Decline Of Human Rights, Sovereignty And Peace

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The attack of the Cabal on humanity is multifaceted and relentless, are implementing simultaneously in multiple layers against all aspects and areas of human life. The Cabal uses available weapons and techniques, such as predictive propaganda, psychological operation, and bio-chemical weapons, to plunge people into a state of fear and paranoia, and leading the ordinary earthlings life and society to collapse, devastation and catastrophic circumstances.

In order to realize the concept of the Great Reset that ‘you will own nothing and be happy”, the satanists are trying to steal the DNA of each individuals and possess it and control humanity. In addition, the satanists are depriving all the assets given to the Earthlings, including energy sources, natural resources, genetics, food production, logistics, and so on. The plan, aka NWO, is to put the earthlings into poverty and fear, and dependence on the hegemon, forcing them into full obedience.

WWII was prepared while Fumimaro Konoe served as PM for three terms and succeeded in starting the war. Konoe is the Fujiwara-Mononobe clan and the puppet of the Cabal, including F. Roosevelt CIA.  And the establishment of the dictatorship system that Abe prepared by reigning over the PM for three terms is similar to the state at the time of Konoe.

Abe’s assassination gathered votes of sympathy, led the result of the House of Councilors election to an overwhelming victory for the ruling party, and strengthened the dictatorship. The victory has made it easier to revise the Constitution, and also made it possible to introduce the Emergency Ordinances.  It gives the Cabinet dictatorship and allows the implementation of emergency such as forced vaccinations and armed attacks, without approval at the parliament, without reforming the constitution and the law.

The Marco Polo Bridge incident triggered an eight-year war between Japan and China, but the driving force behind it was Konoe. Konoe decided to retaliate against the National Party and announced in the media his determination to attack the Chinese continent before announcing it in parliament. So, for example, it may be necessary to consider the possibility that Japan and the CCP will take the opportunity of such a false flag attack over the Senkaku Islands to lead future world conflicts.

All MSM articles disastrously overestimate Abe’s political heritage and may be aimed at mass hysteria and brainwashing.

As the successor to Nakasone and Koizumi, Abe is a villain who has plunged the Japanese economy and social credibility into the depths of misery, and has made it possible to implement a horror political system based on totalitarianism from the Prime Minister’s residence, ignoring the parliament, justice system and/or democracy. 
It is the realization of the total surveillance society with ESG score by the One World Government, which is currently being implemented by WEF and its stakeholders, and Abe made Japan as the experimental base.

For example, in the Moritomo case, Abe ordered the Finance Bureau Sagawa to falsify and delete official documents in order to hide the involvement of Abe and his wife Akie. In addition, Sagawa and Abe did not hesitate to falsely testify in the summons of parliamentary witnesses and acquired innocence. Immediately after that, Abe promoted Sagawa to Secretary of Finance. 
In addition, Abe urgently appointed Kurokawa as the Commissioner of the Prosecutor’s Office. then, Kurokawa stopped investigating Abe immediately in the Moritomo case, Kakei case, and Cherry Blossom scandal. The Kakei case is a scandal about the establishment of a university for the purpose of research and development of bio-chemical weapons, led by Kakei, Abe’s cousin.

Abe’s assassination was probably a farce, and it can be part of psy-ops and/or predictive programming. 
Yoshitaka Sakurada, the minister of the Abe administration, said in a live television broadcast on November 13, 2020 that Abe had already died. At least at that time, there was a cabinet agreement to conceal that the real Abe had already died. There was a lot of evidence that Abe was a clone after that. For example, the shape of the ear is different, wearing a mask, etc. However, many net journalists had found out, so authorities may have been looking for an opportunity to kill Clone Abe. Therefore, this assassination should be seen as implemented in the form of a farce so that it can be carried out at dramatic timings and situations.

In fact, if you consider it based on the news reports,

1. The bullet was shot from behind and hit the head and heart, but the medical hemostatic patch was only on the left flank and there was no bleeding.
2. Lying Abe has a container of blood tubes hidden under his armpit.
3. Election speeches are usually given from the roof of the bus, but only on this day, the speech from the ground in the middle of the intersection.
4, Light security with almost no SP (remember, when Abe gave an election speech in Ikebukuro a few years ago, it was impossible to get within 10 meters of Abe).
5. The photos used for the press are professional equipment and professional photos, as if the incident had been assumed in advance.
6. In addition, a nice two-shot of Abe giving a speech behind the criminal waiting next to the building.
7. Appearance of famous crisis actor Haruyo Miyamoto (navy blue skirt next to lying Abe).
8. Cheap self-made shotgun as a bad taste prop. Even a modified iron model gun is likely to be explode, but for some reason the criminal just surrounds the ABS(or metal) pipes with wooden boards, attached a motor for radio control toys and wrapped it with vinyl tape.
9. Since it is a shotgun, the bullet should be scattered, but it did not hit the men next to Abe, but hit only three places in Abe.
10. It was reported that one of the bullets had reached the heart, but without considering bloodshed, the nurse is shaking the heart with AED.

11. The only realistic narrative is that the suspect is hated the Unification Church (an asset of CIA) with Abe.

So, while it may be good to debunk Abe’s misconduct, it may be a psychological operation at aimed introducing ethnic conflict and revenge by utilizing the mass hysteria that sympathizes with Abe.

Anyway, there are too many suspicious things, and there are too many deceptions in the world. In any case, human rights, sovereignty, humanity and peace all seem to be declining.

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Attacks on humanity are multifaceted and relentless, and taking place simultaneously in all aspects and sphere of life.

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