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Land grabs by rulers are not limited to agricultural land, but also it was revealed that it includes areas that cannot be easily stolen, as evidenced by the complete destruction of local communities by arson using DEW on Maui, HI.

Destruction and arson attacks to capture territory are common tactics by rulers.  Looking back, from November 24, 1944 to August 15, 1945, Tokyo airstrikes were implemented 106 times, with incendiary bombs completely destroying civilian residential areas, and it is known that it was aimed at looting land around the Imperial Palace by the DS.  These lands were subsequently occupied through Mitsubishi clan, part of the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC).

Regarding the use of DEW, the most recent use was in Paradise, California in November 2018 and in the Pacific Northwest region in September 2020.

The ruler-controlled MSM reported that a hurricane passing near Hawaii and very strong winds associated with dry weather were the cause of the wildfires.  But it’s a blatant deception.  The fire spreads in a perfect circle, and even all the boats on the water in the harbor are on fire.  Additionally, no alarms were sounded and power outages were intentionally induced.  The intelligent fires deliberately avoided burning property of satan-worshipping celebrities and churches.  Furthermore, seeing that the palm trees on the same site did not burn even though the houses had completely burned down, it is clear that the target was pinpointed and burned down.

The rulers intentionally set fires to seize indigenous lands, as evidenced by the fact that land grabbing began shortly after the fires were extinguished.  Moreover, it can be easily inferred from the following facts that this disaster was implemented after careful planning in advance. For example, comedian Ariyoshi, who is dispatched by the satanic cult as a predictive programmer, visited Hawaii and tweeted a photo of himself engulfed in flames just before the fire broke out. Also, to tie the Maui tragedy to climate change, a book chronicling “the events of August 8-11, 2023” was published on August 10, before the fire was extinguished.

Prior to the arson, Hawaii Gov. Josh Green announced that on January 3, 2023, “Maui will become one of the first smart cities/15-minute cities in the United States.”  In othe words, land grabbing from indigenous peoples began to be implemented in a de facto compulsory manner.  It is Hitachi that is in charge of the smart urbanization in Maui.

Canada has also stopped displaying news reports on social media, making it difficult for commoners to gather information about wildfires, and this can also be seen as part of land grabbing.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway to restore full COVID-19 restrictions and begin rolling out in mid-September 2023, while actively creating artificial disasters such as floods and earthquakes around the world.

In a gimmick to legitimize this narrative, MSM is disseminating hypothetical information that Eris, the latest variant of coronavirus, is causing a surge in cases around the world.  Many commoners are perhaps already aware that the vicious virus “variant” that given the coined word “Covid” and visualized only in CGI is just rhetoric to keep the narrative fresh.  But, it is an essential element in carrying out the ruler’s eugenics-based totalitarian socialization plan, so it suddenly and repeatedly appears in the air of the world on MSM.  

At the same time, replicon mRNA vaccination is to be enforced, with the cult-occupied country of Japan being the first target.  VLP Therapeutics Japan and Meiji Pharma are developing the replicon mRNA vaccines.  The replicon mRNA vaccine is a self-propagating mRNA vaccine that has 20 times the growth potential, and 127 grams can cover the total population of 120 million people in Japan.  In the case of conventional mRNA vaccines, spike proteins are produced in the body according to the amount of mRNA vaccine inoculated, so there is a limit to the amount that can be produced. However, in the case of the replicon mRNA vaccine, when a small amount of the mRNA vaccine is injected, the mRNA multiplies in the body and countless spike proteins are generated.It is well known that the spike protein causes various problems in the body of the inoculated person. In addition, in the case of replicon mRNA vaccines, the recipient becomes a super-super-spreader, shedding the vaccine’s exosomes and spike proteins to the people around them.  In other words, the replicon mRNA vaccine itself will spread as a pathogen through the recipient.

BTW, Fujifilm is in charge of distribution of the replicon mRNA vaccine. To bring back memories, don’t forget that Fujifilm acquired Toyama Chemical in 2008, before the coronavirus turmoil.  Thus, the preparation began at least 10 years before the coronavirus turmoil.

At that time, Toyama Chemical was trying to accelerate the stable supply system of T-705  (Favipiravir = Avigan), an influenza drug that had been confirmed to be effective against all RNA viruses, as a response to future new influenza pandemics.  However, former PM Shinzo Abe, a pawn of the satanic cult, deliberately appointed his henchman Shigetaka Komori as CEO of Fujifilm. And at the end of 2019, at the same time that the coronavirus pandemic farce begun, Komori and other cult members fabricated and spread bad rumors about favipiravir, which is a silver bullet against coronavirus, and immediately started covering up favipiravir in 2020.  And the covering up operation continues to this day.

