Social Imbalance And Existential Crisis Caused By The Psychopathic Rulers

The domination and oppression of the commoners by the rulers is maintained by controlling the mind and consciousness, which perform the functions of thought and will, and the ability to apply intellect, mentally and insights, which perform the functions of reason.

Commoners are basically bound by the chains of order and are only allowed to think and act within those limits. In other words, commoners are made to live within a grid of fixed concepts called sociability that are forced on them by their rulers.  Furthermore, the structure is such that people can gain a sense of stability and security by obediently believing that the information they have learned through mass media and education is the truth or common sense.

Moreover, the global totalitarian socialization policies currently being pursued by rulers to further strengthen the system of surveillance and control of the common people will eliminate even the healthy aspects of society.  This is because commoners will be instilled with fear and anxiety, and brainwashing will foster conditions for them to lose their conscience, empathy, and humanity.

It is too optimistic to conclude that such a thing is impossible, and that even if the rulers thought of such a thing, it would be impossible to realize it.  This is because social transformations and shifts will permeate commoner society as social trends, hidden behind improvements in the convenience and comfort of living spaces, financial aid, etc.

First of all, it is necessary to understand the structure of the domination by the rulers, and in that hierarchy, freemasonry, all industries, and all religious organizations are controlled by the RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs).  

And, for example, in the field of marketing, business opportunities arise by creating consumer demands, rather than demand being initiated by consumers. Just by looking at this mechanism, we can see how the transformation intended by rulers permeates society.

As a familiar example, while car insurance premiums are increasing rapidly, discounts are now being offered through the DriveSafe program, which provides discounts on insurance premiums to safe drivers.  Safe drivers will receive a 30% to 50% reduction in their current premium, returning it to the amount before the increase.  However, the smart phone app monitors the driver’s life 24/7, and points will be deducted if the driver drives more than 8m/h over the legal speed limit, deceleration speed at curves, and distance traveled.  Therefore, it is not a system that aims to improve driving skills or safety, but in short, rather a system that restricts the lifestyle, range of movement, attitude, and behavior of commoners through the point-deduction method.  

It is easy to see that this is no different from the mechanism by which some benefits can be obtained by implanting a digital ID chip into the body.  In other words, in preparation for the transformation into 15-minute city, there is the rulers’ intention and predictive programming tactics to make the commoners accept without resistance the society where their lives are strictly monitored.

In such the totalitarian society, through fear instillation and brainwashing, even ordinary humans will be subjected to conditions that will cause them to lose their conscience, empathy, and humanity.

Moreover, without bringing up psychopaths such as Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Ceausescu, it is clear that the social pathology that would be implemented by rulers would spread rapidly to all aspects of a healthy society.  That is because, the desire for control of psychopaths, including rulers and their puppets, is complemented by the need and willingness of ignorant and insensitive commoners who submissively accept being controlled, leading to mindless herd behavior and its proliferation.  

For example, during the Weimar Republic era, trauma and psychological distress caused by social and economic collapse led some commoners to advocate the need to welcome the establishment of Hitler’s regime, and this tendency, combined with peer pressure, expanded.

At the beginning of the virus turmoil, covert implementers disguised as commoners took the initiative to submit to the deceptions of psychopaths such as Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and Anthony Fauci, and eventually, all commoner societies around the world were simultaneously restricted.  It will still be fresh in everyone’s memory.

Looking back on those days, first, an outbreak of coronavirus was confirmed in China.  Shortly after, a farce was staged in which the virus was brought to Japan by a luxury cruise ship, and a psychological operation that this was a precursor to a global pandemic was repeatedly reported through CFR-affiliated MSM and SNS.

Both countries have a complete top-down chain of command, so it can be seen that the rulers’ intentions and careful planning were behind the development of the narrative.  This tactic is in line with what Maria Leptin, a member of the WEF Agenda, recently mentioned: Don’t bother explaining the science (to the commoners), just use religious and military leaders to get people vaccinated.

In short, in China, national and local administration is carried out according to the instructions of the CCP, and Japan was occupied by a cult, and government agencies took the lead and became the driving force behind the virus turmoil.

As a side note, Shichihei Yamamoto’s “Study of the Air (Atmosphere)” (1977),  states that Japanese society is not controlled by laws or ordinances, but by the atmosphere of the place.  In other words, in other countries, people are controlled by penalties, obligations, and rules, but in Japan, people are controlled by the atmosphere.  

Behind this is the presence of something sensuous  (such as invisible force, involvement of empathy, spirit, soul, etc.), which Yamamoto calls ‘rinzai-kan’.  And there is also a hesitance to  ‘mizu wo sasu (throw cold water on)’ that might disrupt the atmosphere of the place, he continued.  Even when it comes to decision-making in mass action, there is also a noticeable tendency to take place within the atmosphere.

Therefore, peer pressure, which Yamamoto calls the ‘air (atmosphere)’, must have played a large role in the rapid spread of the virus turmoil across Japan.  As a result, the Covid-19 vaccination rate is the highest in the world, and the number of deaths is rapidly increasing in proportion to the number of people vaccinated.

Let’s get back to psychopathy.

Many commoners have already realized that the implementers of the virus turmoil and technocrats allied with the rulers fond fear and sacrifice, and use their wealth and power to cause suffering and pain to the commoners, are cold-blooded,  lack the ability to sympathize and empathize.

Furthermore, in order to maintain their vested interests in destruction and reconstruction, the rulers have fabricated a conflict structure and repeatedly engaged in brutal conflict and plunder, plunging the commoners into a predicament.

In fact, the rulers are clearly psychopathic, as distinct from thinking (psychotic) disorders or mood disorders.  That is because, psychopaths are obsessed with control, and they don’t even have a shred of conscience.  Additionally, psychopaths have pathological desires to control others over whom they have no claim or right to control.

Neurological damage in psychopaths results in a lack of conscience, but other mental functions are said to remain intact within normal limits.  Meanwhile, the psychopaths tend to become paranoid and vindictive when their need for control is thwarted.  Additionally, psychopaths are said to have a lack of conscience, which allows them to selectively ignore society’s rules, whether consciously or unconsciously.  As a result, they have the potential to cause varying degrees of harm to society, including extreme dishonesty, fraud, murder, and other predatory acts.  What’s more, psychopaths deliberately transform themselves into personalities that are attractive or charismatic to their targets. However, history is full of examples where this was a fabrication to cover up their predatory behavior, and the truth behind it was later revealed.

On the other hand, it is sad to say that ordinary commoners have a cognitive tendency to ignore or underestimate information that is not convenient for them. This is what is called normalcy bias.  Taking advantage of such psychological vulnerabilities among the commoners, the psychopathic rulers are currently promoting the following dark plans in the name of “saving the earth.”

