Save The Commoner Communities From Plunder By The Rulers

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To explore and understand the truth of current complex events that involve factual events, covert operations, and speculation, it is important to utilize knowledge, awareness, and common sense while maintaining mental calm and balance.  It is also important to go back in history and look at evidence and connections with the current situation over a slightly longer span.  By doing so, we will be able to see how the multi-layered covert operations that take place behind the scenes around the world are intricately intertwined, also how enslavement and depopulation attacks by the rulers will have serious impacts on the society of the commoners in the near future.

The rulers are trying to take over everything on earth by eliminating all innate realm and concepts, including nation, ethnicity, race, gender, and natural environment. Furthermore, society is built on the natural unity of people, but the rulers are trying to eliminate or plunder all of that, controlling and monitoring commoners, goods, and money all at once.  Therefore, since control and surveillance are carried out under digital authoritarianism, it can be said that digitally controlled socialization using AI and IT is the so-called “globalization” that the rulers are trying to achieve.  For this reason, the digital authoritarians dispatched by the rulers have no hesitation that the globalism will destruct the traditions and order inherited and handed down among the commoners of their respective regions.

The camaraderie among the commoners forms solidarity, which in turn gives rise to intermediary organizations and communities such as local communities and labor organizations.  Since modern times, these commoner communities have served as the driving force for regional and economic growth, while also acting as a deterrent for commoners against the tyranny and unreasonableness of their rulers.  Moreover, it is clear that the sense of camaraderie among commoners is the de facto foundation of freedom, equality, and democracy.

For example, what supported Japan’s dramatic recovery after WW-II was a sense of solidarity based on ethnic camaraderie. Many intermediary organizations and communities were born and played an important role in moving society in a positive direction between the country and the people. Moreover, the government’s mediation and assistance between intermediary organizations created greater social vitality and growth.  This means that, in a good sense, society and companies have been run from the bottom up, with commoners at the center, rather than the so-called top-down Western style.  As Ezra Vogel, a professor emeritus at Harvard University, described in “Japan as Number One” (1979), this favorable state led Japan to become the world’s second-largest economy less than half a century after the devastating destruction caused by war.  And so it continued until the mid-1980s, when the bubble economy collapsed and cults occupied Japan.

The globalism that rulers are aiming for is, as seen in the 15-minute city concept, the comprehensive management and control of all aspects of existence, including the physical, mental, and economic aspects of individual commoners on earth under an extreme surveillance system.  Therefore, the rulers are making full use of multi-layered tactics to eliminate intermediary organizations and communities in which many commoners are involved, and to exclude commoners from the center of society and policy.  The multi-layered tactics include viral turmoil, genocide with toxic vaccines, land grabs, shift to lab grown artificial foods, artificial disasters with DEW, and false flag warfare.

There is an impression that we are returning to the model of the medieval ruling system, where despotic empires arose to control multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-lingual people. However, this is exactly the image of a near-future totalitarian society that the rulers are trying to construct.

This system of world domination by rulers is supported by the maintenance and control of order by powerful forces including AI and IT.  Therefore, stakeholders and technocrats who flatter the rulers will be given maximum power to govern the commoners.

There is no need to bring up conspiracy theories such as the world strategy of rulers and the enslavement of commoners, the structure and mechanism of that powerful power can be seen by simply thinking about it.

For example, global capitalists and corporations have the power to mobilize capital and can use that power as a pretext to force demands on governments and local governments.  That means they will have more power than the local residents.  As the result, national and regional governments will implement structural reforms that are advantageous to the globalists, such as lowering corporate taxes, accepting cheap labor immigration, and raising consumption taxes and gasoline taxes, even if it means making local residents suffer.

This is not a fable or an unreality, but this is actually happening now due to the covert operations of Young Global Leaders dispatched from the WEF, who have infiltrated the core of governments and major corporations.  As evidence of this, virus turmoil and and massacres caused by toxic vaccines are occurring all at once all over the world, and furthermore, the implantation of microchips into the bodies of commoners  and robotization are proceeding as if it is a global social trend.

Hence, the ultimate goal of the ruler’s global strategy (NWO) is to realize a two-layer structure of the ruling class and the non-ruling class, and to dominate society through strict hierarchy and division.  For this purpose, the rulers actively dismantle intermediary organizations and communities, and are deploying tactics to prevent commoners from becoming attached to their country, region, or profession and thinking of contributing in return.

This is an all-out attack launched by the satanic rulers against ordinary Earthlings, and the current situation is that all commoners are forced into a dangerous situation. It is multifaceted, relentless, and happening simultaneously in all aspects of life.

