God’s Death As The Result Of WEF Acquiring Divine Powers To Rule Over Humanity

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Klaus Schwab finally confessed that the WEF has adopted the CCP’s ideology, political ponerology and hierarchical structure as the model for their Great Reset and NWO schemes.  I have been advocating that for years now and I have to thank Schwab for proof that it is true.

According to Schwab,  he is using China as his model of the Great Reset because he was inspired by China’s economic growth.  But while that is a complete lie, it is clear that economic growth per se is not the main focus of his Great Reset.  Schwab is only impressed that the CCP has turned the entire country into a giant prison, setting a precedent for the Great Reset he is about to carry out.

The CCP has transformed the entire country into a sustainable society where only the upper echelons and their stakeholders can benefit. That fact is evident, for example, in that commoners are enslaved and exploited as much as possible.  Moreover, it is common knowledge that people around the world know that rebels and heretics are imprisoned in concentration camps and utilized as inventory sources for organ distribution businesses.

The horrifying system of governance under advanced communism was not voluntarily chosen by the commoners of China.  Historically, behind it lies the Hakka (Han ethnic minority) seizure of hegemony.  Further, it stems from the satanic Rothschild-financed the evil Mao Zedong coming to power with the help of the Comintern and carrying out brutal genocide, and seizing power by force.  

Within the two-tiered structure of Marxism, the bourgeoisie sees the proletariat as nothing more than an object to be exploited. So there is no recognition that all are the same human race or fellowman.  This is the same as Hegel, which Marx adopted, and Hegel does not consider the relationship between humans and nature. Therefore, in communism, it became an ideology that “nature is something to be overcome”, and communists are destroying nature without feeling guilty, as seen in the mega solar panel park.

There are endless examples of satanic communist rulers seeing ordinary people simply as sources of exploitation.  China’s organ harvesting was first exposed in 2006 by a brave Chinese media worker investigating the 2003 SARS outbreak.  Moreover, there is plenty of evidence that CCP cadres, including the evil Chairman Mao Zedong, are eating human brains taken from live humans as a health supplement.

Schwab’s spies have infiltrated governments and industries around the world, and their tactics are the same as those of the CCP.  In order to accommodate Schwab’s “stakeholder capitalism,” which only benefits the wealthy ruling class, the spies add self-serving executive officials and politicians as co-conspirators, and they are skillfully implementing operations for the “Great Reset”.  They all praise the establishment of international governments and the management of the planet as the response to the “threat” of global warming, which is based entirely on deception.

For many years, the Hakka have dispatched secret agents as immigrants to countries in Southeast Asia and elsewhere to occupy and operate major institutions in those countries.  Incidentally, at present, about 3,000 to 4,000 CCP undercover operatives are naturalized every year in Japan.  Those spies are running for parliament with funds from CCP, stealing top-secret tech information at major companies, distributing illegal drugs, and committing fraud and theft in the streets.  One billion JPY (= approx $80 million USD) per party or person will be paid to political parties and parliamentarians who helped CCP undercover operatives win the election, unless they get caught in the honey trap set by CCP.

The purpose of the viral turmoil is to cause social unrest and fear and take advantage of it to carry out genocidal operations using lethal Covid mRNA vaccines to depopulate the common people.  And the satanic rulers are aiming to make the two-layers structure of society that Marxism divided into a single layer, and are trying to enslave the non-ruling classes and surveil all the aspect of lifestyles, activities and thoughts.

Event 201, a viral pandemic exercise, was held on October 18, 2019, just before releasing Covid-19 virus.  Therefore, the title “201” can be read to mean “the unity of duality”.  As Rothschild spokesman Jack Atari puts it, the world is moving towards “ultra-democracy,” social governance through extreme surveillance.  It means that commoners, excluding stakeholders who subsidize rulers, is made into a single-layer as the goyim classified by the Talmud.  Moreover, the purpose of establishing Johns Hopkins University, where Event 201 was held, was to conduct R&D of biological weapons to kill immigrants from China after the gold rush era.  So everything lines up.

