Economic Collapse Is Made Of This Way And Maneuvered This Way

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In the previous diary, I mentioned about the structure of the ruling hierarchy and affiliated organizations on Earth, and how struggles for supremacy within the Illuminati lead to wars involving commoners.  The ruling class at the top of the hierarchy is the satanists who seek complete control over Earthlings through human sacrifice and policies of terror and power.  In short, it’s about turning ordinary Earthlings into goyim, and it’s now in its final stages, with various evidence revealing more aggressive tactics being carried out.  Since 2019, which started with the virus turmoil, it has become even more aggressive, and genocide has been implemented by harsh attacks with biological weapons using the name of vaccines.

The rulers continuously carry out insidious tactics to deprive the common people of food, basic necessities, and health by spreading bird flu and slaughtering birds, setting fire to pig farms, stopping logistics to further the food crisis, and derailing trains to spread toxic chemicals.

In addition, the rulers also actively carry out financial attacks to maximize the casualties of commoners. Because the rulers know that keeping commoners in poverty is what drives their willingness to work.

Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, about a farmer’s family in 1930s Oklahoma that overlaps with the Great Depression, contains many depictions that overlap with the current situation.

Briefly summarizing the plot, Oklahoma farmers will not be able to cultivate their land due to the occurrence of sandstorms called dust balls, which have been exacerbated by the destruction of nature by land clearing.  One farming family’s life is just as difficult as the others, and they heard that there are plenty of jobs in California, the family reluctantly decides to leave their hometown.  It was a grueling journey through the Arizona desert and the Rocky Mountains.  But the Great Depression and mechanized agriculture had already forced many Okies (Oklahoma farmers) into California, creating a labor surplus, so their hopes are ruthlessly dashed.

The background at that time is, the outbreak of WW-I, with Europe as the main battlefield from 1914 to 1918, and production bases for industrial and agricultural products moved from Europe to the United States.  After the war, the American economy continued to thrive as it continued to supply impoverished Europe.  From the beginning of the 1920s, urbanization in the United States progressed, and demand for housing, road maintenance, and the automobile industry also developed, making it the center of the world economy.  The rapid growth of GNP lowers Engel’s coefficient, which in turn leads to an increase in disposable incomes.  This has led to a rapid increase in investment in US corporate stocks by the general public.  And the investment in US stocks spread all over the world. 

After a while, however, sales of both industrial and agricultural products gradually declined as European countries recovered.  Moreover, in the United States, “unsold products” occurred due to excessive production capacity.  But, even if there is production capacity, the low-income class cannot afford to buy it, so domestic demand will not expand. Along with this, investment in the stocks of declining US companies also decreased.

On October 24, 1929, the day known as Black Thursday, stocks plunged on the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street.  People who felt uneasy withdrew their deposits from banks (aka, bank run), and the banks went bankrupt. The companies that the banks had financed also went bankrupt, and the factories that hired them went bankrupt, and the impact spread like a domino effect. There are dozens of suicides a day, and the official unemployment rate is as high as 25%.  The Great Depression in the United States, which had a powerful influence on the global economy, plunged the world into chaos.  This was proof of the mechanism by which a plunge in stock prices leads to the collapse of banks.  For example, it is still fresh in our memory that the Lehman Brothers collapse started with a plunge in stock, just like the mechanism.

In 1933, Franklin Roosevelt became president and implemented the New Deal to deal with the Great Depression and rebuild the American economy.  Specifically, the following initiatives were carried out with the goal of the 3Rs of Relief, Reconstruction, and Reform.

* Emergency banking law

All banks across the country were temporarily closed, and the government promised to audit, support, and restructure their operations. In short, it enabled government intervention in financial institutions.

* NIRA (National Industrial Recovery Act)

Abolish antitrust laws and encourage corporate alliances known as cartels. In other words, the company was put under the supervision of the government, and it was able to consistently manage from the amount of production to the management of workers and labor organizations.

* AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act)

It made it possible to limit the amount of agricultural production and manipulate the price of agricultural products.

* TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority)

Launched large-scale public works projects centered on the construction of many dams.

Until then, the United States had adopted a liberal economic policy with limited government intervention in the market, but the government shifted to a policy of active market intervention.  So, this is the first step in the de facto transition to the totalitarian regime based on Marxism in the United States.  In fact, many Cominterns from the Soviet Union infiltrated the Roosevelt administration and exerted great influence on domestic and foreign policy.  Also, on Wall Street, where WASP control was strong, Ashkenazi investors made a leap due to the Great Depression. Furthermore, in the 1930s, Ashkenazis developed various industries such as the consumer industry and the media business, and the Ashkenazis and Zionists, including Franklin Roosevelt, came to directly influence politics.

After that, systems to monitor and control commoners as proletariat were introduced one after another.  For example, the Social Security Number (aka SSN), introduced in 1936, was to track the income history of US workers and use it to determine Social Security entitlement and calculate benefit levels. But on the other hand, the personal identification number (SSN) also fulfills the function of the so-called Mark of the Beast.  Because the ruler’s goal is to shift the current financial system to a trackable and traceable CBDC and use it to monitor and control commoners.  And the introduction of CBDC and the implantation of digital ID chips in the human body is one package, as it prevents commoners from escaping the surveillance system.  For example, the Japanese government is currently accelerating the introduction of commoner management numbering called My Number, and deploying despicable policies that create discriminatory conditions to which commoners are compelled to consent.