* Promote world population reduction

* Dominate and control the natural environment

* Establishment of a totalitarian one-world government based on communism

* Depriving commoners of their natural rights

* Controlling the behavior, consciousness, and thoughts of commoners by implanting digital ID chips into the human body

The cost of commoners to the destructive activities of the psychopathic rulers has been a horrifying reality throughout the ages.  If the rulers’ agenda is fulfilled and they actually seize all power and become the totalitarian regime, the management of the commoner society will become even stricter through their arbitrary display of power, as well as mind control, deception, speech bans, and deprivation of individual and collective rights and freedoms.  The reality for commoners will therefore be even more harmful and dangerous.

If each commoner aspires to truth and authenticity, identifying and examining with critical thinking the disturbing activities of the rulers can be a powerful tool and a deterrent.  Therefore, before pandering to rulers and surrendering unconditionally, each individual should first explore how they can contribute to a better world based on the pursuit of justice, equality, and truth.

The connection and stability of social space is a correlation of wisdom, consciousness, and power. In other words, recognizing the threat of psychopathic rulers who disrupt social balance and responding to it early will be a defense against the existential crisis of commoners.

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Save The Commoner Communities From Plunder By The Rulers

To explore and understand the truth of current complex events that involve factual events, covert operations, and speculation, it is important to utilize knowledge, awareness, and common sense while maintaining mental calm and balance.  It is also important to go back in history and look at evidence and connections with the current situation over a slightly longer span.  By doing so, we will be able to see how the multi-layered covert operations that take place behind the scenes around the world are intricately intertwined, also how enslavement and depopulation attacks by the rulers will have serious impacts on the society of the commoners in the near future.

The rulers are trying to take over everything on earth by eliminating all innate realm and concepts, including nation, ethnicity, race, gender, and natural environment. Furthermore, society is built on the natural unity of people, but the rulers are trying to eliminate or plunder all of that, controlling and monitoring commoners, goods, and money all at once.  Therefore, since control and surveillance are carried out under digital authoritarianism, it can be said that digitally controlled socialization using AI and IT is the so-called “globalization” that the rulers are trying to achieve.  For this reason, the digital authoritarians dispatched by the rulers have no hesitation that the globalism will destruct the traditions and order inherited and handed down among the commoners of their respective regions.

The camaraderie among the commoners forms solidarity, which in turn gives rise to intermediary organizations and communities such as local communities and labor organizations.  Since modern times, these commoner communities have served as the driving force for regional and economic growth, while also acting as a deterrent for commoners against the tyranny and unreasonableness of their rulers.  Moreover, it is clear that the sense of camaraderie among commoners is the de facto foundation of freedom, equality, and democracy.

For example, what supported Japan’s dramatic recovery after WW-II was a sense of solidarity based on ethnic camaraderie. Many intermediary organizations and communities were born and played an important role in moving society in a positive direction between the country and the people. Moreover, the government’s mediation and assistance between intermediary organizations created greater social vitality and growth.  This means that, in a good sense, society and companies have been run from the bottom up, with commoners at the center, rather than the so-called top-down Western style.  As Ezra Vogel, a professor emeritus at Harvard University, described in “Japan as Number One” (1979), this favorable state led Japan to become the world’s second-largest economy less than half a century after the devastating destruction caused by war.  And so it continued until the mid-1980s, when the bubble economy collapsed and cults occupied Japan.

The globalism that rulers are aiming for is, as seen in the 15-minute city concept, the comprehensive management and control of all aspects of existence, including the physical, mental, and economic aspects of individual commoners on earth under an extreme surveillance system.  Therefore, the rulers are making full use of multi-layered tactics to eliminate intermediary organizations and communities in which many commoners are involved, and to exclude commoners from the center of society and policy.  The multi-layered tactics include viral turmoil, genocide with toxic vaccines, land grabs, shift to lab grown artificial foods, artificial disasters with DEW, and false flag warfare.

There is an impression that we are returning to the model of the medieval ruling system, where despotic empires arose to control multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-lingual people. However, this is exactly the image of a near-future totalitarian society that the rulers are trying to construct.

This system of world domination by rulers is supported by the maintenance and control of order by powerful forces including AI and IT.  Therefore, stakeholders and technocrats who flatter the rulers will be given maximum power to govern the commoners.

There is no need to bring up conspiracy theories such as the world strategy of rulers and the enslavement of commoners, the structure and mechanism of that powerful power can be seen by simply thinking about it.

For example, global capitalists and corporations have the power to mobilize capital and can use that power as a pretext to force demands on governments and local governments.  That means they will have more power than the local residents.  As the result, national and regional governments will implement structural reforms that are advantageous to the globalists, such as lowering corporate taxes, accepting cheap labor immigration, and raising consumption taxes and gasoline taxes, even if it means making local residents suffer.

This is not a fable or an unreality, but this is actually happening now due to the covert operations of Young Global Leaders dispatched from the WEF, who have infiltrated the core of governments and major corporations.  As evidence of this, virus turmoil and and massacres caused by toxic vaccines are occurring all at once all over the world, and furthermore, the implantation of microchips into the bodies of commoners  and robotization are proceeding as if it is a global social trend.

Hence, the ultimate goal of the ruler’s global strategy (NWO) is to realize a two-layer structure of the ruling class and the non-ruling class, and to dominate society through strict hierarchy and division.  For this purpose, the rulers actively dismantle intermediary organizations and communities, and are deploying tactics to prevent commoners from becoming attached to their country, region, or profession and thinking of contributing in return.

This is an all-out attack launched by the satanic rulers against ordinary Earthlings, and the current situation is that all commoners are forced into a dangerous situation. It is multifaceted, relentless, and happening simultaneously in all aspects of life.

The rulers pretend to be socially tolerant and act as if they respect the dignity of each individual, but this is a strategy to provoke social division and conflict among commoners.  In particular, when the rulers seduce commoners to Marxism, they use sophisticated tactics such as psychological operations, appeal-to-fear propaganda, predictive programming, and subliminal messages, so commoners must be extremely careful not to become dupes.

In any case, it is clear that the focus of the ruler’s constant attacks is anti-human, anti-science, anti-nature, anti-truth, anti-freedom, and anti-religion. Its purpose is to crush the spirits and consciousness of ordinary Earthlings, forcing the commoners to submit to elitist and authoritarian rulers who blindly believe that the rulers have been eugenically selected.  In other words, rulers try to convince commoners that obedience promises security, equality, and benefits.

The rulers and their stakeholders pretend to love and protect nature, while trying to override it through technologies such as gene editing and gain-of-function research.  They also actively pursue a complete rewriting of history by fusing humans and machines, producing food from harmful synthetics, and converting and patenting everything on Earth into artificial objects.  

Nature and the innate order are not something to be overcome, but rather something that must coexist.  However, many examples have already shown that the technologies, tactics and rules introduced by the rulers in pursuit of ease, convenience, and artificial comfort do not protect commoner communities, wealth, health, safety, or the natural environment.