Behind the public frenzy over coverage of the World Cup match, at the plenary session of the House of Councillors in Japan, which has been completely occupied by satanic cults, has quietly passed amendments to the Infectious Diseases Law and other related laws.  As a result, the “My Number Health Insurance Card” will be used as a vaccine passport.  This means that preparations are well underway for the introduction of the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty.

As it stands now, technically anyone can create and sell cryptocurrencies, so when existing commodities are alienated and ruler monopolies are established and all surviving commoners are fitted with reins by blockchain, CBDC will start booting.  It is the moment when sovereignty, democracy, and freedom are taken away from ordinary earthlings.

On November 2, 2022, Twitter CEO Elon Musk released the company’s internal documents (Twitter documents) through journalist Matt Taiebee.  The content claims that Twitter suppressed media coverage of Joe Biden’s son Hunter just before the 2020 presidential election.

Elon Musk, like Apple’s Tim Cook, is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the CCP.  Incidentally, Tim Cook has close ties to the CCP, having been appointed Advisory Chair of the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in 2019.  Tsinghua University is also Xi Jinping’s alma mater and a base for Soka brainwashing education, where Japanese cult parliamentarians Nikai and Kono are also lecturers.

Binance, which financed Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, operates the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, and its founder and CEO is a Chinese-Canadian named Changpeng Zhao.  In addition, the US venture capital Sequoia Capital also provides funds for Elon Musk to acquire Twitter, but the company has a base in China called “Sequoia Capital China (Red Cedar Capital China Fund)”, and is effectively under the auspices of the CCP.  As such, Twitter, once a servant of the blue team, now seems to have been selected as an offensive force for the red team and instigating the overthrow of the blue team.

Among the rulers, achieving the WEF’s agenda is their consensus, but which team will take the lead is the biggest issue right now. It feels like the red team has the advantage, but while the Jacob faction is the most influential within the Red Team, there seems to be ugly internal struggles for supremacy, and it seems to be common knowledge.

Anyway, Elon Musk met with Tim Cook on December 1, 2022, who is suppressing speech by Chinese people protesting lockdowns while exposing the fraud of Hunter Biden, who has a close relationship with the CCP. While pretending to be an ally of the common people, Musk exposed a little bit of the actual censorship that was taking place inside Twitter. However, exposing part of the fact and gaining the support of the common people should be seen as the typical tactic of manipulating public opinion by rulers that has been repeated historically. In other words, in order to overthrow the blue team, and to accompany the operatives of other teams who hide the truth and mislead the people, on Twitter, they will further censor speech and information according to the CCP’s intentions and may strengthen it.

Schwab’s role is to shape the world’s “transformation” in the current era, praising the CCP’s state-controlled authoritarian system.  Schwab says Jesus is fake news, God is dead and commoners have no soul.

In fact, according to Schwab, “God is dead” and the WEF leaders have “acquired divine powers” to rule over humanity.  And a new one world religion has arrived and it unites all of humanity in worshipping at the altar of climate science, techno-communism and eugenics.  To do so, they are trying to turn ordinary Earthlings into “hackable animals” who are incapable of free thought and have no free will.

On the other hand, Nietzsche’s “God is dead” means “religion is not worth believing”, which means “there is no absolute point of view”. In other words, humans have weaknesses and seek help from religion to cover them up. However, overcoming these challenges, we must be honest with ourselves, actively live with a strong spirit, be honest with ourselves and grow creatively, and regain our lost excellence and strength in the sense of “good” is needed.

It may be something that only I feel, but the tactic Schwab is trying to rule over humanity is to turn humanity is to depersonalize and zombify humanity.  So it seems to be completely different from Nietzsche’s affirmation of the vitality in life, which describes an active individual who tries to transform and ascend from “the death of God” to “super-human (Übermensch)”.

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