, the natural immunity weakens, the constitution changes to become more susceptible to infection, and furthermore, blood clots, cancer, myocarditis, and dyspnea develop rapidly, afflicting commoners.

In addition, unprecedented extreme weather strikes every holiday that many commoners travel to, creating a harsh natural environment that has a synergistic effect that increases the anxiety and despair of the commoners.  It also deliberately halts production and logistics, undermines the economy, raises prices, and further fuels fear and anxiety among the commoners.  Also, conflicts in many countries are fueling deepening social unrest, and further despair among commoners.  China has suddenly lifted a cover-up and reported nearly 60,000 Covid-related deaths in a month as part of a Predictive Programming to force the international community to accept implementation of the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty.

On the other hand, the ruler also prepares gimmicks that give the commoners slight advantages in order to spice up the drama.For example, the CDC has confirmed that COVID vaccination does not work and can have lethal and fatal consequences.  The BBC picked up on a cardiologist’s comment that the number of deaths from myocarditis continues to rise, and reported that it was likely due to Covid vaccination.

In Japan, the city of Nagoya has decided to subsidize a quarter of the patient’s medical expenses after acknowledging that the covid vaccines have adverse reactions.  Of course, it is a blessing in misfortune for patients who suffer from side effects, but it is too early to celebrate it as a commoner victory.  This is because, the Japanese government still strongly recommends taking the toxic vaccines, and it is unclear why the compensation amount is 1/4.  In other words, 3/4 of the side effects that patients develop are their own fault, meaning the price of self-penalties for ignorance and lack of suspicion. In the words of officials, doctors and bureaucrats pushing the Covid vaccines, there is no full medical assistance for victims, as the adverse reactions occur in people who “just happen to be unlucky”.

Applying this reality to the dramaturgy of introduction, development, transformation, and conclusion, we can see that the drama is steadily on its way to its final chapter.  So, as is commonly predicted, ordinary Earthlings seem to be led into a society where they must be completely pandering and subservient to the satanic rulers.

This is because the development of smart cities, where commoners who have been deprived of their sovereignty and freedom are confined, are being developed all over the world.

The technocrats dispatched and empowered by Schwab are mechanical supremacists who find comfort only in AI, algorithms, and cold-blooded digitized technological evolution.  In other words, they have the ideology that all “new” innovations, social or technological, are all that is necessary for human progress, and that the old existing systems have no value and should be eliminated.  In addition, to them all old ideas, including notions of principles, heritage, religious belief systems, codes of conduct, respect and reverence for nature and beauty, are shackles that hold humanity back from greatness.  For a Marxist like Schwab, there is no other dudes or duped who could be used to implement his evil ideologies and philosophical principles.  Because they are consciously or unconsciously practicing Marxism without hesitation, trying to apply its nefarious tactics to commoners and nature.

The deliberate dismantling of the global financial system will introduce the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), which will be managed by blockchain.  In order to perform surveillance on the blockchain, it is essential for AI to grasp all the data of each individual.  Devices that provide data are currently using smartphones, etc., but will eventually be replaced by microchips implanted in the body.  That’s because, for example, people need to be exploited with existential fines, such as carbon taxes, in order to keep them repressed. Microchips implanted in the brain will allow AI to manipulate even the deepest psyches, such as consciousness, will and desire.

That is where algorithms take the place of conscience, empathy, principles, and so on.  In other words, AI is empowered to read digital data from individuals embedded with hackable devices and alter their identities and even their personalities.

But it is necessary to know that there is nothing inherently objective about the data that AI deals with.  Algorithms can be programmed to accommodate the biases of engineers, as evidenced by current censorship by SNS and Big Tech.  This means that data can be capricious and meaningless at any time, subject to the biases of those who interpret or treat it.  Therefore, the commands that the AI determines and dictates to each individual will depend on the intentions of the people analyzing the data.

A commune built on data and controlled by AI, called the “smart city,” is therefore a society that relies on the communal illusion.  Of course, commoners have been deprived of their will, sovereignty, and freedom, so they probably won’t behave pessimistically just because of that. What will be the finale of the history of ordinary earthlings?

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Censorship To Shift To Totalitarianism

Time seemed to fly by so quickly, especially in the last few years.  But it was very meaningful for me to start a diary site from this year on my friend’s recommendation.  On the other hand, with AI robot censorship becoming more extensive and stringent, along with manipulation of mass society through deception and misinformation, it seems harder than ever to get accurate and true information when searching deeply for something.