The rulers pretend to be socially tolerant and act as if they respect the dignity of each individual, but this is a strategy to provoke social division and conflict among commoners.  In particular, when the rulers seduce commoners to Marxism, they use sophisticated tactics such as psychological operations, appeal-to-fear propaganda, predictive programming, and subliminal messages, so commoners must be extremely careful not to become dupes.

In any case, it is clear that the focus of the ruler’s constant attacks is anti-human, anti-science, anti-nature, anti-truth, anti-freedom, and anti-religion. Its purpose is to crush the spirits and consciousness of ordinary Earthlings, forcing the commoners to submit to elitist and authoritarian rulers who blindly believe that the rulers have been eugenically selected.  In other words, rulers try to convince commoners that obedience promises security, equality, and benefits.

The rulers and their stakeholders pretend to love and protect nature, while trying to override it through technologies such as gene editing and gain-of-function research.  They also actively pursue a complete rewriting of history by fusing humans and machines, producing food from harmful synthetics, and converting and patenting everything on Earth into artificial objects.  

Nature and the innate order are not something to be overcome, but rather something that must coexist.  However, many examples have already shown that the technologies, tactics and rules introduced by the rulers in pursuit of ease, convenience, and artificial comfort do not protect commoner communities, wealth, health, safety, or the natural environment.

The gist of Heidegger’s ‘Being and Time (1927)’ was that as something that precedes ‘existence’, there is an opportunity called ‘time’ that relates to the future (purpose).  In other words, the essence of the existence of what is in front of us is determined according to each purpose, it means that existence arises from time.

In contrast, Tetsuro Watsuji’s ‘Fudo (Terroir = climate environment, 1935)’  said that existence is determined by Terroir before it is determined by Time.  ‘Terroir’ means the characteristics of a region, such as its natural environment, climate, landscape and space.  Furthermore, the terroir resides in the things and future that a certain individual will create in the future, and it returns to the individual as the environment (terroir, climate).  Therefore, each individual and the terroir are inseparable, and by recognizing this, it becomes possible to understand humanities.  In other words, rather than viewing terroir simply as a natural state, an interpretive method was used that placed the individual self within terroir and simulated its influence.

Watsuji then divided terroir into three types, naming them monsoon type, desert type, and ranch type, and believed that each type was basically equal, and that there was no superiority or inferiority among them.

1. The monsoon type is a characteristic climate of East Asia, including India and China, where the hot and humid nature makes the people who live there receptive and tolerant.

2. The desert type is typically seen in the Arabian Peninsula, where the arid and harsh nature encourages the people living there to be combative and to submit to the general will.

3. The ranch type is found in Europe, where the calm and obedient nature fosters rational and orderly attitudes in the people living there.

Leaving aside the details and scrutiny of the Watsuji theory, it is certain that the natural environment and characteristics of a region influence the activities and thoughts of ordinary earthlings living in that region.

For example, in marketing, Thomas J. Peters introduces in his book an episode in which Sears Roebuck’s business performance improved by implementing merchandising that matched regional characteristics.

On the other hand, the basic idea and attitude of the rulers is that the ruling class is the most advanced entity on earth, and that society evolves in line with the ideals of the rulers.  Therefore, the rulers are trying to deprive the commoners of their sovereignty, overturn all the traditions and culture that the commoners have cultivated and handed down, and make them completely contrary to nature and reality.  

In other words, not content with owning most of the wealth, the rulers seek to own everything and anything on Earth, including all genetic material, natural resources, food, land, water, and even the DNA of the commoners. The goal of the satanic rulers is to completely overturn social norms, laws, customs, and traditions for the commoners, replacing good with evil and light with darkness.

This means, the new globalism that the rulers are trying to achieve is the realization of totalitarianism to completely subdue the commoners as a single entity without human rights or sovereignty.  As part of its tactics, it is creating chaos and disorder on an unprecedented scale, promoting social division and fragmentation, and spreading deception in order to weaken the current civilian society.

Furthermore, as I mentioned in my last diary, social Darwinism is essential for rulers to maintain power. Therefore, the rulers will not allow anything to remain as natural and original as it was at creation.  Therefore, the rulers believe that a better future or utopia can be achieved by artificially modifying, reshaping, or robotizing human biology, nature, economics, and social order through technocrats.  

This meant the introduction of feudalism, techno-fascism, and authoritarian systems, and commoners will be deprived of their freedom and sovereignty, and at the same time will be forced to live in totalitarian prisons as mere humanoid masses without regional characteristics and individual identity.

As a deterrent and resistance force, intermediary organizations and communities in which ordinary commoners can cooperate for survival must be protected from plunder and dismantling by the rulers.

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