Censorship To Shift To Totalitarianism

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Time seemed to fly by so quickly, especially in the last few years.  But it was very meaningful for me to start a diary site from this year on my friend’s recommendation.  On the other hand, with AI robot censorship becoming more extensive and stringent, along with manipulation of mass society through deception and misinformation, it seems harder than ever to get accurate and true information when searching deeply for something.

Censorship is the deliberate use of power to suppress or prohibit speech, whether rightly or wrongly, in order to silence another individual.  Thus, censorship is inherently hierarchical, and always implemented top-down from ruler to ruled. That is because, it is for the purpose of inherently reinforcing the power structures and regime of the ruler.

In other words, censorship is applied to speech, expressions, ideologies, thoughts, etc. that the regime deems undesirable and harmful to the formation and maintenance of the political and social order unilaterally enforced by the ruler.

Free speech is known to provide evolutionary advantages in societies where it is practiced.  For example, the right to speak freely had great implications for the democratic practices of the political class in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. This tacit understanding treated all members of the political class equally, so that no member of the political class had the power to censor other members without the consent of the political body.

Ancient Greek symposiums and banquets were always well served with wine, creating an atmosphere conducive to communication with colleagues and the development of philosophical discussions.  Since such gatherings were held many times for hours and days, wine was diluted with water to delay intoxication in order to maintain calmness and mental vigor.  People at that time may not have intentionally sought conscious ascension or spiritual evolution.  However, it somehow makes us feel a sense of liberation based on freedom of speech, and the vitality to pursue the truth.

In contrast, censorship, which relies on existing power structures, is a policy of repression aimed at dissidents or resistors in order to retain or consolidate power.  Censorship is inherently incompatible with human progress, since civilization evolves through an endless struggle to better the system of existing power enforcement.  Furthermore, civilizations that enforce widespread censorship tend to stagnate.

Since expression is inseparably related to media as a form of expression, therefore, expression and media are subject to censorship and control in an integrated manner.  The history of speech control, in which the ruler controls the expression activities of commoners (ruled class), goes back to the origin of state or political power.

The oldest commonly known historical fact is the case of the First Emperor of Qin (Qin Shi Huang, 247-210 BC).  With the advice of Minister Li Si, Qin Shi Huang decided to crack down on ideas and people who were against the political policies of the Qin dynasty, and all books other than medical books, fortune-telling books, and agricultural books would be banned. books are submitted by the public and burned (Burning of books, “fénshū”).  Furthermore, many Confucian scholars were arrested for the crime of spreading anti-establishment ideas, and more than 460 people were buried alive (burying of scholars, “kēngrú”).

It also means that anyone in the ruled class can become a criminal at any time, depending on the time period and region.

BTW, “Fahrenheit 451” is a SF novel written in 1953 by Ray Bradbury.  The title refers to the temperature (451 degrees F ≒ 233 degrees C) at which paper, the material of the book, spontaneously ignites.  It does not see technology as a universal good, and it also seems to imply that technological progress can deprive people of their freedom and sovereignty.

The outline of the story is;  In order to prevent books from bringing harmful information to good citizens and undermining social order and peace, the rulers banned the possession of books other than comics. If a book was found in possession, the fireman was called out to burn it and the owner was arrested.  As a result, people lost their ability to think and remember in a society where the information provided has become sensory, such as images and sounds.

In Europe, the “Index Librorum Prohibitorum” was enacted in 1564 to regulate reading, authors, publishers, and sellers in order to crack down on heresy against Catholicism by the Pope in the 15th and 16th centuries.  BTW, all religious values are profit-based, so it is an example of a different reading of the Testaments, which encompasses historical facts and entrusted words.

During the period of absolute monarchy in the 16th and 17th centuries, the control of speech shifted from religious to political purposes, and censorship was implemented by introducing a system of permitting printing and publication and a system of prior censorship. e.g. England’s Star Chamber Printing Act of 1586 and the Patent Censorship Act of 1662.

After the establishment of a modern constitutional state, freedom of expression, such as speech, publication, assembly, and demonstration, was nominally guaranteed by the constitution as a basic right.  But the ruling class and political power enforced control of speech when necessary.