Censorship is the deliberate use of power to suppress or prohibit speech, whether rightly or wrongly, in order to silence another individual.  Thus, censorship is inherently hierarchical, and always implemented top-down from ruler to ruled. That is because, it is for the purpose of inherently reinforcing the power structures and regime of the ruler.

In other words, censorship is applied to speech, expressions, ideologies, thoughts, etc. that the regime deems undesirable and harmful to the formation and maintenance of the political and social order unilaterally enforced by the ruler.

Free speech is known to provide evolutionary advantages in societies where it is practiced.  For example, the right to speak freely had great implications for the democratic practices of the political class in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. This tacit understanding treated all members of the political class equally, so that no member of the political class had the power to censor other members without the consent of the political body.

Ancient Greek symposiums and banquets were always well served with wine, creating an atmosphere conducive to communication with colleagues and the development of philosophical discussions.  Since such gatherings were held many times for hours and days, wine was diluted with water to delay intoxication in order to maintain calmness and mental vigor.  People at that time may not have intentionally sought conscious ascension or spiritual evolution.  However, it somehow makes us feel a sense of liberation based on freedom of speech, and the vitality to pursue the truth.

In contrast, censorship, which relies on existing power structures, is a policy of repression aimed at dissidents or resistors in order to retain or consolidate power.  Censorship is inherently incompatible with human progress, since civilization evolves through an endless struggle to better the system of existing power enforcement.  Furthermore, civilizations that enforce widespread censorship tend to stagnate.

Since expression is inseparably related to media as a form of expression, therefore, expression and media are subject to censorship and control in an integrated manner.  The history of speech control, in which the ruler controls the expression activities of commoners (ruled class), goes back to the origin of state or political power.

The oldest commonly known historical fact is the case of the First Emperor of Qin (Qin Shi Huang, 247-210 BC).  With the advice of Minister Li Si, Qin Shi Huang decided to crack down on ideas and people who were against the political policies of the Qin dynasty, and all books other than medical books, fortune-telling books, and agricultural books would be banned. books are submitted by the public and burned (Burning of books, “fénshū”).  Furthermore, many Confucian scholars were arrested for the crime of spreading anti-establishment ideas, and more than 460 people were buried alive (burying of scholars, “kēngrú”).

It also means that anyone in the ruled class can become a criminal at any time, depending on the time period and region.

BTW, “Fahrenheit 451” is a SF novel written in 1953 by Ray Bradbury.  The title refers to the temperature (451 degrees F ≒ 233 degrees C) at which paper, the material of the book, spontaneously ignites.  It does not see technology as a universal good, and it also seems to imply that technological progress can deprive people of their freedom and sovereignty.

The outline of the story is;  In order to prevent books from bringing harmful information to good citizens and undermining social order and peace, the rulers banned the possession of books other than comics. If a book was found in possession, the fireman was called out to burn it and the owner was arrested.  As a result, people lost their ability to think and remember in a society where the information provided has become sensory, such as images and sounds.

In Europe, the “Index Librorum Prohibitorum” was enacted in 1564 to regulate reading, authors, publishers, and sellers in order to crack down on heresy against Catholicism by the Pope in the 15th and 16th centuries.  BTW, all religious values are profit-based, so it is an example of a different reading of the Testaments, which encompasses historical facts and entrusted words.

During the period of absolute monarchy in the 16th and 17th centuries, the control of speech shifted from religious to political purposes, and censorship was implemented by introducing a system of permitting printing and publication and a system of prior censorship. e.g. England’s Star Chamber Printing Act of 1586 and the Patent Censorship Act of 1662.

After the establishment of a modern constitutional state, freedom of expression, such as speech, publication, assembly, and demonstration, was nominally guaranteed by the constitution as a basic right.  But the ruling class and political power enforced control of speech when necessary.

For example, after Napoleon became Premier Consul after the 18 Brumaire coup, in 1800 he limited the number of political newspapers to 13 and prohibited new publication.  In 1804, when he became emperor, he renamed the leading republican newspaper, the Journal des débats, to the Journal de l’Empire, and made it state-owned in 1811.  In the same year, he reduced the number of political newspapers to four, and consolidated local newspapers into one newspaper per prefecture.  In France, there was no freedom of expression in newspapers until 1881, when the “Free Press Law” was enacted under the Third Republic.

