Relationship Between Food Crisis, Control Of Brain Function, And Hierarchical Structure

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In all ages and regardless the East or the West, the ruler has made control of the commoners the pivotal goal of their reign.  And most of its domination and control strategies are based on a social design that is convenient for the selfish minority elites who pursues greed and power just for now, only for money, and only for themselves, who submissively submit the goals and objectives of their rulers.  Then, a pattern often adopted by rulers as a means of constructing democratic unfreedom for the commoners is to carry out specific agendas suitable for strengthening hierarchical power structures under the guise of scientific rationalism.

In 1973, Henry Kissinger summarized the ruler’s tactical policy as follows: “Who controls the food supply controls the people, who controls the energy can control whole continents, who controls money can control the world.”

In fact, it became even more pronounced in the 1980s, but through the rationalism of the elite technocratic establishment,  the emergence of corporatism and the rise of conglomerates, the global governance clearly became a trend for social control.

As an example, the global food system, which is the control and management of the global food supply by multinational corporations, began during this period, and the designation of production areas for each agricultural product and the farmland grab began.

Actually, in Japan, since the mid-1980s, globalists such as Kenichi Ohmae of McKinsey & Co. (Soka) actively advocated the transfer of Japanese agricultural production to overseas global corporations run by rulers. Confronting this, there were scenes in which intellectuals such as Hisashi Inoue raised their objections furiously.

BTW, many Japanese companies aiming to enter overseas markets, such as Asahi Breweries and Tsumura Juntendo,  have carried out CI (corporate identity) reforms to renew their company names and logos in line with globalization.  At that time, the overseas market refers to the US, EC, and Japan, where GDP exceeds $10k per capita, where Engel’s coefficient has declined and disposable income has increased, and was also called the triad market.

It was also around this time that the company began promoting a lineup based on the production concept of high-mix, low-volume production to meet individual needs.  In other words, it has become possible to subdivide and diversify strategic targets from the masses to individuals.

In any case, the ruler’s plan to eventually completely weed out the commoners is set with the goal of achieving it in a long span, such as 50 or over 100 years. Therefore, an isolated glimpse of current phenomena fails to capture even the motives and tactics of the rulers to reach their ultimate goal.  In other words, it is necessary to connect the points of history one by one and grasp them as a line.

Also, in a hierarchical structure organized by rulers, MSM is placed under the umbrella of the CFR, so it is dangerous to accept news reports by MSM without question, and it is necessary to be very careful.

This is because, in order to maintain their own interests, profits, and the hierarchical structure of control, the rulers infiltrate the society of the commoners with elements that impede brain activity, and repeat the brainwashing of the commoners with untruths and disinformation.  In other words, they intentionally prevent the brains of commoners from functioning properly.

The words that have the most negative impact on the brain are said to be “untruthful words.”  It is said that by inputting the truth, the correct programming language, the brain is refreshed so that it can think and do new things. On the other hand, if untruthful wrong words continue to be input into the brain, the brain will eventually malfunction and stop functioning properly and normally.

On top of that, it is also important to constantly strive to expand the possibilities of the brain, and it is important to understand the phenomenon more deeply than just to see it.  In relation to this, Yukio Mishima, in his reference book for readers and writers, “Bunsho Dokuhon”, recommended that there are two types of readers, the ordinary reader and the intensive reader, and that one should strive to become an intensive reader.

Returning to the food supply issue, the food crisis fabrication by the rulers has become more aggressive and accelerated to facilitate the disabling and incapacitating of the commoners.  Among them, the obstacles to the production and distribution of staple food ingredients are extremely serious for ordinary earthlings.  This is because they are deeply involved in brain activity to increase proficiency and increase brain efficiency without waste.

Although there are individual differences, the mass of the brain is about 2% of the body weight, which is 1.2kg to 1.6kg.  However, the energy consumption of the brain is very large, 20% of the total.  The brain’s energy source is glucose only, and does not accept amino acids or lipids.  The brain needs 120g to 150g of glucose per day, and its consumption is 25% of the whole body, so we have to take in 500g to 600g of glucose per day.  Starch is a combination of many glucose molecules, and is an important energy source for human activities.  Therefore, if you don’t consume the right amount of starch, your brain will not work as well, and in the worst case, your brain will die, which can lead to physical death.  And the foods that contain a lot of starch are the staple foods: rice, bread, pasta, wheat, corn, and potatoes.

This example also shows how the rulers use brutal tactics to weed out the commoners.  

Looking back on the history around the 13th century as a background, it is a confrontation between the ruling system by the enormous power of the Habsburg family, descendants of the ancient Roman Empire, and their subordinates, the nobility. In other words, it is a composition of heretical Christian fundamentalism against Roman Catholicism.  In the United States, it is evangelical, but the prototype of the so-called Christian fundamentalism adopted by the aristocrats is Druidism, which was transformed into Zoroastrianism and other religions in order to escape persecution from ancient Rome.  And in Druidism, mistletoe and human sacrifice are both sacred, killing a person is the most pious act, and eating its flesh confers the highest blessings of health. It can be said that it is a so-called devil worship, but in other words, the supreme goal is the extinction of humankind. Military-powered aristocrats everywhere waged struggles and wars against the emperor, but these constant wars were carried out with the goal of annihilating the human race.  Thus, during this period, while amassing wealth, the demonic nobles enslaved the commoners and plundered their produce and possessions.

On the other hand, the emperor borrowed the war expenses using the land as collateral, but it was the Rothschilds who lent the war funds to the emperor.  But in fact, the banker Rothschild was funded by 12 aristocrats derived from medieval aristocrats, represented by the Habsburgs, who were depositors of knights and aristocrats aiming for independence from the emperor.  Eventually, the emperor will not be able to repay his debts, and his collateral land will be taken by the Rothschilds. In this way, the lands of nobles and knights beyond the reach of the emperor’s authority became independent.

And satan-worshipping aristocrats who rebelled against the emperor, flocked to Switzerland before the Industrial Revolution to seek arms, wealth and industry, and formed the basis of today’s global finance and money laundering, and established their regime of dominion in the hierarchy.

In any case, in order to manage and control not only the existence and the labor force of the survived commoners, but also the mechanism of the brain, the rulers are trying to fabricate a food crisis and stop the production and supply of staple foods.  One can sense that the points of historical events and the turmoil and tactics implemented by the rulers today are connected as a line.

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