Shifting To Totalitarianism While Driving The Commoners Into Frenzy With Bread And Circuses

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“Bread and circuses (games)” is an expression used by the poet Juvenalis (60-130 AD) to criticize the political apathy of the citizen of ancient Rome, who were satisfied with the free food and entertainment provided by the rulers.  This refers to the so-called obscurantism, and even in ancient Rome, keeping the commoners in ignorance was part of the ruler’s policy.

In order to force the commoners to submit to the regime, it is necessary to discourage the critical consciousness of the masses  and to deliberately bias their intelligence in an undemocratic direction based on authoritarianism.  So the rulers try to deprive the commoners of their ability to criticize and their instinct for self-preservation, leaving them in a state of constant social and political ignorance.

The rulers have used malicious tactics and policies to keep the commoners stupid and idiot.

As a typical policy,

* The spread of psychological egoism through entertainment

* Biased reporting and announcements, misinformation and disinformation

* Thorough anti-democratic education such as totalitarian and military states

* Education policies that keep the populace illiterate or ignorant

* Do not tell the public the correct history or the truth of history

and so on.

In other words, the commoners are left helpless to indulge in a depoliticized, hedonistic life, satisfied by the superficial tastes intended by their rulers.

In fact, in post-war Japan, which is currently occupied and ruled by cults, these typical policy of obscurantism has been carried out.  As it is clear from the fact that the global virus turmoil began with a luxury liner owned by the ruler that arrived in Japan, that the experiments toward the ‘doomsday’ are conducted first in Japan.  So knowing Japan allows us to predict events that may occur around the world in the near future.

In order to prevent the commoners from rebelling after gaining political and social knowledge and interest, the rulers spread materialism that prioritizes material and immediate things, brainwashing and controlling the minds of the commoners to make them stupid and have been subdued.  For that reason, policies are being implemented that distort education to suit the ruler’s convenience, and also seize and control MSM to conduct biased reporting, deprive commoners of their ability to think, and make governance easier.

It was President Truman who carried out the genocide of civilians with atomic bombs, and led the introduction of the obscurantism policy, and it is clear that the Truman Doctrine is based on the Talmud.  To summarize President Truman’s remarks, “we will keep monkeys (Japanese) in cages called ‘false freedom’ and raise them, and rearing methods only provide a little luxury and convenience. It can be distracted their eyes from the truth by giving them sports, screens and sex (the 3S).  Since they are goyim, it is natural for us masters to exploit from them.”

Specifically, the policy of Japanese rule formulated and implemented by James Gardiner of GHQ is as follows;

* The 3Rs as basic principles are Revenge, Reform and Revive.

* The 5Ds, which are the priority measures, are Disarmament, Demilitarization, Disindustrialization, Decentralization, and Democratization.

* The 3S as a supplementary policy was Screen, Sports, and Sex.

With these policies, professional baseball and pro-wrestling became the national pastime, TV media and entertainment flourished, and sex customs were liberalized in Japan.  Furthermore, subliminal messages were interspersed in TV programs and commercials to manipulate and brainwash the subconscious.  In other words, by directing the commoners’ attention to these things, they were able to divert their attention from the various anxieties of society and life, as well as their interest in politics, and it became possible to manipulate the commoners according to the ruler’s intentions.  Kawaii, anime, gourmet, etc. are also on the same line of culture derived from the 3S policy.

The perpetrators behind the implementation of these GHQ policies was Nobusuke Kishi, Yoshio Kodama, and Ryoichi Sasagawa, who sold their souls to the satanic cult (asset of CIA) and were class-A war criminals acquitted after Hideki Tojo’s execution.  And the 3S policy was implemented by Matsutaro Shoriki, who cooperated as a spy agent for the CIA (= DS) and founded the Yomiuri newspaper and television.  Shoriki’s CIA codename is PODAM, Yomiuri newspaper is POBULK, Nippon Television Network (Yomiuri TV) is ODALTON.

But there is no doubt that the diligent and sincere nature of the Japanese nation and the social environment fostered the vitality that formed the foundation for rapid post-war reconstruction.  In other words, there was a sense of community peculiar to agrarian peoples and the idea of rebirth and a fresh start through reincarnation, which led to a positive social trend to rebuild a society destroyed by the DS-led Allied attacks.  In addition, due to favorable conditions such as the boom in military demand due to the Korean War, the booming economy and technological innovation continued until the shooting down of JAL 123 flight by DS (blue team = Rockefeller) in 1985.

By the way, 1-2-3 (hi-fu-mi) is a special number in satan worship as well as 520 out of 524 passengers on board died as sacrifices.  The number 520 is also derived from the satan Lucifer (Kuni-no-tokotachi = hence the Rockefeller, blue team), to revive Lucifer, the spirits of the 520 passengers were sacrificed to the 520 stone idols of Takamagahara.