Even in England, since the 18th century, prior restraints on expression through censorship ostensibly gradually disappeared.  But the rulers and regimes are controlling speech through the introduction of a stamp tax (1712) called the “Taxes on knowledge”, and the “Seditious Libel Act”, which can unilaterally punish criticism of the imperial family and government officials as defamation.

With the start of WWI in the 20th century, the influence and role of the mass media on public opinion came to be emphasized, and wartime speech control such as censorship of military information and intentional dissemination of misinformation were implemented.

The Nazis implemented the most systematic speech control of the 20th century.  In February 1933, immediately after taking power, Hitler fabricated the parliament arson incident and suspended the Weimar Constitution, which guaranteed freedom of the press and the publication, by presidential decree, and then banned about 180 Communist and Social Democratic newspapers.  On May 10 of the same year, the Nazis confiscated and burned anti-Nazism books and magazines, including group of left-wing, Jewish, and liberal.  Furthermore, in March of the same year, the RMVP was newly established with Goebbels as the minister in charge, and under the Reich Chamber of Culture Act, control bodies were established for each media and field.  In addition, the qualification of newspaper journalists was enacted into law, and reporters were obliged to register. Through such systematic speech control and propaganda, Hitler procured popular loyalty and consent to the Nazis.

Misinformation is information that is completely untrue, regardless of the intent behind it.  Disinformation is information shared by people who know it is false, which is synonymous with lying.

In communist countries such as the former Soviet Union and China, strict control of speech and propaganda are carried out for the purpose of strengthening communist ideology and eliminating anti-communist information ideas.  e.g. The “Prague Spring” movement (1968) of Czechoslovakian intellectuals seeking liberalization of the speech was suppressed by the Warsaw Pact forces led by the former Soviet Union.  In China, during the Second Tiananmen Square Incident (1989), the student movement demanding democratization was suppressed by the military and public security police.

After Event 201, a simulation of manipulation tactics to implement viral turmoil, censorship became more extensive and strict.  Not only censorship and preemptive suppression of speech, but also surveillance of social media, censorship of flagged content interpreted by rulers as dangerous or hateful, and even restrictions on free speech online.

Moreover, there is another aspect that censorship and preemptive suppression of the past did not have.  It’s a move from censoring illegal counter-ideologies to eliminating the truth.  So the rulers are waging psychological warfare against their citizens, coupled with strict censorship. Because if the government can control the speech, it can control people’s thoughts and thus their minds.  In short, George Orwell’s prediction that “eventually, telling the truth will become a revolutionary act” has become a reality.

AI predictive and surveillance techniques can strip commoners of their privacy and sovereignty, and classify, isolate, and flag them without due process.  In other words, humanity is the true enemy that pollutes the earth for the ruling class.  So the commoners deserves to be targeted, tracked, manipulated, micromanaged, monitored, and treat as suspects and criminals. So the ruling class seeks to attune and conquer the common people that basic human rights and sovereignty are only temporary privileges that can be easily revoked.

In addition, to expedite operations, the ruling class feigned a state of emergency to eliminate the burden of proof and the step-by-step process, as steps such as local constitutional amendments and approvals would get in the way.  The madness of authoritarianism escalated, leaving commoners only empowered to adopt a mindset of compliance or acceptance of consequences enforced by a complete disregard for individual rights.

Communism, unlike the ideal, is prone to totalitarianism, and it does not happen by accident.  That is because, in order to prevent the forced denial of private property including their basic human rights, which is the basis of communism, from being perceived by the public as an absurdity in the social system, it is essential to shift to totalitarianism in order to maintain the system.

The purpose of the Great Reset (NWO) is to unite the world into a single community, achieving global governance that allows the voice of the ruler to move the world at once.  In other words, it means conquering and governing the ruled class with a single set of values and standards under a totalitarian social structure based on the communist regime, eliminating private property.

The rulers are neither conspiracy theorists nor dissidents. On the other hand, the ruled commoners are only confronted with the reality that the rulers act only for their own benefit in any society and at any era.  Hope that someday an exit will be found for the ordinary Earthlings to be completely freed from the rulers.

