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It is dangerous to draw conclusions by looking at some MSM reports that only cover the surface of the phenomenon at hand, such as which satanic team wins or loses, or which satanic team is friendlier to the ordinary people.  That is because even if it looks like a defeat, the result may have been deliberately engineered by the hegemon.  Moreover, even if they appear to be hostile, they are made to act for the common purpose under the hegemonic ruler.  In reality, the multi-layered satanic operations and attacks on ordinary earthlings, which have been elaborated over decades or even hundreds of years, are in progress to reach their goals without rest.

According to MSM and optimistic reporters, the Rockefeller Cabal’s petrodollar system is on the brink of collapse, boasting that the BRICS are likely to replace it as the next generation of rulers, and Q and Trump supporters applaud the Trump team’s victory whenever details of election fraud come to light.

But no matter which team wins, the consensus through the WEF will not derail from the orbit. This is because even though the hegemons within the Illuminati 13 pedigrees at the top of the hierarchy has been replaced by another pedigrees, the ruling structure set out in the WEF’s Agenda 2030 will continue to be a common goal.  In fact, the BRICS themselves are Marxism and caste countries, which is consistent with the WEF concept of the Great Reset, and the WEF agenda is modeled entirely on the CCP.  Besides, even if the Trump team wins, remember that Trump is an agent of Soka (CCP) and Ivanka is a Young Global Leader (WEF).  Please try to objectively check the facts along the chronological order without interfering with personal feelings. As proof, they formed the White House Coronavirus Task Force, and the goal of Operation Warp Speed was to have the toxic vaccines prepared by Fauci and Birx available as soon as possible after the November 2019 election, by January 2021.  Moreover, by ignoring the fast-acting antivirals favipiravir (avigan) and ivermectin, it was subsequently led to use the deadly remdesivir and molnupiravir.

In retrospect, the WEF is engaged in overt efforts to infiltrate every government and enslave people politically, economically and medically.  Therefore, Klaus Schwab is mocking the ‘conspiracy theory people’ who are resisting his satanic plans for world domination, also warns ‘Painful Global Transition’ should not be resisted by nation states.

Klaus Schwab rejoiced that vural turmoil so-called Plandemic is the beginning of the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  And the world has tragically entered the cancel culture closed society due to the maneuvers by the WEF Young Global Leaders, and controlled and violent tyranny based on the deceptive medical sciences.

The breakdown of the Great Reset is as follows, and along the trajectory set by the WEF, it is undoubtedly steadily moving in that direction now. 

* Centralization Of Global Economy and Policy (SDGs)

* World Unified Digital Currency System (CBDC)

* World Unified Social Credit System (ESG score)

* Deprivation of Personal Assets and Property: You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy – by 2030

* Complete Human Activity and Sovereignty Control In The Totalitarian Society

The ultimate goal of complete centralization is to eliminate the concept of free markets and allow a small number of hegemons and their stakeholders to have fine control over all aspects. 

In order to realize the Global Central Bank, it is first necessary to unify the currencies into one.  The Global Central Bank has the power to control the entire world economy through the single monetary mechanism.  The use of digital or cryptocurrencies eliminates all privacy in the transactions.  That is because, the blockchain technology and digital ledgers keep track of all transactions.

The Social Credit System is a compliance for ordinary earthlings managed and operated by AI. It can control access to goods and services that are essential to the lives of ordinary earthlings, so absolute obedience is the principle. In other words, all the freedom and dignity of an individual no longer exists.

“You own nothing and you will be happy” means the sharing economy, which is essentially a communist economic system.  So all items necessary for daily life will be shared or borrowed.  In other words, their scheme is the hegemons see humanity itself as the true enemy of the earth and take the lead in changing the attitudes and behavior of the earthlings and overcoming all natural dangers and disasters. Therefore, by introducing a shared economy, the standard of living of ordinary earthlings will be reduced to almost zero, and threats such as carbon-based global warming, water shortages, and famine will be overcome.  In addition, it protects the planet from destruction by centralizing and controlling the consumer economy using environmentalism.  Thus, it is based on the Club of Rome’s concept of “The Limits To Growth” that is the global environment is protected and sustainable only by the Illuminati’s hegemonic controls and rules.

The hegemony illuminati pedigree will own an information network and will edit and manipulate all information as they intend to constantly brainwash the surviving ordinary Earthlings and become obedient to Satanic worship. 

Meanwhile, the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty is one of the command systems for enslaving Earthlings all at once.  The satanists plan to take control through biosecurity governance in order to realize the totalitarian unified global government.  So Tedros was re-elected to lead WHO.  That means Gates’ decision-making power has not yet been removed (whether he is real or exists as a stuffed animal character.).  Gates has also set up the GERM team that has the authority to monitor the country and can make pandemic response decisions, such as when to suspend civilian freedom to prevent the spread of viral infections.  In preparation for that, Tedros was re-elected to lead WHO.  That means Gates’ decision-making power has not yet been removed (whether he is real or exists as a stuffed animal character.).  Gates has also set up the GERM team that has the authority to monitor the country and can make pandemic response decisions, such as when to suspend civilian freedom to prevent the spread of viral infections.  A vote is underway by the World Health Council to amend the International Health Regulations (IHR). If passed, the sovereignty of member states will be deprived and WHO will be empowered to limit medical freedom and civil liberties under biosecurity. It will become a binding law in 2024, if the resistance is defeated.  And the freedom of each individual will be completely lost at the point.