The gist of Heidegger’s ‘Being and Time (1927)’ was that as something that precedes ‘existence’, there is an opportunity called ‘time’ that relates to the future (purpose).  In other words, the essence of the existence of what is in front of us is determined according to each purpose, it means that existence arises from time.

In contrast, Tetsuro Watsuji’s ‘Fudo (Terroir = climate environment, 1935)’  said that existence is determined by Terroir before it is determined by Time.  ‘Terroir’ means the characteristics of a region, such as its natural environment, climate, landscape and space.  Furthermore, the terroir resides in the things and future that a certain individual will create in the future, and it returns to the individual as the environment (terroir, climate).  Therefore, each individual and the terroir are inseparable, and by recognizing this, it becomes possible to understand humanities.  In other words, rather than viewing terroir simply as a natural state, an interpretive method was used that placed the individual self within terroir and simulated its influence.

Watsuji then divided terroir into three types, naming them monsoon type, desert type, and ranch type, and believed that each type was basically equal, and that there was no superiority or inferiority among them.

1. The monsoon type is a characteristic climate of East Asia, including India and China, where the hot and humid nature makes the people who live there receptive and tolerant.

2. The desert type is typically seen in the Arabian Peninsula, where the arid and harsh nature encourages the people living there to be combative and to submit to the general will.

3. The ranch type is found in Europe, where the calm and obedient nature fosters rational and orderly attitudes in the people living there.

Leaving aside the details and scrutiny of the Watsuji theory, it is certain that the natural environment and characteristics of a region influence the activities and thoughts of ordinary earthlings living in that region.

For example, in marketing, Thomas J. Peters introduces in his book an episode in which Sears Roebuck’s business performance improved by implementing merchandising that matched regional characteristics.

On the other hand, the basic idea and attitude of the rulers is that the ruling class is the most advanced entity on earth, and that society evolves in line with the ideals of the rulers.  Therefore, the rulers are trying to deprive the commoners of their sovereignty, overturn all the traditions and culture that the commoners have cultivated and handed down, and make them completely contrary to nature and reality.  

In other words, not content with owning most of the wealth, the rulers seek to own everything and anything on Earth, including all genetic material, natural resources, food, land, water, and even the DNA of the commoners. The goal of the satanic rulers is to completely overturn social norms, laws, customs, and traditions for the commoners, replacing good with evil and light with darkness.

This means, the new globalism that the rulers are trying to achieve is the realization of totalitarianism to completely subdue the commoners as a single entity without human rights or sovereignty.  As part of its tactics, it is creating chaos and disorder on an unprecedented scale, promoting social division and fragmentation, and spreading deception in order to weaken the current civilian society.

Furthermore, as I mentioned in my last diary, social Darwinism is essential for rulers to maintain power. Therefore, the rulers will not allow anything to remain as natural and original as it was at creation.  Therefore, the rulers believe that a better future or utopia can be achieved by artificially modifying, reshaping, or robotizing human biology, nature, economics, and social order through technocrats.  

This meant the introduction of feudalism, techno-fascism, and authoritarian systems, and commoners will be deprived of their freedom and sovereignty, and at the same time will be forced to live in totalitarian prisons as mere humanoid masses without regional characteristics and individual identity.

As a deterrent and resistance force, intermediary organizations and communities in which ordinary commoners can cooperate for survival must be protected from plunder and dismantling by the rulers.

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Considerations From The Maui Fire

Land grabs by rulers are not limited to agricultural land, but also it was revealed that it includes areas that cannot be easily stolen, as evidenced by the complete destruction of local communities by arson using DEW on Maui, HI.

Destruction and arson attacks to capture territory are common tactics by rulers.  Looking back, from November 24, 1944 to August 15, 1945, Tokyo airstrikes were implemented 106 times, with incendiary bombs completely destroying civilian residential areas, and it is known that it was aimed at looting land around the Imperial Palace by the DS.  These lands were subsequently occupied through Mitsubishi clan, part of the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC).

Regarding the use of DEW, the most recent use was in Paradise, California in November 2018 and in the Pacific Northwest region in September 2020.

The ruler-controlled MSM reported that a hurricane passing near Hawaii and very strong winds associated with dry weather were the cause of the wildfires.  But it’s a blatant deception.  The fire spreads in a perfect circle, and even all the boats on the water in the harbor are on fire.  Additionally, no alarms were sounded and power outages were intentionally induced.  The intelligent fires deliberately avoided burning property of satan-worshipping celebrities and churches.  Furthermore, seeing that the palm trees on the same site did not burn even though the houses had completely burned down, it is clear that the target was pinpointed and burned down.

The rulers intentionally set fires to seize indigenous lands, as evidenced by the fact that land grabbing began shortly after the fires were extinguished.  Moreover, it can be easily inferred from the following facts that this disaster was implemented after careful planning in advance. For example, comedian Ariyoshi, who is dispatched by the satanic cult as a predictive programmer, visited Hawaii and tweeted a photo of himself engulfed in flames just before the fire broke out. Also, to tie the Maui tragedy to climate change, a book chronicling “the events of August 8-11, 2023” was published on August 10, before the fire was extinguished.

Prior to the arson, Hawaii Gov. Josh Green announced that on January 3, 2023, “Maui will become one of the first smart cities/15-minute cities in the United States.”  In othe words, land grabbing from indigenous peoples began to be implemented in a de facto compulsory manner.  It is Hitachi that is in charge of the smart urbanization in Maui.

Canada has also stopped displaying news reports on social media, making it difficult for commoners to gather information about wildfires, and this can also be seen as part of land grabbing.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway to restore full COVID-19 restrictions and begin rolling out in mid-September 2023, while actively creating artificial disasters such as floods and earthquakes around the world.

In a gimmick to legitimize this narrative, MSM is disseminating hypothetical information that Eris, the latest variant of coronavirus, is causing a surge in cases around the world.  Many commoners are perhaps already aware that the vicious virus “variant” that given the coined word “Covid” and visualized only in CGI is just rhetoric to keep the narrative fresh.  But, it is an essential element in carrying out the ruler’s eugenics-based totalitarian socialization plan, so it suddenly and repeatedly appears in the air of the world on MSM.  

At the same time, replicon mRNA vaccination is to be enforced, with the cult-occupied country of Japan being the first target.  VLP Therapeutics Japan and Meiji Pharma are developing the replicon mRNA vaccines.  The replicon mRNA vaccine is a self-propagating mRNA vaccine that has 20 times the growth potential, and 127 grams can cover the total population of 120 million people in Japan.  In the case of conventional mRNA vaccines, spike proteins are produced in the body according to the amount of mRNA vaccine inoculated, so there is a limit to the amount that can be produced. However, in the case of the replicon mRNA vaccine, when a small amount of the mRNA vaccine is injected, the mRNA multiplies in the body and countless spike proteins are generated.It is well known that the spike protein causes various problems in the body of the inoculated person. In addition, in the case of replicon mRNA vaccines, the recipient becomes a super-super-spreader, shedding the vaccine’s exosomes and spike proteins to the people around them.  In other words, the replicon mRNA vaccine itself will spread as a pathogen through the recipient.