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We’d Rather Be Brave Knights Like Don Quixote, Even If The Rulers Treat Us Lightly

Don Quixote saw the windmills as the real ferocious giants and attacked them.  However, Don Quixote was blown away along with the spear stuck in the wings of the windmill, flew in the air, and was slammed to the ground.

Sancho tells him that it’s just a windmill, but Don Quixote says that the wizards must have turned the giants into windmills to deprive me of the honor of slaying them.

Don Quixote’s attacks are not due to his assuming or confusion.  He believed and recognized that the windmills were the real giants, and at least it seemed so to him.

This episode seems to be the situation that the commoners are facing right now in the social trend.

There is clearly a different nuance between “assuming” and “believing”, but the rulers attack both of them relentlessly, targeting the commoners’ mental vulnerabilities. And commoners are tacitly induced to conformity and obedience in order to create a social environment convenient for the rulers. As such, the rulers censor or conceal truths, warnings, and factual statistics, and are spreading enlightening and deceptive information in line with their intentions and wills.

During the period of economic growth that reached its peak in the mid-1980s, the concept that indicated social trends was “amenity life.”  Amenity life means to emphasize personal comfort in social life.  In other words, in contrast to the previous trend of categorizing people as a single mass, it was an era when personalization, which respects individual tastes and demands, became a popular social trend.

The conflict between the individual and the system, and the personal sense of emptiness that can be seen in absurdist literature such as Camus’ The Stranger around WWII and in theatrical performances, may still have existed.  However, even if there was a bit of nonsense and negative flow, each person had the vitality to work hard to fulfill their dreams and hopes without being bound by it, and social freedom was also promised.

Authoritarianism is now expanding around the world at a breathtaking pace.

Smart cities, which use AI technology to manage and surveillance commoners, are a global urban development project to help rulers more easily control commoners.

Smart cities are technologically modern urban areas that use various types of electronic methods and sensors to collect specific data. The information derived from that data is used to  efficiently manage assets, resources, and services.  Additionally, the data will be used to improve city-wide operations and to more robustly manage commoners.

In promoting this concept of the smart cities, rulers aggressively deploy rhetoric about progress and benefits to society.  But what the Forbidden Garden envisions is neither dreams nor hopes of the commoners.  It’s a prison city with cameras and microphones mounted all over town, with robot police dogs roaming around instead of human guards. Surrounded by geofencing erected within 15 minutes of inhabited areas, civilians are restricted in their movement and/or area to purchase goods and services.  In addition, commoners lose their bodily autonomy by implanting digital ID chips in their bodies and brains.

Smart cities are the giants that Don Quixote saw, with such power that they can easily fling individual commoners like windmills.  But to the rulers, those who resist being imprisoned there may be little more than the slightly comical knights, like Don Quixote.

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By calling mRNA Injections “Covid-19 vaccines” instead of bioweapons we’re protecting criminals

The Covid Era has ushered in a new Dark Age

The Great Reset: Smart Cities are coming and will enable the roll-out of a Social Credit System

Governments are about to introduce Climate Change Lockdowns disguised as “15 Minute Cities” under the UN Agenda 2030 directive & WEF Great Reset plan

WHO – “Pandemic Treaty” that would unleash a global medical dictatorship

G20 set to roll out WHO digital vaccine passport as part of its global pandemic response

WHO Admits WEF Orchestrated Global Lockdowns as Part of ‘Great Reset’ Agenda

The stated goals of the WHO and WEF for the world to emerge from his COVID pandemic are not science-based, but control-based. That is, to introduce a vaccine passport and CBDC as part of a social credit scoring system.


Fauci Helped Create COVID as Part of ‘Great Reset’ Agenda

Bill Gates Spending $7 Billion to Murder Babies in Africa

Planned Famine: Germany Orders Farms To ‘Cease Operating’ As WEF Demands ‘END of Farming’


WEF-Linked Official Declares ‘Climate Lockdowns’ Are Here ‘Whether People Like It Or Not’

God’s Death As The Result Of WEF Acquiring Divine Powers To Rule Over Humanity

Klaus Schwab finally confessed that the WEF has adopted the CCP’s ideology, political ponerology and hierarchical structure as the model for their Great Reset and NWO schemes.  I have been advocating that for years now and I have to thank Schwab for proof that it is true.

