We’d Rather Be Brave Knights Like Don Quixote, Even If The Rulers Treat Us Lightly

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Don Quixote saw the windmills as the real ferocious giants and attacked them.  However, Don Quixote was blown away along with the spear stuck in the wings of the windmill, flew in the air, and was slammed to the ground.

Sancho tells him that it’s just a windmill, but Don Quixote says that the wizards must have turned the giants into windmills to deprive me of the honor of slaying them.

Don Quixote’s attacks are not due to his assuming or confusion.  He believed and recognized that the windmills were the real giants, and at least it seemed so to him.

This episode seems to be the situation that the commoners are facing right now in the social trend.

There is clearly a different nuance between “assuming” and “believing”, but the rulers attack both of them relentlessly, targeting the commoners’ mental vulnerabilities. And commoners are tacitly induced to conformity and obedience in order to create a social environment convenient for the rulers. As such, the rulers censor or conceal truths, warnings, and factual statistics, and are spreading enlightening and deceptive information in line with their intentions and wills.

During the period of economic growth that reached its peak in the mid-1980s, the concept that indicated social trends was “amenity life.”  Amenity life means to emphasize personal comfort in social life.  In other words, in contrast to the previous trend of categorizing people as a single mass, it was an era when personalization, which respects individual tastes and demands, became a popular social trend.

The conflict between the individual and the system, and the personal sense of emptiness that can be seen in absurdist literature such as Camus’ The Stranger around WWII and in theatrical performances, may still have existed.  However, even if there was a bit of nonsense and negative flow, each person had the vitality to work hard to fulfill their dreams and hopes without being bound by it, and social freedom was also promised.

Authoritarianism is now expanding around the world at a breathtaking pace.

Smart cities, which use AI technology to manage and surveillance commoners, are a global urban development project to help rulers more easily control commoners.

Smart cities are technologically modern urban areas that use various types of electronic methods and sensors to collect specific data. The information derived from that data is used to  efficiently manage assets, resources, and services.  Additionally, the data will be used to improve city-wide operations and to more robustly manage commoners.

In promoting this concept of the smart cities, rulers aggressively deploy rhetoric about progress and benefits to society.  But what the Forbidden Garden envisions is neither dreams nor hopes of the commoners.  It’s a prison city with cameras and microphones mounted all over town, with robot police dogs roaming around instead of human guards. Surrounded by geofencing erected within 15 minutes of inhabited areas, civilians are restricted in their movement and/or area to purchase goods and services.  In addition, commoners lose their bodily autonomy by implanting digital ID chips in their bodies and brains.

Smart cities are the giants that Don Quixote saw, with such power that they can easily fling individual commoners like windmills.  But to the rulers, those who resist being imprisoned there may be little more than the slightly comical knights, like Don Quixote.

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