For The Coexistence Of Nature And Humans

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The transition strategies for the totalitarian society modeled on the CCP are being implemented simultaneously around the world by WEF Young Global Leaders.

The FDA has approved to include children between 6 months and under 5 years of age for the target generation of Covid vaccinations, despite Data proving Vaccinated Children are 30,200%/303x more likely to die than Unvaccinated Children.
According to a 2015 interview with Klaus Schwab, it can be inferred that the DNA alternation or gene editing operation with the Covid vaccine was initiated by the WEF’s active conspiracy with the CCP.  The exogenous [extracellular] genetic material coding for the dangerous Spike Protein is reverse transcribed into the human genome, that will make possible long-term constitutive expression / synthesis of disease-promoting / lethal Spike.

Chinese banks freeze billions of dollars in deposits, authorities use health QR codes to ban protesters. Internal crimes aimed at causing food shortages have led to the destruction of several food processing factories in fires and the mass deaths of cattle around the world. Food and energy crises are also caused by wars and conflicts. They are all manipulation tactics to facilitate the acceptance of digital ID microchip implantation by the ordinary earthlings and Satanists’ intended transition to a strict surveillance society. This allows us to imagine the totalitarian society fully implemented by 2030, where all ordinary earthlings are controlled and surveillanced by satanists using digital IDs and blockchain.

In fact, achieving the WEF Agenda 2030 requires redesigning and controlling every aspect of human life and behavior, including the individual’s private properties, economics, politics, and social organization.  In other words, every individual’s will, values, thoughts and beliefs must be controlled and manipulated.  Great Reset consists of products and services provided only by WEF and its stakeholders (technocrats and global corporations). Therefore, private property, ownership, unique and timely culture, civilization progress, material and moral development, personal sovereignty and dignity, coexistence of nature and humans, etc. are all eliminated.  But by doing so, while ordinary people are not allowed to have private property or even consciousness, the WEF enthusiastically says, “you will own nothing, and will be happy”.

As all historical totalitarian regimes prove, centralization by social oppression leads to the loss of mass autonomy, freedom, dignity, creativity, and a sense of strength. It also makes to lose s personal motivation and incentives that arise from the perception of living in the masses, such as improving conditions and contributing to social progress. And it is the moment when traditions and customs are destroyed by the totalitarian regime.  Of course, the human body and thoughts are controlled by AI by the nanochips implanted in the brain, so humanity, traditions and customs are only a relic of the past at the point.Generally says, the dictatorship is based on the delusion that it owns all areas, such as things, services and knowledge, and its social structure is always top-down. Therefore, the ruler never allows participation in lower classes of the hierarchy in aspects such as mind and thoughts, happiness and technology, law and morality. Because doing so will retain power.

The fulfillment of the WEF agenda is essentially oppression and domination that makes the most of the innovative technologies offered by the technocrats, and it will lead to the rebellion and termination against magnificent and eternal the nature. So losing freedom and devastating the nature, for the benefit of WEF and its stakeholders can be consider as a setback in society and civilization. Because all freedoms, including economic, political, ideological, free speech, and press freedom, are essential for maintaining a society in which nature and humankind coexist in harmony.

Sources and references:

Mastercard – Biometric Payment System

Personal information will be shared by WEF stakeholders or sell the data to the highest bidder.  This means Mastercard has entered the era of surveillance capitalism, where privacy is no longer private property and possession.

US – Food and Energy Crisis to Introduce Universal Basic Income – IMF Demands Government Subsidies


CCP – Chinese Banks Freeze Billions In Deposits – Officials Use Health QR Code To Bar Protesters


Japan – Double the power generation of wind and solar power using Chinese equipment by 2025

In Japan, nuclear power plants have been shut down in order to expand the power generation business using Chinese-made power generation equipment such as solar panels and wind turbines.


Richard Armitage (US Government Official, Japan Handlers) – Negotiating with China over oil interests in the Spratly Islands area

Food Processing Plant Catches Fire

Mass Cattle Deaths Are an ‘Inside Job’ Designed To Cause Food Shortages

‘Extreme Heat & Humidity’ Blamed For The Sudden Deaths Of Thousands Of Cattle In Kansas

FDA – Authorized Mass Murder Of Children Under Five with Covid Vaccines

FDA – Vaccinate Under Age 5

FDA – Officially Authorizes Covid Vaccines For Children As Young As 6 Months


Pfizer – At Least 800 People Never Finished The COVID Vaccine Trial Due To Death, Injury or Withdrawn Consent

FDA – Approved COVID Vaccine for 6-month-old Babies despite Data proving Vaccinated Children are 30,200%/303x more likely to die than Unvaccinated Children

Government is trying to kill you & Depopulate the planet – Official Government Reports, Confidential Pfizer Documents & the Cost of Living Crisis prove it

Covid Vaccines – the mRNA-containing nanolipid carriers rapidly entered the bloodstream and are distributed all over the body, including the brain

The Covid vaccines trigger a dramatic increase in antibody production, so ADE becomes much more likely. Not only does this result in an increase in severity of symptoms if a vaccinated person is exposed to the natural virus in the future, but the virus also reproduces faster and becomes more pathogenic.

The hospitalisations and deaths now being seen are not due to a so-called “Delta variant,” but rather are caused by the vaccines themselves.

The spike protein-producing nanolipid carriers are lodged within organs and tissues, the immune system is unable to respond efficiently to prevent damage and may be responsible for much of the damage as a bystander injury effect. For the vaccines using two injections, the priming effect of the first dose would almost assure a magnification of the damage, possibly by immunoexcitotoxicity.


Covid Vaccines – Release Destructive Spike Protein into All Parts of Your Body

mRNA COVID Vaccines – Enter liver and then alter DNA


Covid Vaccines – The DNA modification operation has been started under the initiative of WEF

The exogenous [extracellular] genetic material coding for the dangerous Spike Protein is reverse transcribed into the human genome; possible long-term constitutive expression / synthesis of disease-promoting / lethal Spike.”

To answer the question whether this has been planned, below is a selection of excerpts from infamous individuals regarding gene editing, in their own words.  No further comment is required, these excerpts speak for themselves, you decide.

In an interview with Charlie Rose in 2015, Klaus Schwab said: “You see the difference of this fourth industrial revolution is it doesn’t change what you are doing, it changes you.  If you take genetic editing, just as an example, it’s you who are changing. And of course, this has a big impact on your identity.”

TED in 2017, Tal Zaks, chief medical officer of Moderna, stated, “In every cell there’s this thing called messenger RNA or mRNA for short, that transmits the critical information from the DNA in our genes to the protein, which is really the stuff we’re all made out of. This is the critical information that determines what the cell will do. So, we think about it as an operating system…. So, if you could actually change that, … if you could introduce a line of code, or change a line of code, it turns out, that has profound implications for everything, from the flu to cancer.”

Klaus Schwab On Behavior Modification + Gene Editing (2015)

Klaus Schwab about DNA Alteration

What Klaus Schwab, WEF and WHO Reveal About Genetic Engineering

Klaus Schwab Marxist Agenda

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Klaus Schwab

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