According to Schwab,  he is using China as his model of the Great Reset because he was inspired by China’s economic growth.  But while that is a complete lie, it is clear that economic growth per se is not the main focus of his Great Reset.  Schwab is only impressed that the CCP has turned the entire country into a giant prison, setting a precedent for the Great Reset he is about to carry out.

The CCP has transformed the entire country into a sustainable society where only the upper echelons and their stakeholders can benefit. That fact is evident, for example, in that commoners are enslaved and exploited as much as possible.  Moreover, it is common knowledge that people around the world know that rebels and heretics are imprisoned in concentration camps and utilized as inventory sources for organ distribution businesses.

The horrifying system of governance under advanced communism was not voluntarily chosen by the commoners of China.  Historically, behind it lies the Hakka (Han ethnic minority) seizure of hegemony.  Further, it stems from the satanic Rothschild-financed the evil Mao Zedong coming to power with the help of the Comintern and carrying out brutal genocide, and seizing power by force.  

Within the two-tiered structure of Marxism, the bourgeoisie sees the proletariat as nothing more than an object to be exploited. So there is no recognition that all are the same human race or fellowman.  This is the same as Hegel, which Marx adopted, and Hegel does not consider the relationship between humans and nature. Therefore, in communism, it became an ideology that “nature is something to be overcome”, and communists are destroying nature without feeling guilty, as seen in the mega solar panel park.

There are endless examples of satanic communist rulers seeing ordinary people simply as sources of exploitation.  China’s organ harvesting was first exposed in 2006 by a brave Chinese media worker investigating the 2003 SARS outbreak.  Moreover, there is plenty of evidence that CCP cadres, including the evil Chairman Mao Zedong, are eating human brains taken from live humans as a health supplement.

Schwab’s spies have infiltrated governments and industries around the world, and their tactics are the same as those of the CCP.  In order to accommodate Schwab’s “stakeholder capitalism,” which only benefits the wealthy ruling class, the spies add self-serving executive officials and politicians as co-conspirators, and they are skillfully implementing operations for the “Great Reset”.  They all praise the establishment of international governments and the management of the planet as the response to the “threat” of global warming, which is based entirely on deception.

For many years, the Hakka have dispatched secret agents as immigrants to countries in Southeast Asia and elsewhere to occupy and operate major institutions in those countries.  Incidentally, at present, about 3,000 to 4,000 CCP undercover operatives are naturalized every year in Japan.  Those spies are running for parliament with funds from CCP, stealing top-secret tech information at major companies, distributing illegal drugs, and committing fraud and theft in the streets.  One billion JPY (= approx $80 million USD) per party or person will be paid to political parties and parliamentarians who helped CCP undercover operatives win the election, unless they get caught in the honey trap set by CCP.

The purpose of the viral turmoil is to cause social unrest and fear and take advantage of it to carry out genocidal operations using lethal Covid mRNA vaccines to depopulate the common people.  And the satanic rulers are aiming to make the two-layers structure of society that Marxism divided into a single layer, and are trying to enslave the non-ruling classes and surveil all the aspect of lifestyles, activities and thoughts.

Event 201, a viral pandemic exercise, was held on October 18, 2019, just before releasing Covid-19 virus.  Therefore, the title “201” can be read to mean “the unity of duality”.  As Rothschild spokesman Jack Atari puts it, the world is moving towards “ultra-democracy,” social governance through extreme surveillance.  It means that commoners, excluding stakeholders who subsidize rulers, is made into a single-layer as the goyim classified by the Talmud.  Moreover, the purpose of establishing Johns Hopkins University, where Event 201 was held, was to conduct R&D of biological weapons to kill immigrants from China after the gold rush era.  So everything lines up.

Behind the public frenzy over coverage of the World Cup match, at the plenary session of the House of Councillors in Japan, which has been completely occupied by satanic cults, has quietly passed amendments to the Infectious Diseases Law and other related laws.  As a result, the “My Number Health Insurance Card” will be used as a vaccine passport.  This means that preparations are well underway for the introduction of the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty.

As it stands now, technically anyone can create and sell cryptocurrencies, so when existing commodities are alienated and ruler monopolies are established and all surviving commoners are fitted with reins by blockchain, CBDC will start booting.  It is the moment when sovereignty, democracy, and freedom are taken away from ordinary earthlings.