BTW, Fujifilm is in charge of distribution of the replicon mRNA vaccine. To bring back memories, don’t forget that Fujifilm acquired Toyama Chemical in 2008, before the coronavirus turmoil.  Thus, the preparation began at least 10 years before the coronavirus turmoil.

At that time, Toyama Chemical was trying to accelerate the stable supply system of T-705  (Favipiravir = Avigan), an influenza drug that had been confirmed to be effective against all RNA viruses, as a response to future new influenza pandemics.  However, former PM Shinzo Abe, a pawn of the satanic cult, deliberately appointed his henchman Shigetaka Komori as CEO of Fujifilm. And at the end of 2019, at the same time that the coronavirus pandemic farce begun, Komori and other cult members fabricated and spread bad rumors about favipiravir, which is a silver bullet against coronavirus, and immediately started covering up favipiravir in 2020.  And the covering up operation continues to this day.

In any case, the immediate goal of the rulers is to enforce the WHO International Pandemic Treaty and enslave commoners in shackles.

And at the mercy of the ruling class, it is steadily moving towards the realization of a single global empire ruled by totalitarianism, where commoners will be enslaved in digital concentration gulags called smart cities.  Thus, in the single-world empire run by the ruler, all goods and services on earth would be managed, and every aspect of the lives of the common people would be regulated, controlled, and monitored.

During the Covid pandemic and lockdown, the constitutions and laws of each nation-state were the most annoying to the rulers. As such, the rulers are proceeding to erase all borders and shatter the constitutions of each nation-state. The tactics to do so are the covid pandemic disguised narrative, land grabs, and all kinds of artificial disasters, such as wildfires caused by arson, earthquakes caused by hydrogen injection, and extreme weather caused by irradiation.  Furthermore to say, the rulers are regarding the very existence of the commoners as a crime.  Therefore, the target of the ruler’s suppression is each commoner who reduces the oxygen on the earth and increases the carbon dioxide by breathing.   On the other hand, the continued exploitation of the fines of existence from the commoners is the meaning of the social sustainability that the rulers refer to.

Policymaker for rulers, WEF’s Klaus Schwab is modeled after the CCP.  In fact, the rulers are ultimately seeking to completely strip individuals of their inherent dignity, sovereignty, and freedom, as well as their ideology, consciousness, and values. They are trying to erase the individual freedom of commoners and collectivize them into mere elements of communism.

And technocrats, power-mad parasites and policy enforcers with the privilege of stealing wealth as stakeholders, will lead the evolution of the technocracy society.   Their technological innovations will dictate to each individual what to eat, where to go, what to buy, and what to inject.  In other words, commoners will be surveillanced every second.

Herbert Spencer, who lived in the same era as Darwin, believed that society would evolve in a certain direction without depending on human will, and tried to apply the evolution of living things to human society. This is the so-called theory of social evolution (also known as social Darwinism).  

For example, as a criterion for judging the evolution and development stage in human society and culture,

According to Motenskew, hunting society (barbaric society) ⇒ nomadic society (savagery) ⇒ European society (civilization).

According to Edward Tyler, the barbaric stage (animism) ⇒ primitive stage (polytheism) ⇒ civilization stage (monotheism),

In addition, 

Barbarian society ⇒ nomadic society ⇒ agricultural society. 

Barbaric stage (disorderly hunting society) ⇒ orderly stage (legal recognition and writing) ⇒ free stage (freedom from priests), 

such stages of development were presented.

For Spencer in the early days, evolution was “from a cramped society to a free society”, and assumed that a society in a liberal state, where there are guarantees such as social security and diversity, is an “advanced society.”

However, the early Spencerian liberal ideal became the logic of the strong under the ideas of “survival of the fittest” and “winners and losers.”  Then, it came to be interpreted in a way that was convenient for white Christians, and gave rise to ideas such as white supremacy and eugenics, and transformed into a logic that justified invasion and colonization by imperialist countries.

In other words, the theory of social evolution has at some point become assimilated into Lamarckism, which states that “evolution has a purpose, and whether or not a creature approaches that purpose is superior or inferior.”

This evolutionary theory also contributed to the conception of Marx’s materialistic view of history, and communism follows the paradigm of social evolutionary theory.  Looking at the word economic growth, it seems that capitalism will continue to exist while evolving, but Marx preached that capitalism will be weeded out.

Now, it is an undeniable fact that the rulers are trying to domesticate and enslave commoners based on social evolution theory and eugenics. Therefore, recently, as part of predictive programming, brainwashing that justifies the self-responsibility theory that the results produced by one’s actions are all one’s responsibility has become conspicuous.

As Nietzsche said, since the virus turmoil, a situation like resentment, which is a mentality filled with revengeful desires to fill the hatred of the weak against the strong, has become conspicuous.

That is, the anxiety and fear of the current situation and the future of each and every commoner creates anger and hatred, which develops into mass hysteria, creating a large wave that causes chaos such as violence and suffering.  In short,  the appeal-to-fear attack is a typical and common tactic of the rulers, and the current situation clearly proves that the satanists seek to control commoners under fear and oppression.

Therefore, it is important that every commoner raise their consciousness in the opposite spectrum of fear in order to prevent the satanists from invading and raiding the realm of fear.

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Steve Favis has compiled evidence that the technology exists to start wildfires from satellites in Earth orbit, and that the CCP placed satellites over Lahaina, Olinda, and Kula at the exact same time as the Maui fires.

Favis confirmed the CCP had satellite capable of the attack above Maui at the time of the fires!

The laser would have needed to be in a wave length range to minimize scatter through the atmosphere, so a near infrared range laser would be needed to allow a more precise transmission…. AND….. WOULD HAVE HAD MINIMAL REACTION TO THE COLOR BLUE! 


Was ignited at approximately at 10:47pm On August 7th.—— At this Exact Time, CCP Satellite Norad53299 was directly over this location!!!! 


Was ignited at approximately at 6:37am on August 8th.—— At this exact time CCP Satellite NORAD55836 was directly this location!


Was ignited at approximately at 11:30am on August 8th.—— At this exact time CCP Satellite NORAD53299 was directly this location!

Steve Favis also has calculated the CCP has up to 70 Gigawatt lasers in earth orbit right now.  


This is not the first time CCP Satellites have been over Hawaii recently.

Back in January of this year, mysterious green lasers were spotted over the skies of Maunakea.

The troubling thing is that there were lots of conflicting reports from NASA the first week where they insisted it was one of their satellites, but it was ultimately declared (“Likely”) a Chinese satellite, Daqi-1/AEMS, a week later.

This happened almost immediately before multiple Chinese spy balloons were spotted all Over America.

