Abe Assassination Has Debunked The Hierarchy

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The assassination of PM Abe has led to the exposure of the hierarchy that dominates the earth, and its agent provocateurs. All newspaper headlines were the same. This is not just a coincidence, it shows that CFR manages all MSMs around the world and distributes news articles.  In other words, all MSMs implement psychological manipulations under the CFR to plunge people into anxiety, fear, and spread deception.

Meanwhile, Abe assassination was carried out 321 meters from the Unification Church. 321 (= 123) leads to Hi-Fi-Mi worship, that is, Satan (Lucifer) worship. In fact, Japan is dominated by cult religions.

The Unification Church and Soka are responsible for implementing the violent and cult ritual strategies for the realization of Agenda 2030. e.g., murder pretending to be suicide, treating unvaccinated people as madmen, and psychological warfare that makes all ordinary earthlings mentally ill.

All MSM articles state that Abe was a fierce opponent of communism and the covid-19 mandates. However, these news articles about Abe are gimmicks that beautify Abe as a predictive program of a totalitarian society that is about to be realized in the near future. (aka WEF Agenda 2030)

Abe was deeply involved in communism, and was carried out the policy of weakening the Japanese economy and sovereignty as a puppet of CCP in relation to the Unification Church and Soka. BTW, Unification Church is a robust and diverse company in the Washington area where cults dominate commercial, political and cultural businesses. Trump is one of the supporters and donors to the cult, and Paula White Cain, an adviser to the Trump administration, is a member of the Unification Church.

Historically, the satanists used ideologies, policies, doctrines, etc. to create conflicting structures in many aspects of society to dominate and control the Earthlings, and forcing people to live in a deceptive system of governance (community illusion). And the people are surveillanced, controlled and governed by a well-constructed hierarchy.

The ongoing WEF-led transformation is a transition to a single-layered society that extremely surveillances and enslaves all ordinary Earthlings, modeled on the CCP’s smart cities. There were several steps to get here. e.g., WW-I, the manners system was abolished and replaced by a three-tiered governance structure: upstream, midstream, and downstream. And WW-II eliminated the middle class and shifted the dominance structure to two layers, so-called bourgeoisie and proletariat.

Regarding favipiravir (= Avigan) and ivermectin, Abe pretended to approve according to public opinion…, but he repeatedly changed the rules of clinical trials, postponed approval, and eventually did not allow approval. In addition, Komori CEO of Fujifilm was Abe’s servant and acted to prevent Avigan approval.

BTW, Trump also visited the Fujifilm plant in North Carolina in April 2020, but eventually did not approve Avigan, despite the fact that citizens were supplied with Avigan in countries other than the G7 at the time with effective results. 

On the other hand, Trump calls himself the “father of the vaccine.” Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was a Soka cult believer and contributed most to the founding of Soka International (SGI).  That may be why his son Donald recommends toxic vaccines from major Soka-affiliated pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer. Furthermore, the US government funded $138.5 Million to MediVector, Inc. to develop Favipiravir in 2012. Also, Pentagon funded over $1.5 Million to research and develop T-705 (Avigan) in 2014.

Also Fauci knew Avigan very well.  Fauci led the international medical team during the 2012 Ebola epidemic in Africa. At that time, the Japanese medical team brought Avigan and shared it with the medical team of each country to prevent Ebola infection. But they all did a cover-up for Avigan.

In Japan, the coronavirus was quiet during the House of Councillors elections from June 22nd to July 10th, 2022, but it seems that it suddenly began to rampage vigorously after the election, according to the MSM reports. Based on the narrative that the new variant BA5 is intensifying, psychological manipulation is continued day and night so as to arouse the fear of the citizens. And, under the order of CDC Walensky, the Japanese government is actively trying to get the masses to inject the fourth vaccination with enhanced lethality.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates has prepared 11 new viruses and has begun to warn of new pandemics, so Tedros of WHO under Gates is also actively issuing the warnings.  To realize the WEF-led Net-Zero policy, its Young Global Leaders are more aggressively building the foundation, including the abolition of fossil fuels and the acquisition of agricultural land. In addition, strategies are underway to surrender and subdue the masses by implementing logistics stagnation and food crises to remove daily necessities from the market and causing extreme weather disasters.

In any case, the battle for hegemony within the satanists has a great impact on the living environment of ordinary earthlings. But achieving Agenda 2030 and transforming into the extreme surveillance totalitarian society is a consensus within the satanists. So it is important not to be fooled by the wins and losses reported by the MSM in the satanists-manipulated conflict structure and fall into an emotional yo-yo. And it is necessary to understand the historical facts correctly and make a calm judgment.

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