On November 2, 2022, Twitter CEO Elon Musk released the company’s internal documents (Twitter documents) through journalist Matt Taiebee.  The content claims that Twitter suppressed media coverage of Joe Biden’s son Hunter just before the 2020 presidential election.

Elon Musk, like Apple’s Tim Cook, is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the CCP.  Incidentally, Tim Cook has close ties to the CCP, having been appointed Advisory Chair of the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in 2019.  Tsinghua University is also Xi Jinping’s alma mater and a base for Soka brainwashing education, where Japanese cult parliamentarians Nikai and Kono are also lecturers.

Binance, which financed Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, operates the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, and its founder and CEO is a Chinese-Canadian named Changpeng Zhao.  In addition, the US venture capital Sequoia Capital also provides funds for Elon Musk to acquire Twitter, but the company has a base in China called “Sequoia Capital China (Red Cedar Capital China Fund)”, and is effectively under the auspices of the CCP.  As such, Twitter, once a servant of the blue team, now seems to have been selected as an offensive force for the red team and instigating the overthrow of the blue team.

Among the rulers, achieving the WEF’s agenda is their consensus, but which team will take the lead is the biggest issue right now. It feels like the red team has the advantage, but while the Jacob faction is the most influential within the Red Team, there seems to be ugly internal struggles for supremacy, and it seems to be common knowledge.

Anyway, Elon Musk met with Tim Cook on December 1, 2022, who is suppressing speech by Chinese people protesting lockdowns while exposing the fraud of Hunter Biden, who has a close relationship with the CCP. While pretending to be an ally of the common people, Musk exposed a little bit of the actual censorship that was taking place inside Twitter. However, exposing part of the fact and gaining the support of the common people should be seen as the typical tactic of manipulating public opinion by rulers that has been repeated historically. In other words, in order to overthrow the blue team, and to accompany the operatives of other teams who hide the truth and mislead the people, on Twitter, they will further censor speech and information according to the CCP’s intentions and may strengthen it.

Schwab’s role is to shape the world’s “transformation” in the current era, praising the CCP’s state-controlled authoritarian system.  Schwab says Jesus is fake news, God is dead and commoners have no soul.

In fact, according to Schwab, “God is dead” and the WEF leaders have “acquired divine powers” to rule over humanity.  And a new one world religion has arrived and it unites all of humanity in worshipping at the altar of climate science, techno-communism and eugenics.  To do so, they are trying to turn ordinary Earthlings into “hackable animals” who are incapable of free thought and have no free will.

On the other hand, Nietzsche’s “God is dead” means “religion is not worth believing”, which means “there is no absolute point of view”. In other words, humans have weaknesses and seek help from religion to cover them up. However, overcoming these challenges, we must be honest with ourselves, actively live with a strong spirit, be honest with ourselves and grow creatively, and regain our lost excellence and strength in the sense of “good” is needed.

It may be something that only I feel, but the tactic Schwab is trying to rule over humanity is to turn humanity is to depersonalize and zombify humanity.  So it seems to be completely different from Nietzsche’s affirmation of the vitality in life, which describes an active individual who tries to transform and ascend from “the death of God” to “super-human (Übermensch)”.

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Medical Regulatory Body Attempts to Extend Covid Emergency After Advising Vaccine Hesitancy Should Be Viewed as a Mental Illness

On November 2, 2022, Twitter CEO Elon Musk released the company’s internal documents (Twitter documents) through journalist Matt Taiebee.

Blue Capital Management, which cuts down forests and builds mega-solar plants in Japan, is owned by the Chinese Communist Party front company Shanghai Power.

China – Organ Trade and Human Meat Market

China – Take the Brain Out of Living Humans

China – Zhou Enlai, Mao Zedong, Jiang Zemin, Human Brain soup

How To Remove Graphene – In Memory Of Friends Infected With The Transmittable Substance

So heartbreaking, I was informed that I had lost some friends.

As for the cause of death of one of them, I was able to deduce the circumstances by piecing together several comments.

I happened to speak with the friend by email two weeks before he passed away, and said he had caught a bad coughing cold but seems to be recovering.  However, it seems that by that time he had already developed a cytokine storm due to ADE, vomited up a considerable amount of blood at home, and passed away about 10 days after we spoke.

