Behind the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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WEF use governments to monopolize the resources and environment of the planet and having complete control over all rights and interests. They are investing exclusively to increase their own profits, while devastating nature and environment, destroying farms, threatening farmers, starving the poor, micromanaging human activity, threatening sovereignty, reducing the population.

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are part of a larger resolution than Agenda 2030 with the stated purpose of fighting climate change, and ostensibly aim to end poverty, protect the planet and promote peace and prosperity for all by 2030.  However, in truth, it is based on the WEF-led satanic agenda to monitor, control and direct all life on Earth.

As such, censorship by WEF-led governments and authorities has become more targeted and stricter.  The CDC sent social media companies instructions on how to censor users who expressed any skepticism or criticism of Covid vaccines.  On the other hand, CIA has taken over Wikipedia, once an open platform, and manipulating contents, and spreading falsehoods and deceptions. As part of ‘you’ll own nothing, you’ll be happy’, WEF plans to call for the end of private car ownership, and charges usage fee to landowners of well water.  Meanwhile, the UN and WEF, which are under the auspices of the CCP, are embarking on the development of SDGs, and tightening regulations on farmers and stealing farmlands.Satanists dream of a dystopian society that benefits only them, and it is slowly becoming a reality. Levers of action for both the public and private sectors are suggested to ensure a future-proof digital policy environment, that allows for the seamless and trusted movement of data between people and the technology that serves them.

Implanted digital ID will be used by WEF Digital Agency.

1. ‘The role of digital identity in supporting human agency’, which falls under the section headed ‘Moving towards trusted digital agency’.  

2. ‘For governments: Future-proof regulatory support’, which falls under the section ‘Levers of action’.

There are so many revelations about Covid vaccines, that it is not possible to collate or summarise them all.  But even a few statistics show how the general public in various highly vaccinated countries suffer from the toxic vaccines, and how the satanic anti-humanitarian governments are attacking their own citizens.

Every government is run by the satanists, and they are now openly carrying out public rituals to celebrate Lucifer’s dominion over Earth.

Will the time come for ordinary earthlings to be released from the web of deceit and control of the satanic psychopaths?

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