Beware Of Ongoing Transhumanism And Extreme Surveillance Society Behind The Scenes

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The covid vaccines currently causes thousands of unexpected deaths each week in the UK alone, and it is estimated that 700 million people worldwide will die from the vaccines by 2028. Nevertheless, Japan, which is occupied by satanic cults, is already preparing for the fifth vaccination, even though the fourth vaccination has just begun.

Information poor people who are not pursuing accurate and correct information appear to be the first sacrifice for the authorities.  It then eliminates disobedience by implanting a digital ID inside the survivor’s bodies for monitoring and control and using ESG scores to make daily necessities and services inaccessible.

However, the masses does not even seem to be concerned about the current social trend of driving Earthlings into an extreme surveillance environment. Without even realizing that it is based on digital authoritarianism, which surveil, repress, and manipulate the populace and eliminates the human rights and even freedom of survival of all Earthlings. 

In addition, the masses trying to escape the fear and anxiety of invisible imaginary enemies have fallen into a joint illusion and became extraordinarily hysterical. Rather, as the digital authoritarians intended, the masses were psychologically manipulated to behave hysterically.  This trend has accelerated rapidly, especially since 911, by combining security and the military-industrial complex and expanding its reach to the level of the average individual. 

Studies have shown that surveillance cameras do not affect the outbreak of violent crimes or terrorism, but the hysteric masses has chosen to give up privacy rather than demanding improvements in security measures themselves. In other words, the masses were more anxious about feeling safer than actual safety. Therefore, the masses accepted the adoption of the strict surveillance system as a solution. It is a waiver of anonymity for protecting personal privacy. It also led to the abandonment of personal identity and freedom, and they are no longer innate possessions.

Currently, more than 85 million surveillance cameras are installed in the US alone, which is said to be second only to China. And with new AI surveillance technologies that are constantly being updated, the privacy and rights of citizens are marginalized, undermined and persecuted.

There are no exceptions, and everyone is being surveilled wherever they are, and tracking is not just about where to go and what to buy.  Everything from personal information to biological information is being surveilled, such as face recognition, voice print, genes, walking rate, heart rate, respiratory rate, behavior, what you like, what you mention, and what you think, etc.  Each individual’s data is shared and maintained by the authorities and its stakeholders.

In addition, AI monitoring is no longer just about collecting personal information, but also a means of predicting and controlling emotions and future behavior. Facial recognition technology analyzes facial expressions to detect internal emotions, feelings, motivations and attitudes. And in China, AI reads facial expressions and brain waves to determine how much an individual is grateful, obedient, willing to comply with the Communist Party.

WEF’s NWO plan is the realization of a totalitarian society based on digital authoritarianism, modeled on the smart city of CCP.  Citizens identified by AI are monitored at a gradual level by their behavioral points such as ESG score.  So-called inappropriate citizens with low scores, and potential criminals identified by AI, are detained or eliminated from society. The fact that the crackdown on dissidents and rebels is modeled on the CCP can be easily seen by looking at the private police-like approach of the tech giants who assist the authorities.  e.g., blocking SNS, websites and message apps, deleting criticism posts, disabling Internet access, donation account closure, authoritative commentators eradicating criticism, cyber and phishing attacks, tightening regulations by law, monitoring behavior with AI, False accusations, the disappearance of dissident activists and specialists who debunk the truth.

The farce and its actors, played as a strategy to achieve the NWO agenda, have been accused. Whether they are still real or stuffed animals, it may have become difficult to conceal the truth about the viral turmoil. Deborah Birx finally admitted that Covid narrative was a deception. The proceedings appear to have been filed against Fauci as well, although there are doubts about how stakeholders will handle and proceed.  But on the other hand, WHO is resuming plans to introduce the Global Pandemic Treaty.  So ordinary people need to be aware that the WEF Agenda 2030, which leads the world to the totalitarian society based on eugenics, is still underway behind the scenes.

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