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WEF strategies can sometimes seem self-defeating. But, that is because they continue to modify their attack forms, tactics, targets, subjects, name, etc., and it does not change that they involve and torment ordinary people. The mere fact that since May 1, 1776 the satanists have deliberately caused wars, conflicts, incidents, revolutions and reforms almost every decade is enough to prove this fact. 

If we trace and examine the historical events of conflicts and social transformations, we can see how the satanists were involved behind them.  It began with the Independence War, and follows with French Revolution, Napoleonic War, Civil War, Meiji Restoration, Nissin War, Russo-Japanese War, Russian Revolution, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Middle East War (1st to 4th), Iran-Iraq War, Gulf War, Syrian War, Libya War, Ukrainian War. And according to Albert Pike, three world wars are being prepared. So the viral turmoil could lead to WWIII, or it could be WWIII itself, , or it lead to the prophecy that says the final war will come when northern Israel is invaded from the north.

Looking back in history, we can clearly see that all conflicts, attacks, and social transformations have been carried out by undercover maneuver agents dispatched by the satanists (= illuminati).

Japan, completely occupied by the satanic cults, is a good example, so let’s examine it. A brief explanation is as follows;

There were many satanist operatives behind the Meiji Restoration (1868) who carried out covert operations, such as Ryoma Sakamoto, Thomas Glover, Jardine Matheson, and Rothschild.  The defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 brought enormous wealth to the Rothschilds in England, and since then hegemony in Europe has belonged to the Rothschilds.

First, from the historical background, the British Rothschilds forced India to purchase British-made cotton products, which became mass-producible during the industrial revolution, and the Indian cotton product industry fell into a state of destruction.  The Qing Dynasty used the silver standard and was exporting tea to England. Since England was on the gold standard and had a shortage of silver, it had to pay in silver via Spain.  Britain tried to settle the trade balance by selling something to the Qing without the hassle of transporting silver from Europe. That was to sell opium grown in India to Qing, so-called the opium trade, and later it develops into the Opium War.  The result is that Britain wins, gets Hong Kong, and gets reparations (silver). HSBC is a bank established by Jardine Matheson and others to transfer money earned in Hong Kong to the UK.

The Rothschilds used the Freemasonry network to send Thomas Glover, a subordinate of Jardine Matheson, to Japan (1859). Thomas Glover skillfully used Ryoma Sakamoto to conclude the Satsuma-Choshu alliance between Takamori Saigo and Hirobumi Ito (Freemasonry), also sold used Civil War weapons.  Lionel, the second British Rothschild, ordered Glover to bring Choshu Five (Hirobumi Ito and others) to England, educate them, and create a government after opening the country.  On the other hand, they also provided weapons to their enemy, the shogunate, and at the same time pressed for the opening of the country. However, the true intention was to divide the country in the form of the Satsuma-Choshu alliance against the shogunate, and take over Japan.  Yoshinobu Tokugawa happened to see through the ruse and avoided the division of the country by returning the imperial rule.  But with the opening of the country, Japan formally allowed itself to go global in the name of free trade.  Ito served as the first prime minister, a gimmick has been set in motion to bring wealth to the satanists ever since.  In addition, the Choshu faction (the Tabuse clan) was inherited from Nobusuke Kishi to Abe after WWII, and since Kishi (commander of 731 Unit) became a servant of Sun Myung Moon (Moonies = Rockefeller), Japanese politics came under the satanic cult control.

This segment of history alone proves that the satanists (illuminati 13 pedigree) not only run the world’s finances, they are behind the military-industrial complex, manufacturing and selling genocidal weapons and drugs.  In addition, Soka is affiliated with the Moonies, both of whom run the most violent, destructive and deceptive operations under Satanist control, including election fraud, insurance murders, assassinations, and the drug business.

For example, in the mid-1980s, Japan’s bubble economy fragilely collapsed due to the implementation of total volume control designed by the DS (CSIS: Japan Handlers = Rockefeller), and it became apparent that Japan had no sovereignty as an independent state.  The PM at the time was Yasuhiro Nakasone, the weathercock of the political world.  During the war, Nakasone was a navy chief, but he deliberately withdrew his warships from combat, fled to Southeast Asia, and even opened a brothel on a tropical island.  As a Cabal (= DS) servant after the WWII, he led many heinous crimes, enacted the State Secrets Act to support the Cabal, privatized the National Railways and devoured the profits by selling the National Railways land.  Also Nakasone brought Rothschild nuclear interests to Japan for the personal gain of his boss, Daisaku Ikeda (founder of Soka).

Furthermore,  Nakasone’s most heinous crime, as a servant of the satanists, to undermine Japan’s sovereignty was, he assisted carry out a satanic sacrificial ritual in which shot down JAL123 with a missile, killing 520 people. 1-2-3 is Hi-Fu-Mi in Japanese reading. Hi-Fu-Mi is another name for Kuni-no-Tokotachi, which is enshrined by the Oomoto religion (Soka’s superordinate organization), Kuni-no-Tokotachi = Lucifer worship and their ritual day.  1-2-3 is the most important number for the satanic cult.  But it wasn’t just shooting down the airplane, it was also the assassination of the developers of Tron, which was implemented by the Soka cult, including Bill Gates.  TRON was a rival of Windows, and at that time it was rated higher than Windows and was expected to be released.  As a result, Bill Gates achieved a market monopoly on Windows, amassed enormous wealth, and it is also a source of funds for the mass genocide and fungal riots by subsequent vaccines.