Victims include Sukiyaki song singer Kyu Sakamoto, an advertising company employee, and the development team of Tron, a new-age PC operating system that was Bill Gates’ competitor.  By annihilating the developers of Tron, which was functionally far superior to Windows, DS/Soka maneuver agent Bill Gates laid the groundwork for tyranny and dictatorship in the PC OS and the artificial RNA virus turmoils.

Then, in 1990, the Japanese bubble economy finally collapsed, due to the DS’ strategies of looting Japanese assets, such as the introduction of total volume regulations, the privatization of the postal service, insurance fraud using Aflac life insurance owned by DS, etc.

Going back to the original topic, the 3S policy has brought about a social environment that allows the formation of nations based on the communal illusions that prioritize material and physical things above all else.  In other words, the obsession with pursuing a modern and trendy living environment has made commoners indifferent to politics and state systems.  As a result, it became possible to manipulate commoners according to the intentions of hereditary politicians subordinate to the ruler and spy politicians dispatched by foreign powers.

For Japanese commoners, television is a medium that conveys the truth honestly and accurately, and the statements of famous comedians are the most reliable source of information.  Therefore, whenever disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and typhoons were artificially created, the rulers used the media to deceive and manipulate the commoners.  And under the virus turmoil, the deception intended by the rulers was spread to the maximum extent of commoner society through the use of TV and SNS idols.

Moreover, through the introduction of technologies such as the Internet and smart phones, real social situations are being replaced with artificial environments and virtual reality, causing insidious damage.  This may have been the purpose of the 3S policy, but the Enlightenment based on the 3S policy have had a great impact on society, but at the same time, they have also caused the destructive psychosocial phenomena.  In other words, it subdivides and atomizes human beings, cuts off each commoner from the social and natural environment, and makes them fall into loneliness and isolation.

The commoners in Japan are forced to wear masks even though masks have been lifted in countries around the world, and despite the fact that the reality of excess deaths and poor health due to covid vaccines has surfaced, they are still forced to be vaccinated.  So, it means that Japanese commoners are made to believe that following what the television tells them is a good and devotion to society.  Therefore, the toxic covid vaccination rate and excess mortality rate are currently the highest in the world, and continue to break records.

It can be seen from the aftermath of the virus turmoil that Japan has been transformed into a totalitarian state by the 3S policy for about 70 years. And it can be inferred that the state as the communal illusion was formed by the masses on the basis of socio-psychological processes.

By the way, both Nazism and Stalinism are said to be totalitarianism, but the process of conquering hegemony is different from Japan.  They are called dictatorships, where the dictator unilaterally imposes a social contract on the commoners by instilling a fear of physical attack in them.

In other words, the establishment of a nation may be a system of rules, or it may be a system that emphasizes functionality.  In other words, a state may have been created as a function of establishing collective life on the basis of a social contract, or, as in Leninism, a state may be a violent apparatus created by the bourgeoisie to protect its own vested interests.

The 3S policy is not originated by Japanese cult from the own ideology, so Japan may be different from other regions, but the ruler always deploy tactics adapted to the culture, climate and ideology of the region.  And no matter where on the planet or at what era, the ruler is aiming to completely enslave (goyim) commoners to control, surveillance, and manage.

Because the 3S policy is a mass-formation tactic that lures commoners into a communal illusion or collective hypnosis to rely on group-thinking that focuses on the pleasures of the moment.  It also forbids originality and anti-establishment views, and makes commoners lonely, anxious, frightened, isolated, subject to censorship, deprived of privacy, and renounced liberty.

Human beings live for others as social beings. Thus, removing ties with others seems to make life meaningless, whether or not one recognizes its relevance to loneliness.  In other words, loneliness and social isolation lead to a lack of social ties among ordinary people. This deterioration of social connections leads to a lack of meaning in life.

The three lives of life are life, mission in life, and providence in life, and the deprivation of these leads to a barren life for commoners.  So the rulers are launching a series of psychological attacks on the common people, to make life meaningless, to make society lack moral standards, to make facts irrelevant and perceptions to the center.

Anxiety that is not bound by the image of an object is difficult to manage mentally, so there was always a risk of people panicking during the virus turmoil.  Moreover, the commoners who were isolated by the lockdown lost their ties with others, lost their sense of meaning in life, and experienced indescribable anxiety.  

It is not the frustration or aggression that is effectively vented that fuels collective formation and mass hysteria, but the potential for unvented aggression that exists within the group, aggression that is still looking for a target.  In other words, the self-destruction of commoners by attacking each other is the composition of the totalitarian society in the near future intended by the ruler.

Both the red team and the blue team are branches from the same trunk, so focusing only on the confrontational structure leads to losing sight of the truth.  In order for ordinary earthlings to be freed from the cruel and outrageous acts of their rulers, it may begin with each commoner knowing the meaning of the three lives of life and putting them into practice.

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