The Fact NASA had no clue and said “it’s likely” a Chinese satellite is very alarming.


Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, who works as a predictive programmer dispatched by the cult, visited Hawaii just before the Maui fires and posted photos on SNS reminiscent of wildfires.

Paradise, California in November 2018

REESE REPORT (Nov 18th 2018) Paradise California Firemen find SIGNATURES of DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS.

California Wildfire: Another Directed Energy Weapon Attack? — Extensive Scientific Evidence

Pacific Northwest region in September 2020

DEW Weapon Starting California Fires

Fujifilm acquired Toyama Chemical in 2008

Fear is the Foundation of Government Power

Updated ‘Covid’ Jabs Almost Ready As Concerns Grows Over Rapid Spread Of New Variant


Los Angeles among five cities deemed unsafe to live in or visit

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COVID-19 Vaccine may cause Antibody-Dependent Enhancement / Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

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The global depopulation agenda is more organized and well-funded than ever before in world history

COVID jabs were a CIA operation to depopulate the world

Russia Release Damning 2,000 Page Report Proving Covid Was a Globalist Bioweapon

WEF Says CBDCs Must Be ‘Implanted Under Your Skin’ if You Want To Participate in Society

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Pandemic preparedness and the road to international fascism

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Bring Back FULL Covid Restrictions, Rollout to Begin Mid-September


The Government Wants to Turn Blockchain Firms into Servants of the State


Biometrics Integrations Look to the Future of Account Access, Money, and Digital ID

Shifting To Totalitarianism While Driving The Commoners Into Frenzy With Bread And Circuses

“Bread and circuses (games)” is an expression used by the poet Juvenalis (60-130 AD) to criticize the political apathy of the citizen of ancient Rome, who were satisfied with the free food and entertainment provided by the rulers.  This refers to the so-called obscurantism, and even in ancient Rome, keeping the commoners in ignorance was part of the ruler’s policy.

In order to force the commoners to submit to the regime, it is necessary to discourage the critical consciousness of the masses  and to deliberately bias their intelligence in an undemocratic direction based on authoritarianism.  So the rulers try to deprive the commoners of their ability to criticize and their instinct for self-preservation, leaving them in a state of constant social and political ignorance.

The rulers have used malicious tactics and policies to keep the commoners stupid and idiot.

As a typical policy,

* The spread of psychological egoism through entertainment

* Biased reporting and announcements, misinformation and disinformation

* Thorough anti-democratic education such as totalitarian and military states

* Education policies that keep the populace illiterate or ignorant

* Do not tell the public the correct history or the truth of history

and so on.

In other words, the commoners are left helpless to indulge in a depoliticized, hedonistic life, satisfied by the superficial tastes intended by their rulers.

In fact, in post-war Japan, which is currently occupied and ruled by cults, these typical policy of obscurantism has been carried out.  As it is clear from the fact that the global virus turmoil began with a luxury liner owned by the ruler that arrived in Japan, that the experiments toward the ‘doomsday’ are conducted first in Japan.  So knowing Japan allows us to predict events that may occur around the world in the near future.

In order to prevent the commoners from rebelling after gaining political and social knowledge and interest, the rulers spread materialism that prioritizes material and immediate things, brainwashing and controlling the minds of the commoners to make them stupid and have been subdued.  For that reason, policies are being implemented that distort education to suit the ruler’s convenience, and also seize and control MSM to conduct biased reporting, deprive commoners of their ability to think, and make governance easier.

It was President Truman who carried out the genocide of civilians with atomic bombs, and led the introduction of the obscurantism policy, and it is clear that the Truman Doctrine is based on the Talmud.  To summarize President Truman’s remarks, “we will keep monkeys (Japanese) in cages called ‘false freedom’ and raise them, and rearing methods only provide a little luxury and convenience. It can be distracted their eyes from the truth by giving them sports, screens and sex (the 3S).  Since they are goyim, it is natural for us masters to exploit from them.”

Specifically, the policy of Japanese rule formulated and implemented by James Gardiner of GHQ is as follows;

* The 3Rs as basic principles are Revenge, Reform and Revive.

* The 5Ds, which are the priority measures, are Disarmament, Demilitarization, Disindustrialization, Decentralization, and Democratization.

* The 3S as a supplementary policy was Screen, Sports, and Sex.

With these policies, professional baseball and pro-wrestling became the national pastime, TV media and entertainment flourished, and sex customs were liberalized in Japan.  Furthermore, subliminal messages were interspersed in TV programs and commercials to manipulate and brainwash the subconscious.  In other words, by directing the commoners’ attention to these things, they were able to divert their attention from the various anxieties of society and life, as well as their interest in politics, and it became possible to manipulate the commoners according to the ruler’s intentions.  Kawaii, anime, gourmet, etc. are also on the same line of culture derived from the 3S policy.

The perpetrators behind the implementation of these GHQ policies was Nobusuke Kishi, Yoshio Kodama, and Ryoichi Sasagawa, who sold their souls to the satanic cult (asset of CIA) and were class-A war criminals acquitted after Hideki Tojo’s execution.  And the 3S policy was implemented by Matsutaro Shoriki, who cooperated as a spy agent for the CIA (= DS) and founded the Yomiuri newspaper and television.  Shoriki’s CIA codename is PODAM, Yomiuri newspaper is POBULK, Nippon Television Network (Yomiuri TV) is ODALTON.

But there is no doubt that the diligent and sincere nature of the Japanese nation and the social environment fostered the vitality that formed the foundation for rapid post-war reconstruction.  In other words, there was a sense of community peculiar to agrarian peoples and the idea of rebirth and a fresh start through reincarnation, which led to a positive social trend to rebuild a society destroyed by the DS-led Allied attacks.  In addition, due to favorable conditions such as the boom in military demand due to the Korean War, the booming economy and technological innovation continued until the shooting down of JAL 123 flight by DS (blue team = Rockefeller) in 1985.

By the way, 1-2-3 (hi-fu-mi) is a special number in satan worship as well as 520 out of 524 passengers on board died as sacrifices.  The number 520 is also derived from the satan Lucifer (Kuni-no-tokotachi = hence the Rockefeller, blue team), to revive Lucifer, the spirits of the 520 passengers were sacrificed to the 520 stone idols of Takamagahara.

Victims include Sukiyaki song singer Kyu Sakamoto, an advertising company employee, and the development team of Tron, a new-age PC operating system that was Bill Gates’ competitor.  By annihilating the developers of Tron, which was functionally far superior to Windows, DS/Soka maneuver agent Bill Gates laid the groundwork for tyranny and dictatorship in the PC OS and the artificial RNA virus turmoils.

In 1990, the Japanese bubble economy then finally collapsed, due to the DS’ strategies of looting Japanese assets, such as the introduction of total volume regulations, the privatization of the postal service, insurance fraud using Aflac life insurance owned by DS, etc.