In any case, the immediate goal of the rulers is to enforce the WHO International Pandemic Treaty and enslave commoners in shackles.

And at the mercy of the ruling class, it is steadily moving towards the realization of a single global empire ruled by totalitarianism, where commoners will be enslaved in digital concentration gulags called smart cities.  Thus, in the single-world empire run by the ruler, all goods and services on earth would be managed, and every aspect of the lives of the common people would be regulated, controlled, and monitored.

During the Covid pandemic and lockdown, the constitutions and laws of each nation-state were the most annoying to the rulers. As such, the rulers are proceeding to erase all borders and shatter the constitutions of each nation-state. The tactics to do so are the covid pandemic disguised narrative, land grabs, and all kinds of artificial disasters, such as wildfires caused by arson, earthquakes caused by hydrogen injection, and extreme weather caused by irradiation.  Furthermore to say, the rulers are regarding the very existence of the commoners as a crime.  Therefore, the target of the ruler’s suppression is each commoner who reduces the oxygen on the earth and increases the carbon dioxide by breathing.   On the other hand, the continued exploitation of the fines of existence from the commoners is the meaning of the social sustainability that the rulers refer to.

Policymaker for rulers, WEF’s Klaus Schwab is modeled after the CCP.  In fact, the rulers are ultimately seeking to completely strip individuals of their inherent dignity, sovereignty, and freedom, as well as their ideology, consciousness, and values. They are trying to erase the individual freedom of commoners and collectivize them into mere elements of communism.

And technocrats, power-mad parasites and policy enforcers with the privilege of stealing wealth as stakeholders, will lead the evolution of the technocracy society.   Their technological innovations will dictate to each individual what to eat, where to go, what to buy, and what to inject.  In other words, commoners will be surveillanced every second.

Herbert Spencer, who lived in the same era as Darwin, believed that society would evolve in a certain direction without depending on human will, and tried to apply the evolution of living things to human society. This is the so-called theory of social evolution (also known as social Darwinism).  

For example, as a criterion for judging the evolution and development stage in human society and culture,

According to Motenskew, hunting society (barbaric society) ⇒ nomadic society (savagery) ⇒ European society (civilization).

According to Edward Tyler, the barbaric stage (animism) ⇒ primitive stage (polytheism) ⇒ civilization stage (monotheism),

In addition, 

Barbarian society ⇒ nomadic society ⇒ agricultural society. 

Barbaric stage (disorderly hunting society) ⇒ orderly stage (legal recognition and writing) ⇒ free stage (freedom from priests), 

such stages of development were presented.

For Spencer in the early days, evolution was “from a cramped society to a free society”, and assumed that a society in a liberal state, where there are guarantees such as social security and diversity, is an “advanced society.”

However, the early Spencerian liberal ideal became the logic of the strong under the ideas of “survival of the fittest” and “winners and losers.”  Then, it came to be interpreted in a way that was convenient for white Christians, and gave rise to ideas such as white supremacy and eugenics, and transformed into a logic that justified invasion and colonization by imperialist countries.

In other words, the theory of social evolution has at some point become assimilated into Lamarckism, which states that “evolution has a purpose, and whether or not a creature approaches that purpose is superior or inferior.”

This evolutionary theory also contributed to the conception of Marx’s materialistic view of history, and communism follows the paradigm of social evolutionary theory.  Looking at the word economic growth, it seems that capitalism will continue to exist while evolving, but Marx preached that capitalism will be weeded out.

Now, it is an undeniable fact that the rulers are trying to domesticate and enslave commoners based on social evolution theory and eugenics. Therefore, recently, as part of predictive programming, brainwashing that justifies the self-responsibility theory that the results produced by one’s actions are all one’s responsibility has become conspicuous.

As Nietzsche said, since the virus turmoil, a situation like resentment, which is a mentality filled with revengeful desires to fill the hatred of the weak against the strong, has become conspicuous.

That is, the anxiety and fear of the current situation and the future of each and every commoner creates anger and hatred, which develops into mass hysteria, creating a large wave that causes chaos such as violence and suffering.  In short,  the appeal-to-fear attack is a typical and common tactic of the rulers, and the current situation clearly proves that the satanists seek to control commoners under fear and oppression.

Therefore, it is important that every commoner raise their consciousness in the opposite spectrum of fear in order to prevent the satanists from invading and raiding the realm of fear.

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