Ascend Consciousness Without Yielding To Peer Pressure

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According to news reports, the Iskandar tactical missile system, which can be used to launch nuclear weapons, has already been deployed in Belarus by Russia.  Belarus shares borders with Ukraine, NATO member Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Until the collapse of the USSR in 1991, almost all weapons were manufactured in Ukraine.  After the collapse, weapons were placed in four newly independent states (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan), and the transfer of all warheads to Russia was completed in 1996.

The Russian flag is a white, blue and red background with a knight in white armor riding a white horse trampling an insect.  So, from the order of the background colors, it can be inferred that the hegemony of the Slavic supremacist team is realized by the obedience of the blue team and the red team (aka Khazarian mafia, both from areas that once belonged to the USSR).  So, no matter which team seizes hegemony within the ruling class, it does not mean that ordinary earthlings will be released from the ruler.

In fact, Russian military deployments may end up playing a leading role in the end times, because ultimately, even in biblical prophecy, the troops will cross the dried up Euphrates from the east and reach Armageddon.

The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. (Revelation 8-10)

The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter. (Revelation 8-11)

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which caused an explosion in April 1986, is located in Ukraine, releasing a large amount of radioactive material into the atmosphere.

Torches falling from the sky can be interpreted as nuclear missiles.  The wormwood is actually Artemisia judaica, and is used as an insect repellent. How will the river water become bitter due to insect repellents/pesticides or biological weapons, or will it become bitter due to radioactive contamination? Because, Artemisia judaica is known as the Ukrainian word “chornobilʹ” (чорнобиль / chornobilʹ), and in Russian, Artemisia vulgaris is “Chernobyl” (Чернобыльнык Chernobylʹnyk).  And chornyj means “black” and bylija means “grass”, literally translated as “black grass”.  Chornobil grows naturally around Chernobyl (Ukrainian: Chornobilʹ).

In the old days, the southern part of the East Slavs was called Red Russia (now Ukraine), the northern part was called Black Russia (now Russia), and the western part was called White Russia (now Belarus).  So it follows that Black Russia and black grass are related.

In the current situation where divisions and fragmentation are progressing in every corner of the world and it continues to fall into chaos, it is unpredictable whether the day of salvation will come to ordinary earthlings.  But the mundane masses seem to keep their composure due to normalcy bias, which ignores or underestimates information that is inconvenient for them.

Normalcy bias is a function to recognize that it is within the normal range and to protect the peace of mind by not reacting to various daily events, judgments, or psychological stress.  Normalcy bias is characterized by the fact that the more people there are, the more likely it is to be affected.  For example, even in an emergency, normalcy bias underestimates that this is not a big deal or that you can handle it, leading to the possibility of actually causing more damage.

Under the umbrella of the CFR, which is effectively controlled by the ruler, MSM and the technology giants who operate SNS are stakeholders on the ruler side, and cooperating with state power and bureaucrats to make their own decisions and regulations, and managing the commoner society.

In a nutshell, legitimate democratic institutions have been replaced by the political commitment and initiative of global corporations.  In other words, essential natural and sovereign rights once held by common people, such as self-choice and self-determination, were deprived or restricted.

In fact, the satanic ruler knows very well how to complete control of the commoners with minimal resistance.  These include unusually rapid response, dissemination of disinformation or misinformation, concealment of existing effective prescriptions, and implementation of tactics after circumventing existing legal or regulatory pressures such as EUA.

The rulers used flashy rhetoric to advocate deadly vaccinations and, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, seduced commoners who wish to be free from negative emotions such as anxiety, frustration and stress, and led them into the deadly cycle.

People who have relied on their parents and mentors for all their choices and decisions since childhood are more likely to seek someone to guide them even in adulthood.  These people are characterized by their inability to make decisions on their own, inability to take action, and inability to take responsibility for their own actions. So, they prefer to belong to a group led by a leader and live in that group while listening to the leader’s instructions.  That’s because it’s easier to live in a world where rules are set to some extent, like in a group.

In such a group, there is a tendency or phenomenon in which everyone is swept in the same direction as a group psychology, and everyone takes the same action according to the instructions of the leader.  One of the characteristics of group psychology is that it is easy to be implied. This is because those who are tainted by crowds cannot think for themselves and cannot act rationally.  In addition, people in the group feel not right and dysphoria with the members, and they try to align with the movement of the majority or restrain them psychologically.  

This kind of mentality is called collective pressure or peer pressure. And when there is a member who does not yield to pressure or does not sympathize, the people around him unite and he takes actions to isolate or exclude that member.

The rulers took advantage of this psychological vulnerability of mankind and manipulated the common people by creating situations where they would suffer from peer pressure during the social unrest caused by the virus turmoil.

Add to that, recently around the world, set fire to livestock barns, chickens have been slaughtered under the guise of bird flu, and the rulers create food shortages and crises, and are plunging the commoners into social unrest and destitution.  In the first place, pig and cattle barns are usually very humid, so a fire that burns down the barn cannot be ignited unless someone sets it on fire.  In addition, it is said that even highly lethal artificial viruses such as H5N1 cannot survive above 38.5°C. It is generally said that the body temperature of birds is about 41°C, so the narrative that only chickens on the world’s largest poultry farms are infected with bird flu makes no sense.

Furthermore, realizing “net zero” means to oppress the survival of plants and ultimately dilute or eliminate oxygen.  The introduction of a CBDC will strip commoners of their sovereignty and freedom, as it will allow them to be imprisoned in digital prisons (aka 15-minute cities).

So the rulers are more aggressively censoring and eliminating independent online journalists who advocate warnings and truths.  Because, people who can perform analysis can first grasp the overall situation and take action, so they become bystanders rather than simply entering the frame of group psychology.  In other words, they have the mental capacity to perceive that multiple realities exist depending on the observer.

That is why now is the time for each and every one of the ordinary  earthlings must return to an individual, reconsider ourselves based on the nature and tradition while respecting the origin of creation, and become a deterrent against attacks by the rulers.  This is because if we can feel that the innate existence of the natural is not “One” as a mass (goyim) that has been transfigured by the rulers, we should be able to ignore peer pressure, and enlighten and ascend ourselves through inspiration and learning.

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