Going back to the original topic, the 3S policy has brought about a social environment that allows the formation of nations based on the communal illusions that prioritize material and physical things above all else.  In other words, the obsession with pursuing a modern and trendy living environment has made commoners indifferent to politics and state systems.  As a result, it became possible to manipulate commoners according to the intentions of hereditary politicians subordinate to the ruler and spy politicians dispatched by foreign powers.

For Japanese commoners, television is a medium that conveys the truth honestly and accurately, and the statements of famous comedians are the most reliable source of information.  Therefore, whenever disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and typhoons were artificially created, the rulers used the media to deceive and manipulate the commoners.  And under the virus turmoil, the deception intended by the rulers was spread to the maximum extent of commoner society through the use of TV and SNS idols.

Moreover, through the introduction of technologies such as the Internet and smart phones, real social situations are being replaced with artificial environments and virtual reality, causing insidious damage.  This may have been the purpose of the 3S policy, but the Enlightenment based on the 3S policy have had a great impact on society, but at the same time, they have also caused the destructive psychosocial phenomena.  In other words, it subdivides and atomizes human beings, cuts off each commoner from the social and natural environment, and makes them fall into loneliness and isolation.

The commoners in Japan are forced to wear masks even though masks have been lifted in countries around the world, and despite the fact that the reality of excess deaths and poor health due to covid vaccines has surfaced, they are still forced to be vaccinated.  So, it means that Japanese commoners are made to believe that following what the television tells them is a good and devotion to society.  Therefore, the toxic covid vaccination rate and excess mortality rate are currently the highest in the world, and continue to break records.

It can be seen from the aftermath of the virus turmoil that Japan has been transformed into a totalitarian state by the 3S policy for about 70 years. And it can be inferred that the state as the communal illusion was formed by the masses on the basis of socio-psychological processes.

By the way, both Nazism and Stalinism are said to be totalitarianism, but the process of conquering hegemony is different from Japan.  They are called dictatorships, where the dictator unilaterally imposes a social contract on the commoners by instilling a fear of physical attack in them.

In other words, the establishment of a nation may be a system of rules, or it may be a system that emphasizes functionality.  In other words, a state may have been created as a function of establishing collective life on the basis of a social contract, or, as in Leninism, a state may be a violent apparatus created by the bourgeoisie to protect its own vested interests.

The 3S policy is not originated by Japanese cult from the own ideology, so Japan may be different from other regions, but the ruler always deploy tactics adapted to the culture, climate and ideology of the region.  And no matter where on the planet or at what era, the ruler is aiming to completely enslave (goyim) commoners to control, surveillance, and manage.

Because the 3S policy is a mass-formation tactic that lures commoners into a communal illusion or collective hypnosis to rely on group-thinking that focuses on the pleasures of the moment.  It also forbids originality and anti-establishment views, and makes commoners lonely, anxious, frightened, isolated, subject to censorship, deprived of privacy, and renounced liberty.

Human beings live for others as social beings. Thus, removing ties with others seems to make life meaningless, whether or not one recognizes its relevance to loneliness.  In other words, loneliness and social isolation lead to a lack of social ties among ordinary people. This deterioration of social connections leads to a lack of meaning in life.

The three lives of life are life, mission in life, and providence in life, and the deprivation of these leads to a barren life for commoners.  So the rulers are launching a series of psychological attacks on the common people, to make life meaningless, to make society lack moral standards, to make facts irrelevant and perceptions to the center.

Anxiety that is not bound by the image of an object is difficult to manage mentally, so there was always a risk of people panicking during the virus turmoil.  Moreover, the commoners who were isolated by the lockdown lost their ties with others, lost their sense of meaning in life, and experienced indescribable anxiety.  

It is not the frustration or aggression that is effectively vented that fuels collective formation and mass hysteria, but the potential for unvented aggression that exists within the group, aggression that is still looking for a target.  In other words, the self-destruction of commoners by attacking each other is the composition of the totalitarian society in the near future intended by the ruler.

Both the red team and the blue team are branches from the same trunk, so focusing only on the confrontational structure leads to losing sight of the truth.  In order for ordinary earthlings to be freed from the cruel and outrageous acts of their rulers, it may begin with each commoner knowing the meaning of the three lives of life and putting them into practice.

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Eleven signs that humanity is DOOMED and won’t survive much longer on planet Earth

Relationship Between Food Crisis, Control Of Brain Function, And Hierarchical Structure

In all ages and regardless the East or the West, the ruler has made control of the commoners the pivotal goal of their reign.  And most of its domination and control strategies are based on a social design that is convenient for the selfish minority elites who pursues greed and power just for now, only for money, and only for themselves, who submissively submit the goals and objectives of their rulers.  Then, a pattern often adopted by rulers as a means of constructing democratic unfreedom for the commoners is to carry out specific agendas suitable for strengthening hierarchical power structures under the guise of scientific rationalism.

In 1973, Henry Kissinger summarized the ruler’s tactical policy as follows: “Who controls the food supply controls the people, who controls the energy can control whole continents, who controls money can control the world.”

In fact, it became even more pronounced in the 1980s, but through the rationalism of the elite technocratic establishment,  the emergence of corporatism and the rise of conglomerates, the global governance clearly became a trend for social control.

As an example, the global food system, which is the control and management of the global food supply by multinational corporations, began during this period, and the designation of production areas for each agricultural product and the farmland grab began.

Actually, in Japan, since the mid-1980s, globalists such as Kenichi Ohmae of McKinsey & Co. (Soka) actively advocated the transfer of Japanese agricultural production to overseas global corporations run by rulers. Confronting this, there were scenes in which intellectuals such as Hisashi Inoue raised their objections furiously.

BTW, many Japanese companies aiming to enter overseas markets, such as Asahi Breweries and Tsumura Juntendo,  have carried out CI (corporate identity) reforms to renew their company names and logos in line with globalization.  At that time, the overseas market refers to the US, EC, and Japan, where GDP exceeds $10k per capita, where Engel’s coefficient has declined and disposable income has increased, and was also called the triad market.

It was also around this time that the company began promoting a lineup based on the production concept of high-mix, low-volume production to meet individual needs.  In other words, it has become possible to subdivide and diversify strategic targets from the masses to individuals.

In any case, the ruler’s plan to eventually completely weed out the commoners is set with the goal of achieving it in a long span, such as 50 or over 100 years. Therefore, an isolated glimpse of current phenomena fails to capture even the motives and tactics of the rulers to reach their ultimate goal.  In other words, it is necessary to connect the points of history one by one and grasp them as a line.

Also, in a hierarchical structure organized by rulers, MSM is placed under the umbrella of the CFR, so it is dangerous to accept news reports by MSM without question, and it is necessary to be very careful.

This is because, in order to maintain their own interests, profits, and the hierarchical structure of control, the rulers infiltrate the society of the commoners with elements that impede brain activity, and repeat the brainwashing of the commoners with untruths and disinformation.  In other words, they intentionally prevent the brains of commoners from functioning properly.