WEF is implementing a population reduction plan in several steps to achieve Agenda 2030.  It begins with the man-made viruses infections, then moves to compulsory toxic vaccinations, and then adverse reactions such as VAIDS = immunodeficiency.

In addition, the food crisis is being carried out as multiple simultaneous terror attacks around the world.  For example, in Japan, waterways all over the country suddenly burst, making it impossible to distribute agricultural water. In Canada, logistics freight trains carrying fertilizer derailed.  So it is clear that the occurrence of these attacks on food production and distribution is no accident.  It is clear that droughts and heavy rains hitting the G7 countries one after another are not natural phenomena.

Klaus Schwab is also trying to implant microchips into the brains of individual citizens.

In 2013, President Obama awarded a $100 million grant to launch the BRAIN (Brain Research with the Advancement of Innovative Neurotechnology) initiative.  By 2016, the BRAIN initiative was supported by multiple federal agencies and dozens of stakeholders in the academic and private sectors.  WEF and DARPA are gradually gaining the power to manipulate brain function.  DARPA only mentions the peaceful and medical aspects of neuroscience research, such as investigating ways to deliver a naturalist sensation to a subject and restoring brain function in people suffering from severe brain trauma.  However, what was revealed at FOIA in 2018 is the weaponization of human digital interfaces by mapping and manipulating the brain, that is, the transition to transhumanism.  The control of human brain functions and each individual activities by the nanochip devices is the key factor to build the smart cities (small communes) that completely surveillance and dominant behaviors and thoughts of each individuals. In other words, digital ID will allow track-and-trace society where the authorities can see all of each individual’s movements, as well as Digital ID will be used as a method of tracking illness and the population. Ultimately, the digital ID and digital wallet (CBDC) are connected to an individual’s social credit score, affecting individual freedom and sovereignty and creating a limitation in social life.

The WEF-led smart city is modeled after the CCP’s smart city, a totalitarian society that will be realized under the slogan of “build back better”, and it will be governed and controlled by the One World Dictatorship Government and its stakeholders.  Just recently, the US DHS has coordinated with Chinese drone company to create the totally surveilled city.

Kissinger said that failure to establish post-Covid new world order “could set the world on fire”.  Perhaps this comment should be interpreted as confident in achieving the Great Reset, rather than worrying about minor failures in some superficial projects.  And the violent attacks and psychological operations by the devil to achieve the NWO agenda on time are becoming more intense without diminishing.

In 2015, Soros unveiled his vision to provoke conflict between China and US military allies like Japan, leading to World War III. In response to that speech, the Japanese Diet which has been completely occupied by Satanic cults, is actively working to repeal Article 9 of the Peace Constitution.  On the other hand, it is clear that the satanic cult DS has made meticulous plans to establish control of Japan. The CDC’s plan to set up a new office in Japan is clearly part of the satanic strategies, to give orders to the Japanese government (Soka = DS = CCP) more directly and quickly.

Also Joseph Nye, one of the Japan handlers, is an international political scientist who has effectively drafted American policy, but has brought together more than 200 members to create a scenario to bring Japan under the US control.  As part of this, the IPEF (Indo-Pacific Economic Framework) was established in the Shikoku Security Dialogue (Quad), an international framework for security among Japan, the United States, Australia, and India. Its nominal purpose is to curb China as an economic and military threat to the Indo-Pacific region.  But its purpose behind the scenes can also be interpreted as creating division and conflict between the two teams.  In other words, although the scenario pretends to be a counterattack against China’s invasion of Taiwan, the true purpose is to create a new confrontation between China and Japan. But its true purpose may be to blackmail Southeast Asian nations into spending 2% of their GDP on arms in order to sell weapons in line with the intentions of the military-industrial complex (MIC).  By the way, MIC sales agent Trump failed to get NATO members to spend 2% of their GDP on military spending.  So the satanists who own the MIC are instantly getting NATO members to approve 2% of GDP by camouflaging the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Russia may have had a mission to destroy the DS operated bioweapons facility on Ukrainian territory, but in the first place, the implicit rule that Ukrainian territory is the only battlefield and Zelensky must not attack mainland Russia deviates from the concept of battle.  The MIC and Zelensky and the neo-Nazi army may be earning and profiting, but the innocent unarmed people of Ukraine are suffering because of the warmongers’ self-interest.

By the way, in order to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the Self-Defense Forces need to be able to conduct military activities like the armed forces of other countries. Therefore, it is necessary to revise or abolish Article 9 of the Constitution so that the Self-Defense Forces can be dispatched overseas, or to issue emergency clauses that are not bound by the Constitution or laws.  Therefore, it can be inferred that Biden’s support for becoming a permanent member of the UN Security Council in Japan is a preparation for the outbreak of conflict. For example, China and Japan fall into a camouflaged confrontation over the Senkaku Islands, the United States immediately intervenes in peace negotiations, and acquires rich underground resources and development rights in the East China Sea.  At the same time, let the military spending of Southeast Asian countries reach her 2% of GDP.  A synopsis like this is also possible.

PM Kishida, a satanic cult worshiper (soka = moonies), actively cooperates with the WEF-led efforts.  For example, it has resumed accepting foreign tourists and technical interns, most of whom are Chinese spies. Kishida has also started microchipping pets, but it is part of predictive programming to start digital ID microchipping of citizens.  Satanist-dominated Japan is also very active in SDGs and ESG initiatives.

To those obedient to authority, all may be unrealistic and unreliable fake. However, it seems that it is no longer the time for ordinary people to be optimistic or to fall into emotional yo-yo.

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