In Japan, the movement to promote globalism became noticeable from the mid-1980s. It was around this time that the acreage reduction policy was promoted. As an influencer of globalism, Soka affiliate McKinsey & Company, along with government officials, have aggressively carried out brainwashing attacks and advocated the regional decentralization of all agricultural production. e.g. Stop rice cultivation in Japan and rely on Brazil.  Many celebrities and intellectuals, including author Hisashi Inoue, opposed the move, but rice producers were devastated by the regulation of satanist-controlled Ministry of Agriculture.

The Shinzo Abe regime, which served as Prime Minister for three terms under the satanists (Soka, Unification Church = DS, CCP), used the Prime Minister’s official residence as a political base and carried out dictatorial, opaque, and tyrannical politics, and caused the country to decline most rapidly.  His dictatorship was on the same track as the treasonous policies by the gangsters such as Kishi, Kodama, and Sasakawa during the post-war reconstruction period.

BTW, the de facto supreme authority of Ukraine, who leads the neo-Nazi armed forces, is Igor Kolomoisky of the emerging conglomerate Oligarch…, and he has a wide range of businesses including oil and gas, banking, aviation, media and investment. Associates of the Kolomoisky include George Soros, Jacob Rothschild, the Joe Biden clan, and Jiang Zemin’s former Vice President Zeng Qinghong, and all are followers of Nazism.  In fact, there are deep ties between the Japanese political cult gangsters and neo-Nazis.

The Nazi symbol Hakenkreuz has its roots in the Red Swastika Society, which was affiliated with the Oomoto (a cult religion).  Karl Haushofer, who brainwashed Hitler and made him a dictator, belonged to the secret society Ryokuryukai (Green Dragon Society) and was quite involved in Japan.

The Ryokuryukai is an organization affiliated to the Red Swastica Society, and the Zelenskyy’s Azov, symbolized by Hakenkreuz, is an army led by the Khazarian Mafia (DS, Illuminati) aiming to establish the unified world government.  In Japan, the Shokyo Union currently supports Zelenskyy, but the organization was founded by Ryoichi Sasakawa, a war criminal.  Sasakawa, a far-right wing who established the Shokyo Union with anti-communism, but on the other hand, deepened friendship with Deng Xiaoping, the leader of the CCP, provided a large amount of funds, and greatly contributed to the development of CCP-China.  Otokichi Ueda is the grandfather of Sasakawa and Onisaburo Deguchi (founder of the Oomoto cult Religion), and Ueda was the president of the Ryokuryukai.

In any case, it can be inferred that all the chaos, incidents, wars, and genocide that have taken place in the world from the past to the present are caused by the satanic Khazarian mafia, which has long pursued the establishment of the totalitarian fascist government.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, made possible the founding of Soka USA.  Graduates of Soka University in the United States are employed by Soka affiliated companies such as Pfizer, GE, NEC, Panasonic, and Softbank.  GE’s business consulting firm is McKinsey & Co (Soka).  Since Xi Jinping graduated from Tsinghua University, it means that he belongs to Soka. Along with Johns Hopkins University and Duke University, Tsinghua University is also heavily involved in the viral turmoil.  And WEF (=CCP) is implementing stakeholder and technocrat-led global domination and development strategies that model the existing smart cities in China and transform the world.

The WEF’s aspirations for world domination are becoming a reality every day.  By implanting a digital device in the human body, AI will not only medically monitor the vaccination history, heart rate and illness of all individuals, but also recognize and manage their behavior and human rights, and AI classifies people as good or bad by analyzing emotions such as pain, joy, thoughts, and ideology, it is the real purpose of the social credit system.  WEF seeks to outsource human decision-making points to human agents acting on behalf of individuals through data mediation through the WEF.  And the levers of action for both the public and private sectors are ensure digital policy environment that allows for the seamless and reliable data transfer of data between people and the technology that serves them.  As usual, looking at Japan, we can observe the process of the implementation strategies.

The goal of the Moonshot Project, which the Japanese government has set to implement by 2050, is to realize a society in which people are free from the constraints of body, brain, space, and time. The Human Expansion device (nanochip) using Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology is embedded in the human brain, and 6G is used to free the brain from space and time constraints, physical constraints, and the brain. Achieves relief from constraints.  Human Expansion includes Expansion of physical ability, Expansion of existence, Expansion of perception, and Expansion of cognitive ability.  For example, the Extension of existence is to remove the limits of existence, and it enables remote works and experiences such as remote surgery, digital avatars, and experience sharing.

With the goal of realization and implementation, the Japanese government announced the plan to integrate the public and private sectors under the title of Public Benefit Corporation.  But it is clear that this is not the Japanese government’s own ideas and plans, but the move based on the realization of the WEF’s agenda to establish the totalitarian fascist government.  WEF may be focusing on the creation of a dystopian society with humanoids, eliminating so-called ordinary traditional humans, in order to benefit the very few hegemons.  

It is easy to find social transformation operations by the WEF in Japan, so knowing Japan lead to understanding what is happening in the world.  In any case, the arrival of an era in which all human beings, goods and services are digitally controlled.  Instead of feeling that the future is very ominous and spooky, does everyone feel like it’s going to be a  wonderful and very exciting future?

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