For example, after Napoleon became Premier Consul after the 18 Brumaire coup, in 1800 he limited the number of political newspapers to 13 and prohibited new publication.  In 1804, when he became emperor, he renamed the leading republican newspaper, the Journal des débats, to the Journal de l’Empire, and made it state-owned in 1811.  In the same year, he reduced the number of political newspapers to four, and consolidated local newspapers into one newspaper per prefecture.  In France, there was no freedom of expression in newspapers until 1881, when the “Free Press Law” was enacted under the Third Republic.

Even in England, since the 18th century, prior restraints on expression through censorship ostensibly gradually disappeared.  But the rulers and regimes are controlling speech through the introduction of a stamp tax (1712) called the “Taxes on knowledge”, and the “Seditious Libel Act”, which can unilaterally punish criticism of the imperial family and government officials as defamation.

With the start of WWI in the 20th century, the influence and role of the mass media on public opinion came to be emphasized, and wartime speech control such as censorship of military information and intentional dissemination of misinformation were implemented.

The Nazis implemented the most systematic speech control of the 20th century.  In February 1933, immediately after taking power, Hitler fabricated the parliament arson incident and suspended the Weimar Constitution, which guaranteed freedom of the press and the publication, by presidential decree, and then banned about 180 Communist and Social Democratic newspapers.  On May 10 of the same year, the Nazis confiscated and burned anti-Nazism books and magazines, including group of left-wing, Jewish, and liberal.  Furthermore, in March of the same year, the RMVP was newly established with Goebbels as the minister in charge, and under the Reich Chamber of Culture Act, control bodies were established for each media and field.  In addition, the qualification of newspaper journalists was enacted into law, and reporters were obliged to register. Through such systematic speech control and propaganda, Hitler procured popular loyalty and consent to the Nazis.

Misinformation is information that is completely untrue, regardless of the intent behind it.  Disinformation is information shared by people who know it is false, which is synonymous with lying.

In communist countries such as the former Soviet Union and China, strict control of speech and propaganda are carried out for the purpose of strengthening communist ideology and eliminating anti-communist information ideas.  e.g. The “Prague Spring” movement (1968) of Czechoslovakian intellectuals seeking liberalization of the speech was suppressed by the Warsaw Pact forces led by the former Soviet Union.  In China, during the Second Tiananmen Square Incident (1989), the student movement demanding democratization was suppressed by the military and public security police.

After Event 201, a simulation of manipulation tactics to implement viral turmoil, censorship became more extensive and strict.  Not only censorship and preemptive suppression of speech, but also surveillance of social media, censorship of flagged content interpreted by rulers as dangerous or hateful, and even restrictions on free speech online.

Moreover, there is another aspect that censorship and preemptive suppression of the past did not have.  It’s a move from censoring illegal counter-ideologies to eliminating the truth.  So the rulers are waging psychological warfare against their citizens, coupled with strict censorship. Because if the government can control the speech, it can control people’s thoughts and thus their minds.  In short, George Orwell’s prediction that “eventually, telling the truth will become a revolutionary act” has become a reality.

AI predictive and surveillance techniques can strip commoners of their privacy and sovereignty, and classify, isolate, and flag them without due process.  In other words, humanity is the true enemy that pollutes the earth for the ruling class.  So the commoners deserves to be targeted, tracked, manipulated, micromanaged, monitored, and treat as suspects and criminals. So the ruling class seeks to attune and conquer the common people that basic human rights and sovereignty are only temporary privileges that can be easily revoked.

In addition, to expedite operations, the ruling class feigned a state of emergency to eliminate the burden of proof and the step-by-step process, as steps such as local constitutional amendments and approvals would get in the way.  The madness of authoritarianism escalated, leaving commoners only empowered to adopt a mindset of compliance or acceptance of consequences enforced by a complete disregard for individual rights.

Communism, unlike the ideal, is prone to totalitarianism, and it does not happen by accident.  That is because, in order to prevent the forced denial of private property including their basic human rights, which is the basis of communism, from being perceived by the public as an absurdity in the social system, it is essential to shift to totalitarianism in order to maintain the system.

The purpose of the Great Reset (NWO) is to unite the world into a single community, achieving global governance that allows the voice of the ruler to move the world at once.  In other words, it means conquering and governing the ruled class with a single set of values and standards under a totalitarian social structure based on the communist regime, eliminating private property.

The rulers are neither conspiracy theorists nor dissidents. On the other hand, the ruled commoners are only confronted with the reality that the rulers act only for their own benefit in any society and at any era.  Hope that someday an exit will be found for the ordinary Earthlings to be completely freed from the rulers.

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