Concession Of Water To The Rulers Must Be Prevented

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As Klaus Schwab intended, the NWO plan led by the WEF is gradually becoming a reality.  If the tyranny of the rulers is allowed to continue, the world is steadily heading towards to controlled by an authoritarian one-world government, and humanity will be enslaved in a totalitarian system featuring mass surveillance, mandatory vaccinations and desperate servitude.

The ruler’s goal is to completely enslave, domesticate, and robotize the commoners, and intend to force the transformation of all aspects of nature into artifacts, including DNA, food, environment, etc.  Therefore, all goods and services are under the control of the ruler by introducing the licensing system.  Water is one of them, and in many areas of the world, there are situations where the commoners are not entitled to collect even the rainwater that naturally falls, while being forced to pay high water bills.

A disturbing development now prominently surfacing is the claim that water is not a human right and that the world’s water supply must be privatized and controlled by the rulers.  Because the WEF and the UN have set their sights on seizing control of the world’s water supplies and holding humanity to ransom.

It is already widely known that the water business is a concession of the Red team, and the rulers are promoting the privatization of water and sewerage, which until now were operated as public works by each country.

Even in Japan, which is occupied by cults, operatives dispatched from the French water giant Veolia have infiltrated the cabinet and local governments and have been promoting the unfair privatization of water supply for about 10 years.  For example, upon privatization, Veolia Jenets was granted ownership of 51% of the voting shares of the operating company.  Veolia’s predecessor was General des Eaux, a water company founded in 1853 by the Rothschild Paris family, and former PM Taro Aso, a traitor who is a Rothschild’s puppet, is the commander who promotes the privatization of public works in Japan.  Furthermore, Aso Cement, owned by the Aso clan is part of the Rothschild-owned Lafarge-Holcim Group.

In the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras, the Aso clan prospered as Chikuho coal mining tycoons by extortionately exploiting the poor, but basically they only think about the easy profits of evil deeds. For example, the Aso clan made coal miners work under poor working conditions and low wages, as can be inferred from the fact that it is the birthplace of the word octopus room (tako beya).

Even in post-311, Aso was only thinking about using his position as Deputy Prime Minister to make money from evil deeds.  For example, free debris generated by the tsunami was collected and piled up on the beach, and then covered with Aso concrete to form a breakwater. In addition, Aso built a completely ineffective thin concrete wall underground to block the flow of radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the sea.

But it should be seen as a good example of exploitation by all the ruling classes, ignoring the poverty of commoners.  One of the reasons for Aso’s resignation as prime minister was that he didn’t know the price of cup ramen and misread the kanji. And the media reported it every day as a trivial matter, brainwashing commoners so that they could not perceive the true nature of the problem.  In other words, the common people were made to accept that it was natural for Aso to be ignorant because he was an ultra-rich man, so it was natural for him not to carry out policies that were rooted in the lives of commoners.

A deeper analysis of this fact shows that the world is shifting to the path intended by the epistemic community, which is located at the top of the hierarchy.  Epistemic Community means a group of people with the same idea.  In our day-to-day lives, when we spend time with the same people, we tend to have similar thoughts, or, like-minded people get together and work on something.  This is convenient and comfortable to keep things running smoothly, but by dealing with like-minded people, consideration and understand for others disappears.  In other words, the environment we belong to becomes the common sense of the world.

Let’s get back to talking about water.

Underlying the water and sewerage privatization policy is that the state abandons the protection of the basic rights of the people and impoverishes the commoners further through austerity policies based on the theory of financial collapse advocated by the vicious economists dispatched by the rulers.  Although it is called the opening of public assets to the private sector, in reality, it is the abandonment of public assets that lack security.  The rulers are doing this because underinvestment poses a greater threat to security than national debt.

Most water privatizations are based on the concession method.  The concession method is one of the privatization methods in which the government sells or outsources the operating rights to a private company while retaining assets such as public facilities. In Japan, the right to operate water, sewerage and industrial water is sold in bulk to private companies for a fixed period of time, such as 20 years.

BTW, Veolia acquired Suez in May 2021 and became a huge company with sales of about 37 billion euros, far ahead of Thames Water, the second largest company in the industry.  Therefore, even in this field, it can be seen that concessions are shifting to new hegemonic powers (red team) and monopolization is progressing.

All the disadvantages that commoners would experience for public works privatized by concession methods become advantages for the rulers that own private corporations to manage and govern commoners.

1. Long contract period (about 20 years)

Municipalities lose their expertise and the quality of services declines because there is no competition principle due to exclusive contracts.

2. Comprehensive orders to exclusive companies

Local governments will not be able to issue appropriate instructions, and it will be impossible to identify and manage subcontractors.

3. Risk sharing

Local governments are responsible for unexpected and sudden disasters.

4. Financial aspect

Local governments will have to pay service fees with high interest rates over a long period of time, and the bankruptcy of the private sector will be a burden on the local governments.

There are many other things that actually happened.  For example, when former President Chirac was mayor of Paris in 1985, he privatized the operation of the water business and entrusted it to Veolia and Suez, resulting in a 174% surge in water bills between 1985 and 2008.  This led to public dissatisfaction and the remunicipalisation of the Paris waterworks in 2010.

In fact, between 2000 and 2017, 267 municipalities, such as Paris, Nice, Atlanta and Indianapolis, remunicipalised after privatizing their water services.

But remunicipalisation is not easy. If done in the middle of the concession contract, a penalty will be incurred and there is a possibility that it will violate the investor protection clause.  for example, Berlin remunicipalised in 2014, but with a contract to secure the interests of the concessionaire for 30 years, it cost €1.3bn to buy back the operating rights from the company.  The city of Sofia in Bulgaria has been trying to remunicipalise, but remains stuck in the concession due to the inability to pay large penalties.

In the French films “Jean de Florette” and “Manon des Sources”, the Jean family moves onto the land, unaware that the spring on the property has been blocked, and begins farming and raising rabbits.  After that, a harsh life began in which he had no choice but to rely on rainwater for agricultural and domestic water, and Jean blew up the bedrock with dynamite to dig a well, but the rock hit his head and died.  The land is then sold to the bad guys who blocked the spring, but Jean’s daughter witnesses the bad guys strip the cement from the spring and rejoice when the water comes out.  Some time later, Jean’s daughter discovers the village’s water source in the mountains, blocks it, cuts off the flow of water to the village, and exposes the villains’ evil deeds against her family, and for her father she achieved revenge.

Water is essential for life, so the presence of water is an indicator of the presence of life on a planet.  Humans cannot live without water.  Human cells depend on water to function, so if water is not replenished, ecological functions will decline and the risk of death will occur.  The function of water in the body affects the process of food digestion.  Allows various enzymes to perform enzymatic reactions smoothly.  It dissolves nutrients and hormones and transports them throughout the body in the form of blood.  Helps excrete waste products from the body.  Regulate body temperature by sweating. Water has inseparable connections with people’s lives, and has been used since ancient times not only for drinking, but also for eating, washing clothes, bathing, and so on.

Therefore, it is imperative to prevent the commoners from being deprived of water by the rulers.  Also, since the rulers have already added toxic substances such as fluoride to the drinking water in order to make the commoners docile or sick, commoners should always monitor the rulers misdeeds. In addition, It must be detoxified using something like chlorine dioxide.

Commoners tend to think that tap water is safer and more secure than natural river water, probably because they grow up in an environment where water comes out when they turn on the faucet from the time they are born. They may also be indifferent to how important it is to keep the water utility running as a public utility. However, it should be urgently recognized that resisting the privatization of water by the rulers is a matter of vital importance for all life on earth.

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