The words that have the most negative impact on the brain are said to be “untruthful words.”  It is said that by inputting the truth, the correct programming language, the brain is refreshed so that it can think and do new things. On the other hand, if untruthful wrong words continue to be input into the brain, the brain will eventually malfunction and stop functioning properly and normally.

On top of that, it is also important to constantly strive to expand the possibilities of the brain, and it is important to understand the phenomenon more deeply than just to see it.  In relation to this, Yukio Mishima, in his reference book for readers and writers, “Bunsho Dokuhon”, recommended that there are two types of readers, the ordinary reader and the intensive reader, and that one should strive to become an intensive reader.

Returning to the food supply issue, the food crisis fabrication by the rulers has become more aggressive and accelerated to facilitate the disabling and incapacitating of the commoners.  Among them, the obstacles to the production and distribution of staple food ingredients are extremely serious for ordinary earthlings.  This is because they are deeply involved in brain activity to increase proficiency and increase brain efficiency without waste.

Although there are individual differences, the mass of the brain is about 2% of the body weight, which is 1.2kg to 1.6kg.  However, the energy consumption of the brain is very large, 20% of the total.  The brain’s energy source is glucose only, and does not accept amino acids or lipids.  The brain needs 120g to 150g of glucose per day, and its consumption is 25% of the whole body, so we have to take in 500g to 600g of glucose per day.  Starch is a combination of many glucose molecules, and is an important energy source for human activities.  Therefore, if you don’t consume the right amount of starch, your brain will not work as well, and in the worst case, your brain will die, which can lead to physical death.  And the foods that contain a lot of starch are the staple foods: rice, bread, pasta, wheat, corn, and potatoes.

This example also shows how the rulers use brutal tactics to weed out the commoners.  

Looking back on the history around the 13th century as a background, it is a confrontation between the ruling system by the enormous power of the Habsburg family, descendants of the ancient Roman Empire, and their subordinates, the nobility. In other words, it is a composition of heretical Christian fundamentalism against Roman Catholicism.  In the United States, it is evangelical, but the prototype of the so-called Christian fundamentalism adopted by the aristocrats is Druidism, which was transformed into Zoroastrianism and other religions in order to escape persecution from ancient Rome.  And in Druidism, mistletoe and human sacrifice are both sacred, killing a person is the most pious act, and eating its flesh confers the highest blessings of health. It can be said that it is a so-called devil worship, but in other words, the supreme goal is the extinction of humankind. Military-powered aristocrats everywhere waged struggles and wars against the emperor, but these constant wars were carried out with the goal of annihilating the human race.  Thus, during this period, while amassing wealth, the demonic nobles enslaved the commoners and plundered their produce and possessions.

On the other hand, the emperor borrowed the war expenses using the land as collateral, but it was the Rothschilds who lent the war funds to the emperor.  But in fact, the banker Rothschild was funded by 12 aristocrats derived from medieval aristocrats, represented by the Habsburgs, who were depositors of knights and aristocrats aiming for independence from the emperor.  Eventually, the emperor will not be able to repay his debts, and his collateral land will be taken by the Rothschilds. In this way, the lands of nobles and knights beyond the reach of the emperor’s authority became independent.

And satan-worshipping aristocrats who rebelled against the emperor, flocked to Switzerland before the Industrial Revolution to seek arms, wealth and industry, and formed the basis of today’s global finance and money laundering, and established their regime of dominion in the hierarchy.

In any case, in order to manage and control not only the existence and the labor force of the survived commoners, but also the mechanism of the brain, the rulers are trying to fabricate a food crisis and stop the production and supply of staple foods.  One can sense that the points of historical events and the turmoil and tactics implemented by the rulers today are connected as a line.

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Protecting Staple Foods and Stopping Land Grabbing Is The Urgent Matter

It is well known that the benefits obtained from plants are enormous, but rather, it is necessary to know that plants and humans cannot coexist unless they help each other.  Therefore, forced and artificial disruption of the natural cycle should never be allowed.  However, the natural environment is being rapidly destroyed by the Net-Zero agenda of the satanic rulers, and the devastation of nature on earth is progressing significantly day by day.

The oxygen that humans and animals obtain through respiration is produced by photosynthesis in plants. Conversely, the carbon dioxide emitted by humans and animals after taking in oxygen is essential for photosynthesis.

In addition, trees that have grown large extend their roots deep into the ground and store water in the ground to prevent landslides, and phytoncide emitted from trees gives ordinary people healing and peace of mind.

So, all natural environments are designed to circulate by maintaining harmony.

Satanic climate cultists have begun blaming rice for global warming, while acquiescing to the methane gas produced during the ruler-run shell oil extraction.  The bottom line is that the rulers can be anything they choose to make into a villain, but it’s clearly related to the food crisis fabrication that’s being implemented. In other words, it is to destroy paddy fields that cannot be reduced by arson like livestock barns.

As part of that plan, cult-occupied Japan passed and enacted legal amendments that allow corporations acting as stakeholders of the rulers to apply for farmland acquisitions across the country.  Furthermore, the Japanese traitor cabinet has announced that it will accept 100 trillion yen of foreign investment in Japan by 2030.  Even though it is called investment, the internal situation is permission for real estate investment, meaning that it promotes the sale of national land such as farmland.  In other words, it is to promote the sale of land in pieces in Japan, as the countries in default did.

Staple food is the food that people consume most on a daily basis. It refers to the food that is the main part of the diet that can mainly be ingested carbohydrates and energy, and generally grains and potatoes are representative.

In descending order of annual world production, corn (1.03 billion tons), wheat (740 million tons), rice (480 million tons), and potatoes (380 million tons).  

Although it depends on the era and region, one to 200 grains of rice can be harvested, but only one to 20 grains of wheat can be harvested.  Looking at other data, comparing the amount of seeds sown and the amount harvested, around the 15th century, the amount of rice was more than 20 times higher, while the amount of wheat was about 5 times higher. Currently, rice is around 130 times higher, but wheat is about 24 times higher.

In addition, rice can be cultivated and harvested twice a year on the same land, but wheat cannot be cultivated continuously, so a three-field system is adopted.

That is because by continuing to grow the same crops year after year, the soil becomes depleted of nutrients and disease is more likely to occur. Therefore, in order to avoid the deterioration of soil fertility in the fields, three-field farming was established in Europe.  Farmland is divided into three equal parts, and each year different plots are assigned to summer crops, winter crops and fallow land. And the farmland that had grown crops that year was put to rest the following year.

On the other hand, like other Asian countries, rice paddies have been established in Japan since ancient times.  During the Edo period, under the national isolation policy, there was no imported food, and people were completely self-sufficient. In other words, about 30 million people lived on the foods produced from domestic farmland alone.

