Path Dependency From Reckless Biotech Experiments To Digitization Of Humanity

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With “management of digital society by artificial intelligence” and “hackable transhumanization,” we are approaching a next generation where humanity as we generally know it today will cease to exist.  In short, it is a time when the natural world and human existence, will and consciousness to be enslaved by a few elites who claim to have been eugenically chosen.

Under the WEF’s advocated the “sharing economy”, commoners would be divided, trapped in digital enclaves called “smart cities”, owning nothing, having no privacy or choice, and exists only to be exploited by the rulers.

Klaus Schwab and the Young Global Leaders continue viral turmoil farce as impetus to achieve Great Reset despite already public knowledge that the covid viruses are lab made and its vaccines are bioweapon.

It was the task force under Fauci’s command, led by the Trump cult, that played a major role in carrying out the farce and making the genocide a reality, which includes pharmaceutical companies, WHO, CDC, NIH, hospitals and other medical institutions, and politicians and government agencies around the world.

In the first chapter was, a tense situation is set, which is the narrative that the lethal virus is instantaneously spreading in all areas on the earth, and humanity is facing an extinct crisis.  The introduction segment was repeatedly reported on MSM and SNS owned by the ruler (CFR), and brainwashed the commoners who blindly trust the media reports.

Foreshadowing of the story includes:

  • Vape smokers mysterious death on New York subway near Fort Detrick bioweapon lab.
  • Event 201, a simulation of virus pandemic held by Bill Gates on October 18, 2019.
  • Military Games held in Wuhan in October 2019.
  • Involvement in the Wuhan lab and provision of artificial viruses, by Fauci, EcoHealth Alliance Peter Daszak, Harvard Professor Charles Lieber, CDC, WHO, UN, WEF, etc.
  • Human experimentation research by NIH Christine Grady.
    and more.

The next chapter was the synopsis that pharmaceutical companies would accelerate vaccine development and supply, and rescue humanity under the auspices of Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed”. It was accepted as the story of a white knight on a white horse in the biblical prophecy.  Then, federal health agencies covered up the dangers of vaccines and made emergency approvals and distributions outside legal and regulatory frameworks as compelling decisions in emergencies.

Foreshadowing of the story includes:

  • Used cult worshippers to increase the number of pseudo-infected people and vaccinated people.
  • Providing huge subsidies to medical institutions and fabricating an increase in the number of pseudo-infected and vaccinated people. Subsidies to hospitals range from $100K to $500K per Covid patient or bed, depending on the region, and $30 to $150 per vaccination. As the result, hospitals still continue to play a supporting role in pursuit of profit.
  • It spread misinformation and disinformation, censored the truth, and covertly changed medical terms and definitions such as immunity and vaccines.
  • In the name of declaring a state of emergency, it imposed a curfew that known as a lockdown, and made it mandatory to wear masks, and strengthened the unrest and conformity of the commoners.
    and more.

It is now in the 3rd chapter, constantly releasing new varilants and new viruses to force more lethal booster vaccinations.  As a result, the natural immunity weakens, the constitution changes to become more susceptible to infection, and furthermore, blood clots, cancer, myocarditis, and dyspnea develop rapidly, afflicting commoners.

In addition, unprecedented extreme weather strikes every holiday that many commoners travel to, creating a harsh natural environment that has a synergistic effect that increases the anxiety and despair of the commoners.  It also deliberately halts production and logistics, undermines the economy, raises prices, and further fuels fear and anxiety among the commoners.  Also, conflicts in many countries are fueling deepening social unrest, and further despair among commoners.  China has suddenly lifted a cover-up and reported nearly 60,000 Covid-related deaths in a month as part of a Predictive Programming to force the international community to accept implementation of the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty.

On the other hand, the ruler also prepares gimmicks that give the commoners slight advantages in order to spice up the drama.For example, the CDC has confirmed that COVID vaccination does not work and can have lethal and fatal consequences.  The BBC picked up on a cardiologist’s comment that the number of deaths from myocarditis continues to rise, and reported that it was likely due to Covid vaccination.

In Japan, the city of Nagoya has decided to subsidize a quarter of the patient’s medical expenses after acknowledging that the covid vaccines have adverse reactions.  Of course, it is a blessing in misfortune for patients who suffer from side effects, but it is too early to celebrate it as a commoner victory.  This is because, the Japanese government still strongly recommends taking the toxic vaccines, and it is unclear why the compensation amount is 1/4.  In other words, 3/4 of the side effects that patients develop are their own fault, meaning the price of self-penalties for ignorance and lack of suspicion. In the words of officials, doctors and bureaucrats pushing the Covid vaccines, there is no full medical assistance for victims, as the adverse reactions occur in people who “just happen to be unlucky”.

Applying this reality to the dramaturgy of introduction, development, transformation, and conclusion, we can see that the drama is steadily on its way to its final chapter.  So, as is commonly predicted, ordinary Earthlings seem to be led into a society where they must be completely pandering and subservient to the satanic rulers.

This is because the development of smart cities, where commoners who have been deprived of their sovereignty and freedom are confined, are being developed all over the world.

The technocrats dispatched and empowered by Schwab are mechanical supremacists who find comfort only in AI, algorithms, and cold-blooded digitized technological evolution.  In other words, they have the ideology that all “new” innovations, social or technological, are all that is necessary for human progress, and that the old existing systems have no value and should be eliminated.  In addition, to them all old ideas, including notions of principles, heritage, religious belief systems, codes of conduct, respect and reverence for nature and beauty, are shackles that hold humanity back from greatness.  For a Marxist like Schwab, there is no other dudes or duped who could be used to implement his evil ideologies and philosophical principles.  Because they are consciously or unconsciously practicing Marxism without hesitation, trying to apply its nefarious tactics to commoners and nature.

The deliberate dismantling of the global financial system will introduce the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), which will be managed by blockchain.  In order to perform surveillance on the blockchain, it is essential for AI to grasp all the data of each individual.  Devices that provide data are currently using smartphones, etc., but will eventually be replaced by microchips implanted in the body.  That’s because, for example, people need to be exploited with existential fines, such as carbon taxes, in order to keep them repressed. Microchips implanted in the brain will allow AI to manipulate even the deepest psyches, such as consciousness, will and desire.

That is where algorithms take the place of conscience, empathy, principles, and so on.  In other words, AI is empowered to read digital data from individuals embedded with hackable devices and alter their identities and even their personalities.

But it is necessary to know that there is nothing inherently objective about the data that AI deals with.  Algorithms can be programmed to accommodate the biases of engineers, as evidenced by current censorship by SNS and Big Tech.  This means that data can be capricious and meaningless at any time, subject to the biases of those who interpret or treat it.  Therefore, the commands that the AI determines and dictates to each individual will depend on the intentions of the people analyzing the data.

A commune built on data and controlled by AI, called the “smart city,” is therefore a society that relies on the communal illusion.  Of course, commoners have been deprived of their will, sovereignty, and freedom, so they probably won’t behave pessimistically just because of that. What will be the finale of the history of ordinary earthlings?

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