I presume he was a very healthy person and had also refused the risky Covid vaccinations.  His job requires him to go to public places and stay there for a long time.  So it may be caused by artificial virus or toxins entered the body through shedding of spike proteins, or graphene oxide, or through water, food, etc.  He may also have neglected antiviral, detoxification for self-protection in his daily routine.

Graphene oxide, a substance that is poisonous to humans, is intentionally put into Covid vaccines, water supplies, air (as it is sprayed by chemtrails), food supplies, and more.  Once inside the body, graphene oxide is interacted with and activated by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).  Under the broader frequency range like 5G, the damage to health is even greater. In addition, graphene is being transmitted from the Covid-19 vaccinated to the unvaccinated.

Therefore, we must constantly remove the toxic graphene oxide from the body and take steps to restore health.  Moreover, a holistic approach that uses multiple different methods at the same time to obtain the best effect is necessary, including, take supplements to degrade the graphene oxide in the body, and controlling EMFs in the environment to minimize graphene oxide activation.

First, let’s look at the relationship between graphene oxide and glutathione.

Glutathione, a substance made from the amino acids: glycine, cysteine and glutamic acid, is produced naturally by the liver and our bodies have natural glutathione stores.  Glutathione is involved in many processes in the body, including building and repairing tissues, making necessary chemicals and proteins, and for the immune system.  In other words, glutathione strengthens the human immune system.

Glutathione levels vary from person to person, being lower in the elderly or in people with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and obesity.  High glutathione levels in the body are essential for the immune system to function well.  But when the amount of graphene oxide in the body exceeds the amount of glutathione, the immune system collapses and triggers a cytokine storm. 

Graphene oxide can rapidly grow to exceed glutathione in the body by electronic excitation.  By such attacks, oxidation or activation of graphene oxide by specific EMF frequencies overruns the body’s ability to produce glutathione, which is destroying the immune system and rapidly causing disease.  Therefore, it is imperative to raise glutathione levels in the body to cope toxin that enters the body or electrically activated.

NAC (N-acetylcysteine) is a supplement that causes the body to produce glutathione, and comes from the amino acid L-cysteine and is used by the body to build antioxidants.  Antioxidants are vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that protect and repair cells from damage.  Zinc in combination with NAC are essential antioxidants used to degrade graphene oxide.

Other supplements that can be taken to assist in the removal of graphene oxide are:

* Astaxanthin

* Melatonin

* Milk Thistle

* Quercetin

* Vitamin C

* Vitamin D3

Additionally, taking antivirals such as Ivermectin, Favipiravir (Avigan), Methylene Blue, and detoxifying the body and water with Chlorine Dioxide is also essential, as new species of synthetic AI parasites being loosed into air, food and water, and genetically modified mosquitoes are being released into the streets.

Second, let’s look at the connection between EMF, 5G, graphene oxide, hydrogels and Covid.

The main component of DARPA patented hydrogels are graphene oxide.  Hydrogels are contained in the Covid injections, the PCR test swabs, the masks, etc.  This is why Japan, occupied by Satanic cults, has not lifted its mask mandate and now has the highest number of Covid-infected people in the world.

All substances have an electronic absorption band, and the particular frequency at which matter is excited and oxidizes very quickly.  Graphene oxide is activated by EMF, especially frequencies that are part of the 5G spectrum.  When the specific frequencies beamed at humans who have accumulated graphene oxide in their bodies, the graphene oxide to multiply very rapidly, causing to inbalance of glutathione and which triggers a cytokine storm in a matter of hours.

Conductive hydrogels are polymers that are being used as materials in many applications, including food, water, and Covid vaccines.  Conductive hydrogels contain nanotechnology that can be anchored to DNA and controlled by 5G sensors, allowing them to collect and manipulate DNA.  Conductive hydrogels also allow tracking and tracing of each individual.  So, self-protection by limiting EMF exposure is essential.

There are several ways to reduce the effects of harmful EMF radiation on the human body:

* Things like leaving the tower from the city

* Turning off his Wi-Fi at night

* Staying away from smart devices as much as possible

* Use of anti-EMF products, such as orgone energy device, sheild EMF protection stickers, shungite pyramid, there are also products made from composites of iron oxide, steel, brass, shungite and crystalline powder encased in epoxy resin, etc.