As an aside, around the same time as the New Deal policy, Britain and France introduced a policy called the bloc economy.  These countries used their colonies as blocs and surrounded them with high tariffs to prevent the influx of cheap imports from other countries.  But this policy had a major impact on countries that did not have colonies, countries that were kicked out of the bloc. They include Japan, Germany and Italy. Then, Fascism rose to prominence in Germany and Italy, and Japan plunged into militarism, and the foundation for the outbreak of WW-II will be built.

All the events are well laid out on the timeline, so it’s hard to say they happened by fortuity or natural causes. So it should be seen that someone was behind and laid it out.  In fact, the murder of the Austrian crown prince, which led to WW-I, was intentional, and the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, which led to WW-II, should be seen as a false flag attack set by someone other than the Japanese army.

At the same time that the truth of the virus attack was about to be exposed, the economy suddenly shifted to inflation due to soaring crude oil prices, turmoil in logistics, and shortages of agricultural and livestock products.  It should be noted that the inflation referred to here is cost-push inflation due to supply shortages, not demand-pull inflation due to increased demand.

To break out of this social trend, mainstream economists repeatedly advocate the need for austerity as a countermeasure against economic collapse and inflation.  If fiscal austerity reduces demand to match the level of supply, inflation may subside. But that would mean shrinking demand to match the level of shrinking supply, which would further accelerate the impoverishment of the commoners.

Since cost-push inflation is caused by supply constraints, the countermeasures must be policies that alleviate supply constraints.  In short, it requires large-scale, long-term, planned public investment, as well as aggressive fiscal expansion to subsidize and support private investment.

Basically, mainstream economics is the theory that the total amount of money is fixed, and the amount of money decreases and disappears as it is used.  Storing and waiting for use is called ‘pooling’, so it is also called the money pool theory.  In other words, the theory is, the total amount of money in a country is fixed, so if the country’s cash flow becomes stagnant or it becomes unable to repay interest or the principal of its external debts, the country’s finances and economy will collapse.

The commoners can take the money pool theory for granted because they are desperate to protect their money and try to stockpile as much money as possible like water in a reservoir.  Because the income of the common people is limited and forced to return their income to the ruler in the form of taxes as a penalty for survival.  The rulers seem to find this popular illusion so useful that they have even established the Nobel Prize in Economics to give authority to money pool theorists.

It is necessary to understand what the country is doing. It is called the managed currency system, which means that money can be increased or decreased at will by the government.

In short,

* Money is just a ticket, an artificial product with unlimited production (meaning that it is not a natural resource with a fixed amount of reserves)

* Money is just a number, and a person can increase the required amount by pressing the number button on the computer.

* If too much money flows into the market, the value will plummet, so taxes will be collected and the money will disappear to prevent a crash.  In other words, taxes act as stabilizers for inflation or deflationary gaps, and taxes are money to be eliminated.  Also, the national revenue source is the issuance of public bonds, not taxes.

In other words, as long as a country issues government bonds in its own currency, it will not go economic collapse.  As an aside, fiscal policy should adjust fiscal spending based on inflation rather than tax revenue, taking into account the fact that government spending on bond issuance affects inflation.

Now, the structure that money is just a string of numbers that can be created by pressing a button on a computer, and that there is no financial collapse as long as the country issues government bonds in its own currency, can be expanded and applied to the entire globe.  This is because the BIS, the IMF, the ECB, the FRB, and central banks such as the Bank of Japan are all private companies under the ruler’s umbrella.  So the central banks and others of each country are only authorized by nought to type numbers called money.  In other words, the numbers can be freely manipulated according to the intention of the ruler.

BTW, the presidents of these institutions appear out of nowhere because the rulers make major personnel appointments.  Furthermore, ECB President Christopher Lagarde (red team) was previously Managing Director of the IMF, and former ECB President Draghi was appointed Prime Minister of Italy, so it can be seen that they are being passed around at the will of the ruler.

On the other hand, there is a strong tendency to look at the stock market and try to infer economic and social condition, but investing is a gamble.   Moreover, Vanguard and BlackRock, which are under the ruler’s umbrella, handle almost all stocks, and they can manipulate prices as much as they want by typing computer buttons.

But there are actually three aspects that are directly related to the lives of commoners and affect economic activity: production, distribution, and expenditure.  Now the rulers are carrying out more aggressive attacks on the three fundamental aspects of plebeian life, in order to accelerate the achievement of their agenda, and are making the commoners more destitute and distressed.

This time SVB’s bank run has been foretold in advance by The Simpsons. In any case, the rulers will give advance notice of upcoming crimes in magazines such as Nature, Science, The Economist, or medias, movies, etc.

So, the immediate bail-in/bail-out event of the major banks said to be on the brink of collapse should be viewed as farces of fraud as part of predictive programming prepared by the rulers.  And it could mean that the self-made mega-event is just around the corner, such as the Great Depression, World War or the Great Reset (incl. CBDC, trans-humanism, dehumanization, deprivation of sovereignty, etc.).

Therefore, if there is a victory or defeat event on the street, we should suspect that there is some manipulation going on behind the scenes. In any case, whether one of the rulers wins or loses, the commoners’ lives cannot be expected to turn around for the better. In other words, unless commoners and rulers are reversed, commoners will not have peace and happiness.

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