Since the farmland area in the middle of the Edo period was about 3 million hectares, it was about 10 ares per person. In Europe at the same time, it is said that one person needed more than one hectare of farmland to live.  Converting this to the situation in Japan, one hectare can provide enough energy (calories) for 10 people.  Therefore, although the area of agricultural land is small, it means that it was able to feed a very large population thanks to rice paddies.

In other words, paddy fields are agricultural land with the highest conversion rate of solar energy.

Therefore, the rulers are well aware that denouncing rice is essential for fabricating the food crisis, because comparing the production of rice and wheat per unit of area, rice is several times more than wheat. So it follows that the rulers are implementing special tactics that maximize effectiveness with less resistance.

In any case, the demonic rulers have expressed their hostility to the natural world and are actively destroying traditions and the natural environment, transforming or transferring all of them, including humanity, into fakes and artifacts.

The root of this tactic of promoting the destruction of the natural environment that grows plants, including staple food, is the concept of reducing the surplus population based on eugenics, which was advocated by the Club of Rome in 1972 in Limits to Growth.  In other words, while the commoner population increases by multiplication, the amount of food production increases only by addition, so the idea is that commoners are the root cause of destroying the environment and nature’s providence and should be weeded out.

Based on this idea, in the 1980s, the population reduction plan was already started, and also research and development that preceded current urban planning to contain the surviving commoners was launched, such as smart cities and sustainable urban planning.  e.g. Shenzhen City in China, Tsukuba City Planning in Japan, etc..

At the same time, when it comes to environmental issues, the rulers used their usual apeal-to-fear propaganda, instilling in commoners the fear that environmental destruction threatens the survival of humanity.

For example, ‘conservation of biological diversity’ is the subject of Chapter 15 of Agenda 21 and carried over to Agenda 2030 as SDG15.  But it goes back to the Biodiversity Treaty, signed at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, aimed at promoting ‘sustainable development’.

The thing to watch out for here is that there is a rhetorical gimmick that is the ruler’s usual tactic.  ‘Biodiversity’ is the transformation and diversification that the rulers advocate.  So, it is inconsistent with the “conservation” of the original uniqueness and existence of living things that has been inherited from ancient times, although ‘conservation of biological diversity’ sounds like the ruler is trying to save the earth.

In fact, the rulers abandoned the legal “protections” and neglected to “save” the commoners, transforming the commoners into transhumans with weakened natural immunity by modifying their DNA through coercion of mRNA vaccines.  The result is a surge in excess deaths, just as the rulers intended.

Furthermore, by building global governance such as the Global Pandemic Treaty, the rulers are removing the shackles of local laws and constitutions, and deprives commoners of their sovereignty and freedom, accelerating the transformation into the extremely strict surveillance society.  For example, in addition to depopulation programs, land grabbing under the guise of environmental conservation and plans to resettle surviving commoners into ‘sustainable communities’ are also underway.

SDG15 of Agenda2030 includes the 1992 Wildlands Project and the 1995 Global Biodiversity Assessment, in addition to the 1992 Convention on Biological Diversity.  And that is the real purpose of the WEF and the United Nations, to build the totalitarian regime in which only the rulers and their stakeholders benefit, by perpetually exploiting from the commoners.  So, SDG is not based on solving environmental problems or protecting nature.

In the Wildlands Project, it advocates will convert at least 50% of the land area of North America to wilderness off limits to humans.  These core wilderness areas are interconnected by wilderness corridors off-limits to humans.  These wilderness areas are surrounded by buffer zones in which the use of resources is restricted under federal supervision and authorization in cooperation with non-governmental organizations.

The 30 by 30 plan, which was re-promoted at the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (UNCBD) conference at COP15 in 2022, aims to expand natural habitats and corridors to cover 30% of the land area.  But the reality of 30 x 30 is history’s greatest land grab under the guise of ‘biodiversity conservation’.  This nefarious plan will force some 300 million indigenous peoples around the world to leave their homelands and forests in the name of ‘conservation’. On the other hand, a very small number of rulers and their stakeholders suddenly become land nouveau riches.

The Indigenous Environment Network strongly condemns private commercial profit schemes that plan to profit from Mother Earth.  But their voices do not reach those rulers who strive for exploitation and pursue only their own interests.  Meanwhile, about $10 trillion of new investment or financial markets will be created over the next decade to provide companies with the opportunity to engage in the 30 by 30, hailed as the New Deal for Nature.

A biodiversity plan is a social structure in which only the rulers make an unfair profit. Conversely, commoners are evicted, crammed into prison districts set up in cities, and denied access to nature and the natural world. In addition, all production activities such as agriculture and livestock are prohibited, so that commoners are given artificial food grown in laboratories.  Moreover, it is imperative to depopulate by genocide of commoners to get there.

This example also leads to the sad reality that sustainable development prioritizes the self-interest of rulers while depriving commoners of their liberty and property.  In other words, sustainable development is the promise of lasting and immortal profits to the rulers.  On the one hand, commoners are based on the sad reality that they are forcibly deprived of everything: liberty, sovereignty, and property.

Protecting the staple food from being plundered by the ruler is not only about preserving the distribution of food, but also protecting the agricultural and livestock activities that are the innate rights of commoners.

The digital and IT industries may be the star industries of our time, but they just don’t have the productivity  and symbiotic power to keep humanity and the planet alive, like agriculture, which converts solar energy and soil fertility into the vitality of life.

The first thing Noah did when he got out of the ark was to cultivate grapes, so the history of mankind began with reclamation and clearing land, and this idyllic nostalgic scene remains in people’s deep psyches as an original landscape.

In the Great Depression after WW-I, food and supplies were available, but hyperinflation made them unavailable to commoners as they could not afford them. Then, the food shortage created social divisions and confrontational structures, and people forced to live under oppression entrusted their future to neoliberalism. In effect, however, neoliberalism created a closed society based on vested interests, resulting in a transition to totalitarianism in which individual dignity and freedom were not recognized. And now, in a more evolved form, the rulers are trying to replicate the social trends that this historical fact bears out.

At the end of WW-II, all of Japan was devastated by incendiary bombings by fighter planes dispatched by the Deep State.  However, behind the rapid recovery of Japan after the war was the fact that even the younger generation of Japan at the time had acquired agricultural know-how.

Akira Kurosawa’s film “Seven Samurai” tells the story of seven samurai who are hired by a peasant suffering from looting by nobushi and work together to protect their village from an attack by nobushi.  The surviving samurai, who is about to defeat the nobushi and leave the village, sees the peasants who have regained peace and devote themselves to rice planting (production activities), and mutters, “Maybe the peasants are the real winners.”

There is no need for overproduction to the point where the market is saturated and discarded. But at least we should stop giving up enough production rights to be shared by the surviving commoners, and the commoners should immediately prevent the looting of production rights by the ruler and the transfer of production rights to the ruler.

Hopefully, future history books will describe that the ordinary commoners who never let go of production and didn’t neglect production eventually defeated the unproductive technocrats.

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