It may be due to normalcy bias, but the common people tends to assume that the rulers would never do bad things that harm humanity, even if they feel skeptical of the status quo. But the rulers are made up of evil things, and they do it aggressively.  

Also, since the confrontational structure was intentionally created by the ruler, if we only focus on it, we will not be able to recognize their true identities or the trajectory on which ordinary human society is placed.

As proof that there is no right or left, blue or red, cult-controlled Japanese ministers and parliamentarians forcibly carry out every agenda requested by the satanic rulers, so it is useful for knowing the trends of the world.

In Japan, on the November 4th, 2022, the House of Representatives/Health, Labor and Welfare Committee passed a majority vote to revise the Infectious Diseases Control Law, which includes measures to strengthen the medical care system.

The bill to revise the Infectious Diseases Control Law obliges prefectures to formulate infectious disease prevention plans, conclude advance agreements with regional core medical institutions, and secure hospital beds and outpatient care.

If the agreement is violated, recommendations and public announcements will be made to the medical institution.  In particular, if a university hospital that provides advanced medical care or a hospital that plays a central role in regional medical care violates the agreement, the approval may be revoked.  BTW, hospitals are routinely killing covid-infected hospitalized patients by administering Remdesivir and Molnupiravir. This may be because the hospital receives subsidies from the state. However, in general, Tocilizumab (Actemra) is said to be effective in patients who have developed pneumonia or cytokine storm.

In other words, no matter how much the dangers of vaccines become clear, no matter how widely publicized the coronavirus is just a farce, public medical institutions will be forced to enter into agreements with the government and be complicit in the farce.

The Japanese government, which has been occupied and ruled by a cult, will implement what will happen in the future in an easy-to-understand manner ahead of the rest of the world.  This bill was also passed by cult members in Congress without debate.  Anyway, it means that the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty started somewhere in the world.

Public health agencies and government institutions are completely discredited, but they still do whatever they want that leads to transhumanism and genocide.  Their ability to intend and execute them is probably due to the fact that the ruling hierarchy is associated with Satanists of Druid origin, as history shows.

The vaccine passport has not yet been dismissed, even though the public continues to oppose its introduction.  At the G20, it was proposed to require travelers to have vaccine passports, which can be seen as the initial introduction stage of the plan to make all of humanity cyborgized in the near future as part of the Great Reset.  The Internet of Body (IoB) is the biological extension of the Internet of Things (IoT) that has brought us self-driving cars and smart city, smart homes, etc.

Klaus Schwab sees the pandemic and lockdown as the perfect opportunity to use technology to turn humans into cyborgs and achieve “a fusion of our physical, digital, and biological identities.”  So the rulers are implanting nanosensors and robots into the human body to turn humanity into a quantifiable information platform that can be easily commoditized and even remotely manipulated.  That is, it collects personal data on location, spending patterns, educational and economic status, political loyalties, step counts, oxygen levels, and more to build detailed personal profiles and seeks to enhance surveillance and security as defined by authorities.

For example, Covid travel restrictions provided the perfect opportunity for the New Zealand government (WEF) to test a digital ID system within the MIQ (Managed Isolation and Quarantine) program.  And now, the rulers are profiling detailed personal information such as vaccinations, skills, education, and licenses on a blockchain platform, and are implementing a digital ID system that can capture personal information by simply scanning a QR code.  In the early stages, the rulers will use digital wallet apps installed on devices outside the human body such as smart phones, but in the future they will implanted digital ID chips inside the human body and manage humanity with data.  The same system is being introduced in Scotland.

In other words, the implementation of IoB will allow the data management of each human being, and in the near future, the ruler will be able to hack and manipulate it at any time.  Additionally, by manipulating DNA collected by PCR tests and blood tests, the rulers are developing new human races through cloning and cross-species genetics.

Western medicine was developed by David Rockefeller, but he reportedly refused such treatment in his later years and underwent four heart transplants to survive. There is no doubt that the ruler aims to transform humans into superhumans that extending their lifespans, withstand plagues, fly, live underwater, have no emotions or senses, and so on…, I wonder if it is really necessary….

As many ordinary humans as possible will survive, and hope that the day will come when the rulers and commoners in the hierarchical society will be reversed, and humanity will regain its sovereignty, peace and freedom.

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How to remove Graphene, the substance being transmitted from the COVID Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated

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